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Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1

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Title :
Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
19 Mar 2020
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 09
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
If you watch very carefully Rune and Codex perform a little magic trick while Picard is trying to convince the androids that he will work for them. In one shot Rune in dark orange is on the left and Codex in pale orange is on the right. A moment later the camera cuts back and they've swapped sides without moving. When they both escort Picard away they've managed to swap back. You will also notice that Codex has forgotten his contact lenses and has dark eyes.
Great Moment :
Seeing Brent Spiner in a new role on Star Trek again. Ok, it was a Soong once more, but still great to see him back.
Body Count :
Saga is killed when Narek escapes.
Factoid :
With this episode Brent Spiner enhances his title of the actor with the most roles across all live action Star Trek series. He has played the following Soongs:
and the following androids:also played the following holographic characters, not counting things like Sherlock Holmes where it was just Data acting as someone else:That's 16 roles in total, the closest to him is Vaughn Armstrong with 12 roles.


Do we have a flashback? Yes we do. If someone tells you it doesn't, don't believe them.

On board La Sirena the ship is shaking violently. Agnes is hiding under the table in her room and things are falling around her. She is chanting to herself, please be over. Be over. Be over. Be over. Be over. Be over. Be over.

On the bridge Soji is sitting in the helm position smiling to herself. Rios is in his Captain's chair and doing his best to steer through the conduit. Raffi reports, chroniton field integrity at 90% and holding. Eventually they exit the conduit into normal space. We find a large planet with two small red moons. Rios reports, Ghulion system, fourth planet. He asks Soji, that the one? Before she answers Picard asks, did we beat them? Raffi replies, well, long- and short-range scanners show no Romulan presence. No ships of any kind. Nice work, honey. You got us here really damn fast. And I am never going to do that ever again. Agnes arrives on the bridge and asks, what happened to Deep Space 12? Am I still under arrest? Rios says, there was a change of plan. Picard says, we just came 25 light-years in 15 minutes. Agnes says, I noticed a little turbulence. Rios says, hmm... Agnes asks, Is that... Soji replies, we call it... Coppelius. Rios notices the Snakehead ship exit the conduit and takes immediate evasive action, swearing in Spanish as he does so. He says, our Romulan shadow is back. Agnes, sit down. Strapping in. He presses a button and everyone is suddenly wearing seat belts. Picard asks, she disabled the tracking device. How the hell did he find us? Soji replies, he must've extrapolated from our last known course and position. The Snakehead starts firing at La Sirena. Rapid fire hits at the ship. Rios throws the brakes on and the Snakehead flashes past, La Sirena returns fire, flipping and spinning and repeatedly hitting the Romulan. The Snakehead looks like it is disabled and its cloak flickers on and off. Rios says, his cloak's fritzing out. Picard asks Raffi for a status update. Raffi responds, he's alive. Barely. His pulse is almost undetectable. Soji says, it's a trick. Raffi says, and if it isn't? We just let him die? Soji says, he attacked us. He has no one but himself to blame. Picard says, there's a difference between killing an attacking enemy and watching a wounded one die. Beam him to sick bay immediately. Raffi tries to beam him onto the ship and the Snakehead starts back up and fires at them. Agnes asks, what just happened? Rios says, he reversed his cloaking device, used it as a projector. Swearing in Spanish once again. Picard says, put him on screen. Rios says, he's powering up his disruptor cannons. We better... That's unexpected. Rios is looking at the conduit and there is a Borg Cube coming through. Agnes says, it's supposed to be broken. Raffi says, its weapons are coming online. Agnes says, so, not broken. Raffi says, I'm picking up a bogie from the planet's surface. No, make that five bogies. One of them's coming right at us. Rios asks, what kind of bogie? Raffi says, um, okay. I wanna say like a giant flower. It truly is a giant flower and it wraps itself around La Sirena. Rios says, hold on tight. All the power cuts out on the ship. Rios lights a lighter after several attempts. Picard asks, what just happened? Agnes says, they hit us with a flower. Raffi just as confused says, looked like an orchid. What is it? Soji says, I'm pretty sure we just call them orchids. Rios confirms, all power's gone. Picard says, what do we do about it? Rios says, nothing. The ship starts shuddering and flames appear at the windows, they are entering the atmosphere. Picard shouts, brace yourselves! The Borg Cube has three orchids attached and is also descending. Raffi turns around and Picard is unconscious, she says, JL? Picard still seemingly unconsious says, Thank you for coming... everyone. Soji and Rios rush over to check on him.

