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Prime Timeline

Year Event
Neelix stops working on an orbital tether on Talax after two years [1]; he refuses to fulfil his military service during the Haakonian war. [2]
  People :  Neelix
  Species :  , Haakonian
 [2] Neelix's entire family is killed by the Metreon Cascade. [2]
  People :  Neelix
 [2] Voyager encounters Doctor Jetrel, a Hakkonian scientist who led the effort to develop the Metreon Cascade during the war with the Talaxians. Despite bitterness on the part of Neelix, he is ultimately able to forgive Jetrel for his actions. [2]
  People :  Neelix, Doctor Ma'Bor Jetrel
  Species :  Haakonian

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 3 Rise
2 VOY 1 Jetrel
Series : VOY Season 3 (Disc 5)
Episode : Rise
Series : VOY Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Jetrel

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