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Doctor Soji Asha

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Doctor Soji Asha [1]
Species : Artificial lifeform

One of a pair of identical twins, with her sister Dahj. Soji worked on the Romulan Reclamation Project, a damaged Borg Cube which was being processed by the Romulans, they called it "The Artifact". Soji was an anthropologist by training. Although she was unaware of it at the time, she was actually an android created using fractal neuronic cloning using a neuron from Data's positronic network. [1]

Soji and her sister Dahj had been sent out by Bruce Maddox to discover the truth behind the ban on synthetic life within the Federation. Dahj had been sent to earth to investigate the Federation's involvement and Soji to The Artifact to work on the Romulan side. [2] During her time on the Cube she had been befriended by Narek, a Romulan [1], and the two quickly developed a romantic relationship. Unbeknownst to Soji, Narek was an agent for the Zhat Vash and was working to discover her origin. [3]

Once Narek discovered the location of her home planet he attempted to kill her using a radioactive gas that he released from a toy cube. She was only able to escape using her enhanced abilities as an android to break through the floor, escaping the room she was held in. Jean-Luc Picard found her and was able, with help from Hugh, to transport her to the planet Nepenthe. [4]

After arriving at Napenthe she met with Will Riker, Deanna Troi and their daughter Kestra. It was during her visit to the planet that she discovered her true nature as an android. Deanna attempted to help her come to terms with her new reality, but it was Kestra's perspective that really helped her the most. [5]

Once La Sirena was able to collect them from Napenthe she met with the rest of the crew for the first time. When Rios saw her he immediately recorgnised her as identical to Jana, a person he had made first contact with during his time on the USS ibn Majid, an encounter that had ended badly when the head of Starfleet security ordered the ship's Captain, Alonzo Vandermeer, to kill the visitors or risk the distruction of his ship by Starfleet. The Captain complied and killed both visitors and eventually killed himself out of remorse. [6]

Soji's returning memories allowed her to locate her homeworld, Coppelius. It also gave her the knowledge of how to access Borg transwarp conduits providing a method for La Sirena to make her way to Coppelius faster than any other ship would be able to. [6] This allowed them to reach the planet before the Romulan attack fleet which had a few days head start. Once she arrived back she joined her fellow androids and told them what she had discovered. [7]

After Sutra, twin sister of Jana, performed a mind meld with Agnes in order to witness the Admonition she discovered that it was meant as a message for artificial life and not a warning after all. The message contained instructions for contacting higher forms of artificial life who stood ready to defend their younger siblings if they were attacked by biological lifeforms. Sutra and Soji decided to build the transmitter required to contact these lifeforms in readiness for the Romulan attack. When Saga, a fellow android, was found dead while guarding Narek, Sutra and Soji were even more convinced that they needed to defend themselves and they locked up Picard so he was unable to interfere with their plans. Agnes was allowed to remain free when she promised to help Soong complete his work of transferring his consciousness to a Golem body. [7]

When Soong discovered that Sutra had been involved in the killing of Saga he disabled her and helped in the attempt to shut down the transmitter. Soji foiled the attempt by catching the explosive drone and throwing it far into the sky before it exploded. Picard had escaped captivity with Agnes' help and taken La Sirena to fend off the Romulan attack fleet. Once the Federation fleet arrived he opened a communication channel to Soji and convinced her to not become "The Destroyer" that the Romulans believed her to be. She eventually agreed and destroyed the transmitter herself. [8]

Shortly after this Picard suffered a major attack caused by his brain anomaly and was near death. Soji beamed him to the surface where he died soon afterwards. Soji assisted in the efforts to save his consiousness into the quantum simulation and then later into the Golem body. When the news of the events reached the Federation they reversed the ban on synthetic life allowing Soji and Picard to travel. [8]

Given the ban on synthetics had been lifted by the Federation, Soji travelled to many places. In 2401 she visited the planet Raritan IV in the beta quadrant. [9]

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Associated with

Associated with Star Trek : Picard

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
STP1Ella McKenzieThe Impossible Box
STP2Isa BrionesThe Star Gazer
STP1Isa Briones


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