We see flashes of Picard walking through his vineyard, then a shot of Dr Benyou saying you really wanna go back out into the cold? Picard responds, more than ever. A shot of Picard pressing his commbadge and saying, I may never pass this way again. Picard slowly wakes up in La Sirena sickbay. Agnes says, welcome back. How do you feel, mister? He shields his eyes against the light and responds, a bit confused. Agnes explains, uh... we had Chris manually open the shutters. I didn't know there were shutters. I didn't know there were windows. The ship seems all right, but we have no power. Nothing works. I didn't know how I was gonna run a scan on you. And then, I found this. An old-school medical tricorder. You were really out. At first I thought head injury, but I couldn't find any signs of trauma. Picard asks, is something wrong? Agnes continues, I don't know. It, uh... It might just be a tricorder showing its age. Picard says, or? Agnes stares at him, saying nothing. Picard continues, I suspect the tricorder is fine. Agnes looks upset and nearly cries.

Down in the mess hall Raffi is gathering supplies. Picard enters, Raffi says, hey, JL. You okay? Picard says, can I please have your attention? Thank you. Um... I am going to return Soji to her people, and we will tell them that a Romulan force is on its way to exterminate them. One more thing. Uh, I have a brain abnormality. I've known for years. Uh, I never had any symptoms, so I never thought much about it. However, just before we left the Earth, I learned that my condition was more acute. The prognosis was terminal, and there is no effective treatment. There will be no further discussion. Anyone who treats me like a dying man will run the risk of pissing me off. Is that clear? Good. Status and situation, Rios. Rios looks upset but replies, um... The ship survived the Snakehead attack and the landing structurally intact, but the orchid knocked our systems off-line, including power. Picard says, Raffi. Raffi replies, uh, it's a Class M planet. Smaller and denser than Earth. Before that space flower knocked us off-line, our sensors showed a small settlement. Soji says, Coppelius Station. I'd say we're about five or six kilometres from there. Picard says, tell us about it. Soji says, I think that I was born there. But I'm pretty sure that I didn't live there very long before Maddox took Dahj and me away. Picard questions, pretty sure? Soji explains, my memories are all jumbled. It's like watching a holo that I know I've seen before but can't really remember. Agnes asks, do they hate us? Soji says, I really don't think so. What you said about Data, how he was open-minded, unprejudiced, free of bias... Rios says, they crashed my ship without even asking my name. I don't know. That feels a little biased to me. Picard asks, Raffi, do we have any idea when the Romulans will arrive? Raffi responds, they had a solid head start, but we made up a ton of time with the conduit. I'm gonna guess a day, maybe two. Soon. Picard says, but we have no idea of their numbers. Raffi shakes her head. Picard says, well, I suggest we all take a walk. Picard leaves and everyone looks at each other.

Viewed from outside the ship, we zoom in seeing parts of the it damaged. Raffi is preparing phasers saying, we might run into, I don't know, angry reptiloids out there. Homicidal fungi. Soji looks disapprovingly at her. Raffi continues, it's a thing. Or somebody's asshole Romulan ex. Raffi hands the phaser to Soji and she takes it.

They walk out of the ship and Rios says, hot. They look in one direction and can see smoke rising. Raffi says, I think that's The Artifact. Soji says, good riddance. Rios says, we had friends on that thing though. Picard says, Soji, I know time is of the essence, but if by any chance Elnor and Hugh survived... Raffi says, something that massive falling that fast? I... The odds are not good. Picard says, Well, hope and the odds make poor bedfellows. Raffi nods and says, true. Synthville is in the opposite direction. Agnes says, we could split up. Soji says, Hugh is my friend too. Anyway, we should probably stick together. In case we run into any homicidal fungus. They walk off towards the smoke. When they get closer Soji says, now it's broken.

Entering the crashed Cube they look around at the devastation, Picard looks at Soji and says, we both survived. It didn't. Raffi says, those flowers didn't give them a very soft landing. Rios says, I doubt they were designed to bring down something as big as a Borg Cube. They walk through a door and there are lots of xBs walking around collecting parts. One turns to Picard and says, Locutus. Elnor appears and says, Picard. You're alive. Elnor runs over and hugs him saying, this fills me with joy. Seven shouts, heads up! and drops a part to the floor. She continues, so, are you here to help with the cleanup, or do you just make messes?

