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Timeline - 2268


Prime Timeline

Year Event
 [1] Captain Kirk is abducted to the planet Triskelion, where three powerful alien beings are holding a group of slaves for their own amusement. Kirk is ultimately able to make a wager with the aliens which he wins, forcing them to free the slaves and assist them in building a new society on the planet. [1]
Picture from 2268  [2] The Enterprise encounters a deadly alien life form on the planet Argus X, which Kirk believes is the same creature which massacred most of the crew of the Starship Farragut in 2257. Kirk obsessively pursues the creature to Tycho IV, where he utilises an antimatter bomb to destroy it. [2]
 [3] The USS Enterprise destroys a colossal single-celled organism which is threatening to invade our galaxy. [3]
 [4] The Enterprise visits Sigma Iotia II, a planet visited by the Starship Horizon in 2168. The Iotians are found to have modelled their entire society on the book "Chicago Mobs of the 20s", left behind by the Horizon. Kirk is able to persuade the leaders of the various gangster groups to unite the planet under common leadership and establish a peaceful relationship with them. [4]
  Species :  Iotian
Picture from 2268  [5] The Enterprise encounters a group of Kelvans, a hostile alien species from the Andromeda galaxy. Despite initial difficulties, Kirk is able to forge peaceful diplomatic relations with the Kelvans. [5]
  Species :  Kelvans
 [6] The Enterprise encounters the remains of an exceptionally powerful alien species in the form of three individuals whose consciousness has been stored in articifial receptacles. The three take to fighting amongst themselves, and all are eventually destroyed. [6]
 [7] The Enterprise visits the planet Ekos, which has been the subject of a study by Federation historial John Gill for the past few years. It s discovered that Gill has been manipulating the planet, recreating Nazi German culture there as an experiment. The Enterprise officers manage to set the planet onto a course of recovery, though Gill is killed in the process. [7]
  People :  John Gill
  Species :  Ekosian, Zeon
 [8] The USS Enterprise tests the M-5 computer. Designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom, the M-5 is intended to allow Starships to operate with virtually no crew on board. The system malfunctions during testing, destroying the Starship Excalibur. The test convinces Starfleet that the removal of human thinking from Starships is wrong in principle, and no further moves along these lines are made. [8]
  People :  Richard Daystrom
Picture from 2268  [9] The Enterprise discovers the USS Exeter in orbit of Omega IV, with the entire crew dead on board. Beaming down, Captain Kirk discovers that Captain Tracey has taken sides in a war between rival native groups. Kirk is ultimately able to arrest Tracey and leave the planet. [9]
  People :  Captain Ronald Tracey
  Species :  Kohm, Yang
 [10] The Enterprise departs of a time travel mission to study Earth in the year 1969. [10]
 [11] The Enterprise contacts the Melkotians, a powerful race of isolationist telepaths. Despite a rocky start, the contact is evantually successful. [11]
  Species :  Melkotian
Picture from 2268  [12] The Enterprise transports the Elaan, the Dohlman of the planet Elas, to the nearby planet Troyius where she is due to take part in an arranged marriage in order to cement peace between the two planets. Despite interference from the Klingons, the mission is a success. [12]
  People :  Elaan, James T. Kirk
  Species :  Troyian, Elasian, Klingons
 [13] The Enterprise visits a planet inhabited by a humanoid group similar to Earth's native Americans. Captain Kirk is stranded on the planet when an alien device injures him, inducing amnesia; the Enterprise is forced to leave in order to attempt the diversion of an asteroid which is threatening the planet. Ultimately Kirk is rescued and his memory restored, and Commander Spock is able to use the alien device to successfully divert the asteroid. [13]
  People :  James T. Kirk
  Species :  Preserver
Picture from 2268  [14] Captain Kirk orders the USS Enterprise to cross the border into Romulan space, apparently acting irrationally as a result of stress. The ship is quickly surrounded by Romulan battlecruisers, who order it to surrender. Kirk reveals to his crew that he is acting on Federation orders, having faked his condition in order to allow the Federation deniability if the mission failed. Kirk is successful in stealing one of the Romulan cloaking devices and returning with it, a major intelligence coup for the Federation. [14]
  People :  James T. Kirk
  Species :  Romulans
 [15] The Enterprise visits the planet Triacus and discovers that all the adult members of the Federation science team there have been killed mysteriously, leaving their children behind. The children are discovered to be under the influence of an alien creature. Eventually the crew are able to free the children from the influence of the creature. [15]
 [16] The Enterprise encounters an advanced alien spacecraft whose occupant subdues the crew and removes Spock’s brain. Kirk is able to track down the craft to its home planet and recover the brain, replacing it in the First Officer’s head. [16]
  People :  Spock
  Species :  Morg / Eymorg
 [17] The Enterprise transports Ambassador Kollos back to his home planet. Although there is an attempt to murder Kollos during the trip, the Ambassador is safely returned. [17]
  People :  Doctor Miranda Jones
  Species :  Medusan
 [18] The Enterprise visits the Minaria system, whose sun is about to go nova. There they encounter Gem, an alien native of the system, along with the Vians, a powerful alien species who are experimenting on Gem to determine whether her species is worth saving from the coming cataclysm. The Vians ultimately decide to save Gem’s people thanks to her willingness to sacrifice herself to save the Enterprise officers. [18]
Picture from 2268  [19] The Enterprise discovers the USS Defiant adrift in space, her entire crew dead - driven to murderous insanity by the effects of an interphase region of space. Matters are complicated by the presence of several Tholian ships, but the Enterprise is ultimately able to escape. The Defiant is lost in the interphase effect. [19]
  Species :  Tholians
 [20] The Enterprise discovers the Fabrini asteroid, a multi-generational spacecraft under the control of an artificial intelligence known as The Oracle. The Oracle has assumed dictatorial powers over the Fabrini, who have long since forgotten the true nature of their world, declaring itself a god to them. The Enterprise officers are able to deactivate the Oracle and return the asteroid to proper control. Whilst on the asteroid, Doctor McCoy enjoys a brief but intense romance with Natira, one of the Fabrini leaders. [20]
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy, Natira
  Species :  Fabrini
 [21] The Enterprise discovers a Klingon warship badly damaged, its crew claiming to be the victims of a sneak Federation attack. The hostilities are eventually discovered to be the result of an alien energy being which thrives on violent emotion. The creature is defeated and driven from the Enterprise. [21]
  People :  Kang
  Species :  Klingons
 [22] The Enterprise visits an alien planet, finding a group of humanoids there who have tremendous telekinetic powers which they use to inflict cruelty on others for their own amusement. They officers are eventually able to overcome the aliens and escape their influence. [22]
  Species :  Platonian
 [23] The Enterprise responds to a distress call from the planet Scalos, finding it deserted. It transpires that the Scalosians experience time at a hyper-accelerated pace, making them imperceptible to humans. Although the Scalosians attempt to capture the Enteprise, Captain Kirk is able to defeat them and the ship escapes. [23]
  Species :  Scalosians
Picture from 2268  [24] The Enteprise visits an artificial planet created by a long dead species, the Kalandans. Although an automated defence system kills or attempts to kill several officers, they are eventually able to overcome it. [24]
  Species :  Kalandan
 [25] The Enterprise encounters Bele and Lokai, the last surviving members of the Cheronian species. The two men, who display an obsessive hatred for one another, are eventually abandoned on the ruins of their home world. [25]
  People :  Bele, Lokai
  Species :  Cheronians
 [26] The Enterprise visits the Tantalus V penal colony, finding that it has been taken over by Captain Garth, one of the inmates. Kirk is eventually able to overcome Garth and return the colony to proper control. [26]
  People :  Garth of Izar
Picture from 2268  [27] The Enterprise visits the planet Gideon, a planet whose rulers are somewhat reticient concerning conditions there. It is found that Gideon is a massively overpopulated planet, a situation they hope to remedy using a disease harvested from Captain Kirk. [27]
  Species :  Gideonite

