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Keiko O'Brien

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Keiko O'Brien [1]
Species : Humans

Keiko was a botanist aboard the Enterprise-D, where she met and fell in love with Miles O'Brien. The two were married by Captain Picard in 2367 [1], and Keiko soon became pregnant. She gave birth to her daughter, Molly, in Ten Forward during a shipwide emergency, with Lieutenant Worf reluctantly acting as midwife. Later that year Keiko was briefly reduced to a child herself as a result of a transporter accident. [2]

When Miles was transferred to Deep Space Nine Keiko followed him. She found it difficult to fit in on the station, partly as a result of the grim living conditions [3] but also because she had no chance to practice her own work. [4] She visited Earth occasionally during this year, including one visit for her mother's 100th Birthday. [5] Life on the station began to improve when she created a school to give herself a role in station life [4], but this lead to controversy when she taught the children scientific theories regarding the Bajoran wormhole and the aliens who created it. Since the Bajorans regard these aliens as gods Keiko was accused of blasphemy by Vedek Winn, a Bajoran religious leader. Tensions on the station ran high, even leading to a terrorist bomb, but Keiko stubbornly defended her right to teach her students the facts. [6] She continued to teach until the Dominion threat caused the number of students to drop sharply, forcing her to close the school down. Again she found herself without a role, but things again improved when she found work as chief botanist on a project on Bajor. [7] She was away from the station for long periods, which again put strain on her marriage. Even so she became pregnant with her second child during this period. [8] Keiko nearly lost the child when the runabout Volga suffered an accident in 2372. Doctor Bashir saved the foetus by using a transporter to beam it into Major Kira's womb.  [9] Kira moved in with the O'Briens so as to allow them to feel more a part of the pregnancy. She and Miles began to develop romantic feelings for one another, but they were able to suppress these and remain close friends only. [10]

On a trip to the Bajoran fire caves Keiko was possessed by a pagh-wraith, which used her in an attempt to force Miles to destroy the wormhole and so kill the prophets. Fortunately Miles was able to thwart the attempt and kill the wraith instead, freeing Keiko without harm. [11]

Kira was able to successfully carry Keiko's child to term and Kirayoshi O'Brien was delivered in 2373. [12] When the Dominion assault on Deep Space Nine loomed, Keiko took the children to Earth. [13] She returned after the station was recaptured by the allies, but tragedy struck whilst the family was visiting Golana for a picnic. Molly fell through an ancient time portal and was transported three centuries into the past. Miles managed to retrieve his daughter a short time later, only to find that for her some ten years had passed. The now teenaged Molly found it almost impossible to fit in on the station, but fortunately the O'Briens were able to use the portal to correct the situation. [14]

After the end of the war Miles moved to Earth to teach at Starfleet academy, taking Keiko and his family with him. [15]

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Associated with

Associated with The Next Generation
Associated with Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG4Rosalind ChaoData's Day
TNG4Rosalind ChaoNight Terrors
TNG4Rosalind ChaoIn Theory
TNG5Rosalind ChaoDisaster
TNG5Rosalind ChaoViolations
TNG5Rosalind ChaoPower Play
TNG6Rosalind ChaoRascals
TNG6Caroline Junko KingRascals
DS91Rosalind ChaoA Man Alone
DS91Rosalind ChaoIf Wishes Were Horses
DS91Rosalind ChaoIn the Hands of the Prophets
DS92Rosalind ChaoThe Siege
DS92Rosalind ChaoCardassians
DS92Rosalind ChaoRivals
DS92Rosalind ChaoArmageddon Game
DS92Rosalind ChaoWhispers
DS92Rosalind ChaoTribunal
DS93Rosalind ChaoThe House of Quark
DS93Rosalind ChaoFascination
DS94Rosalind ChaoAccession
DS94Rosalind ChaoHard Time
DS94Rosalind ChaoBody Parts
DS95Rosalind ChaoLooking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places
DS95Rosalind ChaoThe Assignment
DS95Rosalind ChaoThe Begotten
DS96Rosalind ChaoTime's Orphan
DS97Rosalind ChaoWhat You Leave Behind


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