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Winn Adami

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Winn Adami [1]
Species : Bajorans

A member of one of the most conservative Bajoran religious orders, Winn was a frequently controversial figure who was involved in some of the most important events in Bajoran history. During the occupation she was imprisoned by the Cardassians for teaching her faith to the people. She was regularly beaten by the Cardassians, and resented what she saw as the arrogant claims of the Bajoran resistance that they alone had shouldered the major burdens of the occupation. [2]

After Bajor regained its independence in 2369, Winn was a very conservative voice in the Vedek Assembly. She visited Deep Space Nine at the end of the year to campaign against the school which had been established by Keiko O’Brien because it taught scientific theories regarding the Bajoran wormhole which Winn regarded as blasphemous. Winn was suspected of complicity in the bombing of the school and a subsequent assassination attempt against Vedek Bareil, although this was never officially proven. [1]

Winn was a supporter of Minister Jaro’s attempts to subvert the Bajoran Militia and topple the provisional government. She agreed to publicly endorse his rise to power in return for his support in becoming the next Kai. [3] When Commander Sisko uncovered evidence that Jaro’s organisation was being supported by the Cardassians Winn withdrew her support and the movement collapsed. [4]

Without Jaro’s support, Winn feared that she had little hope of becoming the next Kai. Her hopes were raised when she uncovered evidence that her chief rival, Vedek Bareil, had passed information to the Cardassians during the occupation which led to the infamous Kendra Valley Massacre. She asked Major Kira to investigate the incident, knowing that if Bareil’s close friend proved his guilt then there could be no complaints of bias. Kira’s initial investigations indicated that it was indeed Bareil who had betrayed his people, but further investigation indicated that Kai Opaka had been the true culprit. Bareil had planted evidence implicating himself because he knew the psychological impact of proving a Kai to have been a traitor would be devastating to the Bajoran people. Kira agreed to conceal the truth and Bareil withdrew from the election, clearing the way for Winn to become Kai. [5]

After her election Winn turned to Bareil as a trusted advisor. She instigated secret talks with the Cardassian Legate Turrel on his advice, hoping to sign an official peace treaty between the two governments. Unfortunately Bareil was badly injured before the talks were concluded and died shortly afterwards. [6]

When First Minister Kalem died Kai Winn was appointed temporary First Minister in his place. She planned to run for election to make the position permanent, and seemed certain to win since there was little opposition for the post. Winn planned to cement her popularity by using soil reclamators to revitalise the soil in the Rakantha Province, allowing cash crops to be grown. She had to order the reclamators confiscated from farmers who were using them to de-toxify the poisoned ground in the Dahkur province. When the farmers refused, Winn ordered the militia to seize the devices by force. Major Kira sided with the farmers, several of whom were members of her old Shakaar resistance cell. As the situation escalated Winn was forced to declare martial law and suspend local government to maintain control. The tense situation would have resulted in a battle between the militia and the farmers had Shakaar and the militia commander not agreed that the reclamators were not worth wasting Bajoran lives over. Shakaar decided to run against Winn in the upcoming elections, citing her over-reaction to the situation as making her unfit for the job. Winn withdrew from the election rather than face defeat and Shakaar was duly elected. [7]

In 2372 the Bajoran Akorem Laan emerged from the wormhole after being missing for several centuries. He claimed to be the true Emissary of the prophets, a claim which Winn supported since he shared her conservative politics. Only by taking Akorem back into the wormhole to confront the prophets directly was Sisko able to retain his position. [8]

In 2373 Winn travelled to Deep Space Nine to attend the ceremony formally admitting Bajor to the Federation. Sisko discovered the lost Bajoran city of B'hala at this time, finally convincing Winn that he was indeed the true Emissary of the Prophets. She helped Sisko to experience pagh'tem'far visions by assisting him in using the Orb of Prophecy and Change. When the visions threatened Sisko’s life Winn favoured continuing the experiences, arguing that the Prophets would allow no harm to come to their Emissary. Jake Sisko disagreed, and as his father’s nearest relative he insisted that medical treatment be used to prevent the visions. [2]

In the run-up to the Dominion war Winn was approached by Weyoun with the offer of a non-aggression pact between Bajor and the Dominion. Sisko at first advised her to stall as long as possible, but when it became clear that war was indeed imminent he pushed her to accept the treaty since the Federation would not be able to guarantee Bajor’s safety otherwise. [9]

Winn again visited Deep Space 9 in 2374, worried at Sisko’s confiscation of an ancient stone tablet from the city of B'hala. Sisko destroyed the table whilst she was there, releasing a pagh Wraith and so initiating a confrontation between the prophets and the Wraiths which the Bajoran religion called The Reckoning. Winn interrupted the battle, fearing that the Prophets might lose the battle and angry that Sisko’s faith was apparently stronger than her own. [10]

In 2375 Winn again came to Deep Space Nine, this time to honour Sisko’s wedding to Kasidy Yates. She received a series of visions which indicated that the Emissary had strayed from the proper path and that she had to assist him in regaining his way. The visions indicated that a guide would help her in this task. When the farmer Anjohl Tennan came to Winn she took him to be the guide, not realising that it was in fact Gul Dukat. Dukat had had his appearance altered to simulate Bajoran features. He became a close advisor to Winn, and even engineered a romantic involvement with her. [11]

Winn was shocked to learn that she had in fact been acting in service of the pagh Wraiths. She tried to use the Orb of Prophecy to ask for forgiveness, but was unable to make any connection with her gods. Believing that they had spurned her, Winn decided to serve the Wraiths instead. [12] Dukat told her that the Wraiths wanted to be freed from their prison in the Fire Caves; Winn studied the ancient book of the Kosst Amojan, eventually learning how to free the Wraiths. In the process she discovered Dukat’s true identity, but felt that she had come too far to turn back now and continued to work for the Wraiths. [13]

Winn planned to sacrifice Dukat as part of the ritual to release the Wraiths, but they chose to possess Dukat and make him their representative instead. Betrayed by the Wraiths, Winn tried to assist Sisko in his fight against Dukat as was destroyed in retaliation. [14]

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SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
DS91Louise FletcherIn the Hands of the Prophets
DS92Louise FletcherThe Circle
DS92Louise FletcherThe Siege
DS92Louise FletcherThe Collaborator
DS93Louise FletcherLife Support
DS93Louise FletcherShakaar
DS95Louise FletcherRapture
DS95Louise FletcherIn the Cards
DS96Louise FletcherThe Reckoning
DS97Louise Fletcher'Til Death Do Us Part
DS97Louise FletcherStrange Bedfellows
DS97Louise FletcherThe Changing Face of Evil
DS97Louise FletcherWhen it Rains...
DS97Louise FletcherWhat You Leave Behind


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