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Admirall Alynna Nechayev

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Admirall Alynna Nechayev [1]
Species : Humans

Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev was a senior Starfleet officer during the 2360s and 2370s. She was primarily concerned with Starfleet activities involving the Cardassians. Somewhat abrasive, she tended to be less than popular with those under her command. In 2369 she relieved Captain Picard of command of the Enterprise-D so that he could lead a team on a covert mission to Celtris III. [1] She subsequently authorised Captain Jellico's mission against the Cardassian ships in the McAllister Nebula which led to Picard's recovery. [2]

Nechayev was surprised by Captain Picard's decision to refrain from using a weapon of mass destruction against the Borg in 2368 because of the ethical considerations involved. She ordered him to take any further opportunities along these lines should they present themselves in future. [3]

In 2370 Nechayev ordered Captain Picard to remove a colony of Federation citizens from Dorvan V after the Federation and Cardassian Union signed a new peace treaty creating a de-militarised zone between them. Captain Picard again found himself faced with an ethical dilemma, but was prepared to follow his orders. Fortunately he was ultimately able to negotiate a compromise whereby the settlers would remain on the planet under Cardassian rule. [4]

Later this year Nechayev travelled to Deep Space Nine to discuss the kidnapping of Gul Dukat with Commander Sisko. She was somewhat dubious about Constable Odo's ability to respond to the Maquis, though Sisko assured her that he had complete faith in Odo. At this point she still underestimated the resolve of the Maquis, feeling that a plea to their loyalty to the Federation might resolve the dispute. [5]

Toward the end of 2370 she again visited the Enterprise. Captain Picard attempted to forge a more amicable working relationship with her, offering her bularian canapes, her favourite food and making a determined attempt to be more cordial, an effort she clearly appreciated. Nechayev ordered the Enterprise-D to take part in an effort to penetrate the Maquis. Ro Laren infiltrated a Maquis group and set them up to be captured by Federation forces. After a last minute change of heart Ro warned the Maquis of the trap and joined them for real, thwarting the plan. [6]

A virtual image of Nechayev was used by the Dominion as part of an effort to discover Sisko's resolve in stopping the Dominion from securing a political foothold in the Alpha Quadrant. The virtual Nechayev agreed an alliance with the Dominion in return for significant concessions, including the handing over of Deep Space Nine. Sisko responded by disobeying her orders and destroying the entrance to the wormhole, an action which convinced the Dominion that they could not reasonably gain a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant until they had secured passage through the wormhole. [7]

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Associated with The Next Generation

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG6Natalija NogulichChain of Command, Part 1
TNG6Natalija NogulichDescent, Part 1
TNG7Natalija NogulichJourney's End
TNG7Natalija NogulichPreemptive Strike
DS92Natalija NogulichThe Maquis, Part 2
DS93Natalija NogulichThe Search, Part 2


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