Picard and Seven are walking through the remains of the Cube, Picard says, I don't believe it. Seven explains, for a few minutes, I felt connected to everything. I saw everything. I saw La Sirena in the transwarp conduit. I saw the Snakehead chasing it. Picard says, so, you opened another conduit and came after us? Seven confirms, you needed our help. Picard says, thank you. Seven says, you're welcome. Picard says, poor Hugh. It must have taken appalling brutality to turn such a gentle soul to violence. What are they doing? Seven explains, using a battery pack to try and get the food replicators back online. Picard asks, are other systems operational? Seven asks, what do you need? Picard says, long-range scanners. Seven says, they can be.

A little later Raffi gets the scanner working, she presses a button and ships start to appear on the display. Raffi says, oh, my God. Rios asks, how many? Raffi says, uh... Two hundred and 18 warbirds. Rios says, ah, 218. Raffi confirms, mm-hmm. Rios says, that's not so bad. Raffi agrees, true. You really only have to worry about the first 109.

Soji is in her old quarters looking at the pictures she had there. She finds one of her and Dahj in graduation outfits.

Back at the entrance to the Cube Picard says, I'm beginning to feel that all we do these days is say goodbye. Elnor says, yes, but this time's worse because you're dying. Picard says, you go ahead. I'll join you. Elnor says, I'm torn. You need protection now more than ever. Picard says, no. The xBs need your protection much more than I do. And you must try to get the defensive systems here back online. Elnor says, but I may never see you again. Picard says, well, that's true of any two people who are saying goodbye. Elnor says, Picard... Picard interrupts, El... I am very, very proud of you. Seven says, keep saving the galaxy, Picard. Picard says, that's all on you now. As he leaves.

Picard, Soji, Rios, Raffi and Agnes are all standing on a small hill overlooking Coppelius Station. They walk in and there are lots of androids standing around. Some are golden colour like Data others have a more human appearance. Butterflies flit around. Lots of the androids stop and follow the group into the square. One approaches and says, Soji. Finally. We've missed you so. Soji thinks for a second and says, Arcana. Your name is Arcana. Arcana holds Soji's hands and says, welcome back. Soji says, I'm home. Uh, these are my friends. Arcana look at the others and says, Captain Jean-Luc Picard? Data's captain. Picard says, yes. Arcana says, I feel surprisingly moved. She walks towards Picard and points at his face and says, may I? He nods slightly and she starts tracing the lines on his face with her finger. She says, they're just... lines. But they imply so much more. Grief, endurance. Marvellous. She stops and says, welcome, all of you. You completed your mission? Soji says, yes. Arcana replies, your face tells me that this success brings bad news. Soji says, a fleet of Romulan warbirds is on its way, coming to destroy us all. Picard says, these orchids. How many more do you have? Raffi says, please say 218. Arcana says, we had 15. We now have ten. We can make more, given time. Rios says, you have two days. A voice from behind says, excuse me. Excuse me, please. Pardon me. An older grey haired person looking just like Data walks into the square and says, Admiral Jean-Luc Picard, retired. I take it my face looks familiar? Picard agrees, I feel as if I'm looking at Data. The grey haired man says, Data if he'd gotten old and gone soft. Must be disturbing. I know it is for me. Doctor Altan Inigo Soong, mad scientist. My father had me but he created Data, a fact he never let me forget. He turns to Arcana and says, get this man some water. Organics our age get parched. We're not all machines here, you know. Arcana says, come, Admiral. Soong turns to Soji and says, you've been gone a long time. Welcome home, my dear. Well, we'd better hear the whole story. Come with me, please.

We're now in a small clearing on the estate and Soji has been telling the story so far. She says, so it's all my fault. I led the Romulans right to us. I'm so sorry. Soong says, nonsense. You can't be expected to keep a secret you don't even know you know. Unfortunately, the ban brought out the deceptive side of Bruce Maddox. I might even call it "devious."

Elswhere Picard is drinking water. He is approached by an android that looks exactly like Soji, except she has the golden colouring of Data. She says, Admiral? Welcome. Picard says, of course.

