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Our lists section describes all 953 planets mentioned in Star Trek
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"This is not the Federation, Picard. If you defy an order of the High Council, the alliance with the Federation could fall to dust."
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"The alliance with the Federation is not based on lies, K'mpec! Protect your secrets if you must, but you will not sacrifice these men!"
TNG : Sins of the Father

1 Sep 2022

We asked "What did you think of "…But to Connect", episode 7 of Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery?" and you voted for "It was okay!" with a winning score of 11 out of 31 votes (35.5%). For our new poll we are asking "What did you think of "All In", episode 8 of Season 4 of Star Trek Discovery?"
Caption Comp
Congratulations to "Bird of Prey" winner of last months caption competition.

24 Aug 2022

Sudden Death
Fixed an issue that would, occasionally, accuse you of cheating on Sudden Death when answering your first question.

2 Aug 2022

What's New
The seemingly never ending What's New menu has been updated to just list years with on page buttons for each month. Much more compact and manageable.
Menu highlighter
I've made a few improvements to the menu highlighter that shows which page you are viewing on the left menu, by outlining it in red. It will now:
  • Show Portal's chapters correctly as belonging to Portal on the Recreation Menu, for example
  • Correctly highlight the type of Quiz you are using, no matter what size of quiz you choose, for example
  • Show which series you are looking at, even when you are looking at an individual episode page (Review, Images, Datapints etc), for example

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