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Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

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Soji : 
"Picard, try to see this from our point of view. You choose if we live, you choose if we die. You choose! We have no choice! You organics have never given us one."
Picard : 
"To say you have no choice is a failure of imagination."
Agnes : 
"They've left us behind, Picard! They're generations beyond us!"
Picard : 
"In one sense, yes, but in another, as you said, they are children. And until now, the only teachers that they've had are a couple of hermits, and the fear of extermination. But fear is an incompetent teacher. Yes, they have life. But no one is teaching them what it's for. To be alive is a responsibility, as well as a right."
Agnes : 
"How are they supposed to learn that lesson in six minutes, and eleven seconds?"
Picard : 
"The way that children learn most things, by example."
Agnes : 
"So, how do we hold off 218 warbirds until Starfleet gets here? If they get here? … Are you not answering to build suspense, or…?"
Picard : 
"At the present moment, Dr. Jurati, I am trying to pilot a starship for the first time in a very long time, without exploding or crashing! If that is alright with you."
Agnes : 
"No, totally, good call. One impossible thing at a time."
Picard : 
"Raffi? You were quite right."
to Raffi; his last words

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