Back with Soji and the others, Soong continues, Bruce. I warned him that his plan might draw unwanted attention. The golden android walks in with Picard she says, Soji. You and Bruce may have saved us all. True, you may have brought us all kinds of trouble. But you have also brought us answers. Rios says, that's Jana. Soong explains, no, no. This is Sutra. Jana was her sister. Sutra continues, more importantly, you've brought us information. Doctor Jurati. Admiral Picard tells me you've experienced this Admonition? Agnes says, only secondhand. Sutra continues, and yet what you saw persuaded you to end Bruce Maddox's life... that his death was utterly necessary? And now? Agnes says, when I think back to that day, the day I... killed Bruce... it's like... Raffi says, it's like you were out of your goddamn mind. Sutra says, maybe she was. Maybe these pitiful Romulans have been pointlessly driving themselves insane for centuries, trying to grapple with something that was never intended for organic minds at all. Picard says, you believe that the Admonition is intended for synthetic minds? Sutra says, that's what I'd like to find out. Arcana says, how? We had one ship. We lost it when we lost Jana and Flower. Soji says, even if we had a transwarp tunnel, that wouldn't... Sutra says, oh, I don't need to go anywhere at all. She holds a hand out to Agnes and she walks forward saying, what did they show you, Agnes Jurati? Soong says, oh, yes. Yes. Very clever. Very clever, Sutra. Sutra's always had a passion for Vulcan culture. She's read Surak, she plays the ka'athyra beautifully, and she has, quite remarkably, taught herself the famous mind meld. Rios rushes over and tries to stop her, saying, uh-uh. No way. Agnes says, no, Chris. Rios says, you're just getting over this, Agnes. Agnes says, it's okay. It's okay. You deserve to know. Sutra says, you're terrified. Don't be. My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts. Pictures flicker, but more slowly this time. A voice is explaining them as they go, life begins. The dance of division and replication. Imperfect. Finite. Organic life evolves, yearns for perfection. That yearning leads to synthetic life. But organics perceive this perfection as a threat. When they realise their creations do not age or become sick or die... they will seek to destroy them, and in so doing, destroy themselves. Beyond the boundaries of time and space, we stand, an alliance of synthetic life... watching you, waiting for your signal. Summon us and we will come. Summon us. You will have our protection. Your evolution will be their extinction. The mind meld ends and Sutra says, fascinating.

Agnes is following a butterfly and comes across Soong in his lab. She says, it's beautiful. He says, I really missed butterflies. So I made my own. Agnes says, I wanted to talk about Bruce. Soong says, he spoke of you often. I might almost say excessively. His only regret in coming here was leaving you behind. Agnes says, it was more like I didn't have the guts to go with him. Soong continues, what you did. Shame on you, Agnes. You put out a small, bright candle shedding its light in a vast darkness. You owe a great debt. Would you like the chance to repay it? To give a life instead of taking one? Agnes says, yes. Soong says, have a look at this. Agnes says, you made a golem? Altan, have you cracked mind transfer? Soong says, not yet. I do bodies. Bruce was the substrates man. Recently I've regained my interest in mind transfer... along with a certain sense of urgency.

Sutra and Soji are outside watching orchids launch. Sutra says, have you processed the viability of my solution? Soji says, that can't be the answer, Sutra. Sutra says, what's the alternative? Twenty-three orchids, an old man and a few friends with phasers? We won't hold out five minutes. Soji says, Rios will get La Sirena flying, and we can get you all out of here. Sutra says, run, you mean? Run and hide until the next time they track us down? We won't be safe anywhere, ever, unless we do this. Soji says, you don't know that. Sutra says, yes, I do. And you do too. To them, we're monsters. They call us abominations, Soji. There is no alternative. Soji says, there has to be. Sutra says, what is it then? Soji says, something where so many people don't have to die. Sutra says, there is no such plan. Suddenly there's a noise and they turn to see Narek being escorted by two androids. He is saying, yes. All right. Okay. I said I'll come with you, okay? I said I'll come with you. Sutra says, look at what the cat dragged in.

Agnes is playing with a cat. Rios walks in and asks, oh, hello. Who's your friend? Agnes says, this is Spot Two. Rios says, I'm not really a cat person. Agnes says, they made him. Rios says, oh. Wow. That's impressive, I guess. I'm gonna try and get the ship back online. Picard thinks we can get them all out of here. Agnes says, I'm gonna stay here. Doctor Soong has given me the chance to try to complete some work that Bruce left unfinished. Rios says, be careful, okay? I'm not sure how much I really trust them. Agnes says, them? Or me? Look, just don't forget me when it's time to go. Rios says, you're many things, Agnes P. Jurati. Forgettable is not one of them. Agnes says, yeah? Agnes asks, am I inolvidable? Rios says, absolutamente.

