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Seven of Nine

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Seven of Nine [1]
Species : Humans

In 2373 the crew of the USS Voyager forged an alliance with the Borg in order to combat Species 8472; as part of that alliance Captain Janeway agreed to work aboard a Borg vessel to develop a weapon to be used against 8472. Rather than assimilate the Captain, the Borg agreed to assign a single drone to work with her as their representative. The Borg chosen was seven of nine, tertiary adjunct to Unimatrix zero one. [1]

Despite their promises the Borg rapidly turned against Voyager and attempted to assimilate the ship. The crew were able to kill all the Borg aboard apart from seven of nine, who they separated from the collective consciousness. [1] Voyager's EMH program subsequently removed most of seven of nine's Borg implants. [2]

Janeway discovered that seven of nine was infact an assimilated Human being; she was later identified as Annika Hansen, the child of two Federation citizens who took their spacecraft into the delta quadrant many years ago in order to explore. Nothing was heard of the Hansens again [2], but seven revealed that their ship had been captured by the Borg and they had been assimilated along with their six year old daughter Annika. She lived the next eighteen years of her life as a Borg drone, participating in the assimilation of many species, until 'rescued' by Voyager. [3]

Seven had become a fully integrated member of the collective, and had no desire to be returned to Humanity. As soon as she had the chance she attempted to alert the collective to Voyager's location, but was prevented from doing so by Kes. [2] Over the next few years she gradually began to accept her Humanity more, experimenting with various aspects of life as a Human. [4] Somewhat ironically it was Voyager's EMH who served as her mentor in Human interactions, and at one time the two shared an attraction for one another. This never developed into a romantic relationship, however. [5]

Seven also had several encounters with the Borg collective during her time on Voyager. In 2375 the Borg Queen revealed that she had been deliberately allowed to remain on the ship in order to collect information about Humanity. However, Seven rejected the Queen's attempts to make her assist with the assimilation of Humanity and returned to Voyager. [6]

In 2376 Seven met several ex-drones who had escaped the collective but were still linked together. During their time with the collective they and Seven had been briefly liberated by an accident which caused their ship to crashland on a planet. The others had wanted to leave the collective permanently, but Seven had panicked and re-assimilated the group into a new mini-collective until they could be re-assimilated. When the three were eventually freed of the collective they retained the link Seven had created, and they spent some time tracking her down in an attempt to regain their individuality. Seven agreed to remove the link, even though this would result in their eventual deaths. [7]

Seven continued to acquire more Human-like attitudes over the next two years. Her recovery of the body of John Kelly gave her a greater appreciation of history [8], while the difficult emotions she experienced as a Tsunkatse fighter affirmed that she was becoming more individualistic. [9] When she assisted the Borg rebels of Unimatrix Zero, a virtual environment which a small fraction of Borg drones enter during their regeneration, she found that she had enjoyed a romantic relationship during her time there. [10] Although she never became involved with the EMH despite their mutual attraction, she later developed feelings for Commander Chakotay, an attraction which he shared. The two began dating in late 2377, shortly before Voyager reached the Alpha Quadrant. [11]

After the Federation withdrew its support for the Romulan rescue mission, Seven became part of the Fenris Rangers, a group of people who attempted to maintain order in the worlds abandoned by the Federation. Icheb, another former Borg who returned to the Alpha Quadrant with Voyager, kept in touch with Seven and visited her on Fenris, taking part in the Rangers' missions. Seven came to think of Icheb as the son she never had. During one such mission Icheb disappeared. Seven discovered that he had been captured by Bjayzl, a Borg parts trader, who had befriended Seven under an alias called Jay. Seven tracked down Icheb and attempted to rescue him only to discover that Bjayzl's doctors had removed many of his Borg parts without using anaesthetic and while he was still alive. Icheb's injuries proved too great and he asked her to end his suffering. Reluctantly Seven agreed shooting him with her phaser. [12]

