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Vision Augmentation


Night Vision Equipment

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Night Vision Equipment

One of the common uses for vision augmentation systems is to provide the ability to see in low light conditions. Night vision systems have been employed in many variations; the crew of the NX-01 Enterprise carries such equipment, and it was standard hunting equipment for the Eska on the rogue planet Dakala. [1]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Binoculars [2]

One of the simplest forms of vision augmentation, the fundamental purpose of the binoculars is to provide a magnified optical view of a distant object. Essentially similar to a telescope int hat purpose, the binoculars differ in that they provide an image for both eyes, rather than one. Binoculars have been in use for centuries, including with Earth Starfleet personnel aboard the NX-01 Enterprise [3] and by Federation Starfleet personnel, for example on the Enterprise-D [4] and Enterprise-E. [5]



Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : VISOR [6]

The Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement is a device employed in the Federation during the 2360s to assit those who lack normal eyesight. It is a sensory system which is attached to the face via two small ports implanted on either temple. The sensor can detect a very wide variety of inputs, including the electromagnetic spectrum [7] from a frequency of 1 Hertz to 100,000 Terahertz [8] - from very low radio frequencies through microwaves, infa red, visible light and ultra violet. In addition other phenomena such as neutrinos can be detected. [9] The VISOR converts these inputs to electrical signals which it feeds directly into the cereberal cortex. [10]

As a result, patients who wear a VISOR experience a range of vision vastly superior to Human norms. [11] The VISOR allows the user to simultaneously percieve a wide variety sensory information, from which he or she has to select whatever is relevant much as a Human might focus on a single voice in a noisy room. [6] With a VISOR a Human can also examine an object at a range of magnifications, including telescopically and microscopically. [12] Using a VISOR a person can tell if another Human being is lying by monitoring small variations in blush response, pupil dilation, pulse and breath rate. [13]

One side effect of using the VISOR is that it inflicts constant pain on the wearer all that time that it is operating. Drugs and exploratory surgery have been suggested as ways to combat this problem, but both have the potential to affect the function of the VISOR, and at least some wearers have declined. [7] In the 2370s, some VISOR users have changed over to ocular implants. [14]

Colour key

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