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Lwaxana Troi

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Lwaxana Troi [1]
Species : Betazoids

Mother of the Starfleet officer Deanna Troi, Lwaxana is a daughter of Fifth House, holder of the sacred chalice of Rixx, heir to the holy rings of Betazed [1], and a Federation Ambassador. [2] She married the Human Starfleet officer Ian Andrew Troi [3] and had two children with him, Kestra and Deanna. Kestra died in an accident in 2336, an event which so traumatized Lwaxana that she suppressed all memory of the child until 2370. Ian Troi died when Deanna was seven. [4]

A rather forceful personality, Lwaxana possessed a regal bearing and manner which she made no attempt to suppress. A full Betazoid, she would frequently read the thoughts of others and declare them for all to hear, although Captain Picard at least questioned the accuracy of some of her readings. One of her first duties as an ambassador was the to attend the Pacifica conference, where she uncovered a plot by the Antedeans to disrupt the conference by detonating a bomb. During the mission Lwaxana went through the Phase, a period in a mature Betazoid woman's life when her libido more than quadruples. Lwaxana determined to marry either Captain Picard of Commander Riker, but both were able to successfully evade her. [2]

In 2366 Lwaxana was abducted by a Ferengi Captain. She managed to convince him that Captain Picard was indeed her lover, and he played along with the ploy and declared that he would hunt the Ferengi down and kill him if he did not return the ambassador. Fearful of a lover's wrath, the Ferengi capitulated. [5]

In 2368 Lwaxana agreed to marry Minister Campio of Kostolain, but she was reluctant to accept the excessive formality which being a Minister's wife would require, and when she arrived at the wedding in the traditional Betazed style - that is, naked - he stormed out and ended the relationship. [6]

Lwaxana was an occasional visitor to Deep Space Nine, and in 2371 served as the Betazoid representative at the Bajoran Gratitude Festival on the station. While there she caused considerable disruption to the social lives of the residents when a medical condition caused her to project her emotions onto them telepathically. [7] During her visits to the station she gradually became a close friend of Odo, becoming one of the few people who could penetrate the Constable's reserve. [8]

She continued her search for a suitable husband, and in 2371 married Jeyal, a Tavnian man. Lwaxana became pregnant, but when she realized that Tavnian custom was to remove children from the female at birth to be raised by men only she fled to Deep Space Nine. Jeyal followed, and in order to break free of him Lwaxana married Odo in a ceremony that dissolved her previous marriage. After Jeyal had left she returned to Betazed to have her child there. [9]

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG1Majel BarrettHaven
TNG2Majel BarrettManhunt
TNG3Majel BarrettMenage a Troi
TNG4Majel BarrettHalf a Life
TNG5Majel BarrettCost of Living
TNG7Majel BarrettDark Page
DS91Majel BarrettThe Forsaken
DS93Majel BarrettFascination
DS94Majel BarrettThe Muse


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