In 2399 Seven of Nine came to the aid of former Admiral Picard when the ship he was on was attacked by an antique Romulan warbird operated by the warlord Kar Kantar, her ship was destroyed in the process. She was beamed aboard La Sirena, saving her life. [13] Seven took part in the rescue mission to save Bruce Maddox, who was being held hostage by Bjayzl. Seven, however, was plotting to use the meeting to get close to Bjayzl and kill her in revenge for her treatment of ex-Borg and especially Icheb. On discovering her plan Picard managed to talk Seven out of killing Bjayzl and they all returned to the ship with Maddox. Unbeknownst to Picard, Seven returned to Bjayzl's club immediately afterwards and killed her using phaser weapons she had taken from his ship. [12]

A short time later Seven received a call for help from what she assumed was the former ex-Borg Hugh. She made her way to The Artifact and found a fight in progress in his office. The fight involved a large number of Romulan guards and Elnor, whom she had met on Picard's ship. After killing the Romulans she discovered that Hugh had been murdered previously by Narissa. Realising that Narissa and the Romulans meant to disable the Cube and kill all the remaining Borg and ex-Borg Seven initiated a local collective on the Cube. Seven temporarily became the local Borg Queen and used that power to wake the remaining Borg to battle the Romulans. Unfortunately, before she could succeed Narissa ordered an evaculation and opened the seals on the Cube blowing the Borg into space, killing them. [14]

During her time as the Borg Queen, Seven of Nine became aware of the problems faced by Picard and the crew of La Sirena. She regenerated the Cube, reactivated it and opened a transwarp conduit to come to Picard's aid as soon as possible. Not long after arriving at Coppelius her Cube and La Sirena were attacked by giant orchids pulling both ships out of orbit, crashing them both on the planet. [15]

It is perhaps a testmony to the resilience of a Borg Cube that the occupants survived the crash unharmed and numerous systems were able to be restored using battery packs, including replicators, long range sensors and weapons systems. When Seven of Nine discovered the weapons system activation she went to investigate, finding Narissa, who was targetting La Sirena. Seven and Narissa fought and Seven eventually killed her in revenge for her killing of Hugh. [16]

After Picard and his crew were able to convince Soji to not become "The Destroyer", Seven joined the crew of La Sirena. She left the xBs behind on Coppelius, where they were able to fend for themselves. [16]

In the year since the events on Coppelius, Seven of Nine took over command of La Sirena, using it for Ranger work. She visited the USS Stargazer when a newly discovered spatial anomaly turned out to be the Borg. They wanted to join the Federation, insisting that they would only talk to Jean-Luc Picard. A fleet of 38 vessels was then sent to join them. [17]

When Picard arrived and sent a message to the Borg they brought a massive ship through the rift and attempted to beam their queen on to the Stargazer, eventually succeeding. The Queen attempted to assimilate the ship and the others in the fleet. Picard ordered the ship's self-destruct to be activated. After the countdown, and ensuing explosion, [17] Seven found herself in an alternate reality, where she was the president of a Confederation of Earth and was fully human. She was eventually able to meet up with Picard, Rios, Raffi, Elnor and Agnes Jurati, [18] where, with the assistance of a Borg Queen, they where able to time travel back to 2024 in search of a way home. [19]

Together they attempted to discover what had been changed and fix it. [20] During an altercation with the Borg Queen, Seven is mortally wounded. When Agnes prevents the Borg Queen from killing Seven of Nine, the Queen relents and turns Seven into a Borg again, but leaving her free will intact, in order that she can heal herself. [21]

After returning to the prime timeline Picard grants Seven a field commission and puts her in command of The Stargazer. [22]

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Associated with

Crew of the USS Voyager
Associated with Star Trek : Picard

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
VOY4Erica Lynne BryanThe Raven
VOY5Katelin PetersenDark Frontier, Part 1
VOY5Katelin PetersenDark Frontier, Part 2
VOY4, 5, 6, 7Jeri Lynn Ryan
STP1Jeri Lynn RyanAbsolute Candor
STP1Jeri Lynn RyanStardust City Rag
STP1Jeri Lynn RyanBroken Pieces
STP1Jeri Lynn RyanEt in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
STP1Jeri Lynn RyanEt in Arcadia Ego, Part 2
STP2, 3Jeri Lynn Ryan


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