Mirror Universe

Year Event
 [19] The USS Defiant is lost into a region of interphasic space. [19] It is transferred to the Mirror Universe and thrown back 113 years in time. [28]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

● - Shows the canon status and reference of the year for this event


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TOS 2 The Gamesters of Triskelion
2 TOS 2 Obsession
3 TOS 2 The Immunity Syndrome
4 TOS 2 A Piece of the Action
5 TOS 2 By Any Other Name
6 TOS 2 Return to Tomorrow
7 TOS 2 Patterns of Force
8 TOS 2 The Ultimate Computer
9 TOS 2 The Omega Glory
10 TOS 2 Assignment: Earth
11 TOS 3 Spectre of the Gun
12 TOS 3 Elaan of Troyius
13 TOS 3 The Paradise Syndrome
14 TOS 3 The Enterprise Incident
15 TOS 3 And the Children Shall Lead
16 TOS 3 Spock's Brain
17 TOS 3 Is There in Truth no Beauty?
18 TOS 3 The Empath
19 TOS 3 The Tholian Web
20 TOS 3 For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
21 TOS 3 Day of the Dove
22 TOS 3 Plato's Stepchildren
23 TOS 3 Wink of an Eye
24 TOS 3 That Which Survives
25 TOS 3 Let that be Your Last Battlefield
26 TOS 3 Whom Gods Destroy
27 TOS 3 The Mark of Gideon
28 ENT 4 In A Mirror, Darkly
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Gamesters of Triskelion
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : Obsession
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Immunity Syndrome
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : A Piece of the Action
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : By Any Other Name
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : Return to Tomorrow
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : Patterns of Force
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Ultimate Computer
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : The Omega Glory
Series : TOS Season 2
Episode : Assignment: Earth
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Spectre of the Gun
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Elaan of Troyius
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : The Paradise Syndrome
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : The Enterprise Incident
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : And the Children Shall Lead
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Spock's Brain
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Is There in Truth no Beauty?
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : The Empath
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : The Tholian Web
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Day of the Dove
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Plato's Stepchildren
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Wink of an Eye
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : That Which Survives
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Let that be Your Last Battlefield
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : Whom Gods Destroy
Series : TOS Season 3
Episode : The Mark of Gideon
Series : ENT Season 4
Episode : In A Mirror, Darkly

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