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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Shran [1]
Species : Andorians

A commander in the Andorian Imperial Guard in the 2150, Shran was an aggressive officer who shared his people's widespread distrust of Vulcans. In 2152 he led a team on the last of several raids against the ancient Vulcan monastery at P'Jem, believing that the site was being used for covert observation of the Imperial Guard. His suspicions were proven correct thanks to Captain Archer. Archer gave Shran detailed sensor readings of the facility, an act which established something of a bond between the two men. [1]

Later in 2152 Shran was assigned to an Imperial Guard unit which was supporting a militant faction on Coridan, a world allied with the Vulcan High Command. He provided assistance to Enterprise when Captain Archer and T'Pol were captured on the planet, hoping to pay his debt to Archer by arranging for his freedom. Shran was part of the mission which rescued Archer, where he saved the life of Captain Sopek by shooting one of the rebels. [2]

Toward the end of this year Shran was placed in command of the ground forces on Weytahn/Paan Mokar, a disputed planetoid located between Vulcan and Andorian space. Shran offered to allow Archer to negotiate a peace treaty between the two sides, fearing that the tense situation on the planetoid could ignite an all-out war between them. Although some of his own people attempted to subvert the peace process, Shran was able to negotiate a settlement with Ambassador Soval thanks in large part to Captain Archer's help. [3]

In 2153 the Xindi launched a devastating attack Earth, killing millions of people. When Enterprise was sent to the Delphic Expanse to locate the Xindi and prevent the deployment of an even more powerful weapon, Shran was dispatched to the area in the hope that he would be able to steal the Xindi weapon technology. He joined forces with Enterprise to assist them in stealing a failed prototype of the weapon, hoping that he would be able to make off with it afterwards. Unfortunately for Shran Captain Archer had anticipated this tactic, and set the weapon to self-destruct in order to prevent him from succeeding. Shran departed for home, though he did transmit scans of the prototype weapon to Enterprise before leaving. [4]

When the Xindi did eventually launch their weapon against Earth, Shran brought his ship to assist in the defence of the planet. He was instrumental in destroying Commander Dolim's ship, a feat which led him to comment that for once it was Archer who was in his debt. [5]

In 2154 Shran was in command of a task force near to Andoria itself. Ambassador Soval led Enterprise to the group in order to inform Shran of the impending surprise attack by the Vulcan fleet. Shran was suspicious of the information, and under orders from his superiors he abducted Soval and tortured him for information. Soval managed to convince Shran that the information was accurate, and Shran led his heavily outnumbered force in defence of Andoria when the Vulcan fleet arrived. His ship helped to save Enterprise during the battle, leading Shran to comment that Archer now owed him two favours. Fortunately the battle was aborted after the leader of the High Command was deposed. [6]

Shran began an affair with one of his officers, Talas, around this period. He would later comment that her approach to him was so enthusiastic that he had to either charge her with assault or mate with her. When Shran's ship - the Kumari - was destroyed, apparently by a Tellarite vessel, both Shran and Talas were amongst the survivors rescued by the NX-01. Enraged to find Tellarites abord the NX-01, Shran led an attack against them in which Talas was wounded. [7] She later died of her wound, prompting Shran to challenge the Tellarite to a duel. Captain Archer, attempting to preserve an alliance between the HUmans, Andorians and Tellarites, substituted took the man's place and won the duel by amputating one of Shran's antenna. [8]

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Associated with Enterprise

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
ENT1Jeffrey CombsThe Andorian Incident
ENT1Jeffrey CombsShadows of P'Jem
ENT2Jeffrey CombsCease Fire
ENT3Jeffrey CombsProving Ground
ENT3Jeffrey CombsZero Hour
ENT4Jeffrey CombsKir'Shara
ENT4Jeffrey CombsBabel One
ENT4Jeffrey CombsUnited
ENT4Jeffrey CombsThe Aenar
ENT4Jeffrey CombsThese Are The Voyages...


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