Outside Raffi, Picard and Saga are talking. Saga hands a device to Raffi and says, this will help repair your ship. Raffi looks at it and says, uh, thanks. Um, what is this? Saga says, it fixes things. Raffi says, um... How? Saga says, you have to use your imagination. Raffi says, my imagination? Okay. Thank you. Saga leaves and Picard says, you'll be sure to let me know when the ship's systems are up and running. Raffi jokes, nah. I figured I'd keep you guessing. He starts to leave and she stops him, saying, JL. I'm sorry. I'm breaking the rules. She hugs him and he says, hey, Raffi... Raffi says, no, no. Just... After everything that you've done for me... I need to say... thank you. I love you, JL. Oh, you don't have to say it back to me. I just... Picard says, I don't? Raffi says, not unless you want to. Oh, s... Yeah. No, it's fine. It's fine. Picard says, Okay. Raffi agrees, okay. Picard starts to leave and then turns and says, I love you too, Raffi. He walks away. Rios walks up to Raffi and says, Agnes is having a sleepover. He calls after Picard, I'll see you tomorrow.

In his room Picard is attempting to call Starfleet command. Starfleet Command, this is Jean-Luc Picard transmitting on a secure hyperfrequency. I have a first contact situation and a priority request to establish diplomatic negotiations and to protect the inhabitants of Ghulion IV from an incoming Romulan attack.

Narek is locked in a wall behind a forcefield. He calls to the guard, friend. I'm thirsty. There's some water in that bag. Please, can I have it? I'm thirsty. Is this how you treat your prisoners? Saga is the guard and she says, we've never had a prisoner before. How do the Romulans treat their prisoners? Narek says, let's change the subject. Please. Saga looks at the bag and starts to go to it. She is about to disable the forcefield and Soji shouts, no! Don't! Do not listen to him. Narek says, Soji. Are you all right? I've been so worried... Soji says, shut up. She turns to Saga and says, you cannot believe a word he says, Saga. Not one word. Saga says, I'm monitoring his biofunctions, Soji. I'll know when he's lying. Narek says, you misunderstood. Soji says, I misunderstood your attempt to murder me? Narek says, I was afraid that you were gonna kill me. It was wrong to have you undergo the Zhal Makh. It did something to your mind... Soji says, shut up. Narek says, I love you. Soji says, I know... what a sad and twisted thing you are. You disgust me, Narek. But not as much as I disgust myself for pitying you. And I pity you. Narek says, and I pity you. Because we are gonna rain down fire on this world... and kill every so-called living thing on it. Even you. Even you, my love. Soji says, no, you won't. Soji leaves and Saga says, I'll have food and drink brought to you. And tend to your wound. Narek says, thank you.

Back with Picard, Starfleet Command, please respond. He gives up for now. Soji walks in and says, these were Maddox's old quarters. Picard says, yes. I gathered that. Pointing to a holo picture of him and Agnes kissing. Picard says, they were very close. Soji says, when I heard about what Agnes had done to Bruce, I couldn't understand it. Let alone imagine myself doing something like that. Picard asks, something like what? Soji says, taking life to save life. Hurting some to save others. I just... I guess I'm just trying to understand the logic of sacrifice. Picard says, the logic of sacrifice. Hmm. I don't like the sound of that. Soji says, so, you think there is no logic? No calculus of life and death? Picard says, I think it depends on if you're the person holding the knife.

Back at Narek's cell. Saga is still standing guard, Sutra approaches she says, take a break, Saga. I'll babysit Soji's friend. Saga leaves and Sutra disables the shield.

Back with Picard. Soji says, she thought she was doing the right thing in that moment... but now she's horrified by what she did. Picard asks, did she think she was right? Or did she simply believe she had no choice?

Back at the cell. Sutra approaches Narek and strokes his face.

Back with Picard, Soji says, maybe there's no logic in it at all. Maybe all rationales for killing just boil down to fear, the opposite of logic. But what if killing is the only way to survive? Picard says, Soji? What are we talking about?

Back at the cell. Sutra says, I was afraid my desire to kill you would outweigh my immediate need of your services. But look. It can definitely wait. How would you like to get out of here?

Back with Picard, he asks, what are you considering? There's a scream and Soji says, did you hear that? Soji runs to the cell and finds Soong over the body of Saga, her broach has been pushed into her eye. Soong is saying, poor sweet Saga. My poor Saga. Perfect golden eye. What did he do to your beautiful eye? Soji says, I should've killed him. I wanted to kill him.

Narek is running towards the crashed Borg Cube.

Back at the cell Soji says, why didn't I?

Back at the compound, all the androids are standing around and Saga's body is on a platform. Still with the brooch in the eye. Sutra is addressing them saying, the organics came, and now we have lost another sister. They will always fear us, always turn on us, hunt us, kill us. In one day, our enemies will be here with overwhelming force, intent on exterminating us. That gives us just enough time. Picard says, just enough time for what? Sutra says, when I melded with her mind, I experienced this so-called Admonition. But unlike you, I understood it. For you, it was a warning. For us, it was a promise. Soong says, apparently there are some sort of higher synthetic beings out there watching us. The subspace frequencies needed to contact them are encoded in the Admonition. Sutra says, Doctor Soong and I have designed a suitable beacon to summon them. We can have it transmitting before the Romulan fleet arrives. Picard asks, why? Soong says, so that no more of my children have to die. This new federation unites synthetic life-forms in a powerful alliance spanning galaxies. Sutra says, they don't just unite. Their purpose is to seek out advanced synthetic life and excise it from the oppression by organics. Picard says, excise? Sutra says, let's say they eliminate the threat of extermination that all organic life-forms ultimately pose. Picard asks, did you just say "all"? Sutra says, are you and your Federation any different from the Romulans? Banning synthetics was just a way of exterminating us in advance. Picard asks, so, you're going to destroy us all? You will become mass murderers. Sutra says, I'm not like you, Picard. I will rescue those I can rescue. My people will survive. Picard says, and you will fulfil their prophecy. You will become the Destroyer after all. Everyone. After the ban, after the ibn Majid, I understand why you did not trust the Federation, why you might not have trusted me. But I have a ship, and there is room for all of you. I will see to your safety. And when you are safe, I will become an advocate on your behalf. I will speak to the Federation with your voice. I will demand that they end the ban. And the Federation will listen to me. Soong says, no, they won't. Look at them. They've never met anyone like you before. That granite face. Wisdom and integrity. The eloquence, the conviction. They don't know what hit them. Now, back on Earth, kids, they didn't listen to him after the attack on Mars. And they're not going to believe him now. Mm-mmm. We're gonna have to place you under house arrest. Picard says, what? Sutra says, we can't let you walk around free, Admiral. You'll have us all doubting ourselves, losing our conviction. We can't have that. Can we, Soji? Soji says, no, we can't. Picard says, Soji. Soji continues, wherever we go, Picard, they will find us. This isn't the Romulan rescue. We can't be your means of redemption. We're too busy trying to survive. Sutra looking at Agnes says, her too. No, don't lock me up. I know I don't deserve it, but I am begging you. You... All of you are the culmination of everything I've worked for my whole life, everything that has ever mattered to me. I've been through so much to get here, and now I'm finally where I belong. If you don't want to do it for me... do it for him. Let me help him survive what's coming. Soong says, uh... she has been quite a help to me, and I suppose she's as close to a mother as any of you will ever know. Sutra says, a mother would die for her children. Would you? I will know if you're lying. Agnes says, yes. Sutra says, good. Picard says, Agnes. Sutra says, take him away.

On the bridge of a Romulan ship Commodore Oh stands in a black outfit. A Romulan says, long-range sensors show minimal planetary defences, Commodore. Oh says, status? The Romulan says, twenty-four hours to landfall.


OK, here we go the first part of the final episode. It's not bad either. We finally get Soji home and in super quick time, beating the Romulan fleet. Picard tells us that they have just travelled 25 light years in 15 minutes. That is quite a rate. Using the site's built-in calculator we get a warp speed of 95.7048 on the TOS scale or 9.9999 on the TNG scale. Voyager was the fastest at one point with a top warp speed of 9.975. That may not sound that different but it would take Voyager a little over 1 day, 15 hours, 28 minutes to cover the same distance. 9.975 is only 5,551.9c vs 876,600c or approximately 17.5 times faster.

Once home, we meet all Soji's brothers and sisters. They all seem very much like Data, somewhat innocent and inquisitive. Sutra on the other hand seems quite radical by comparison. We don't quite know if this is just a personality trait, related to loosing her twin or because she is older than the others. That said Soji is more of a rounded personality than the others seem to be, even though she is only just over 3 years old.

Another interesting thing about Sutra is the fact she has taught herself to mind meld. You have to wonder how this is meant to work with an android. Now, we know from Dahj that these androids are flesh and blood rather than mechanical. However, to achieve a neurological connection between minds they would have to be pretty much identical to organics. We know that Dajh was pretty much identical to a human, which in itself is a slight issue as only Vulcans can mind meld, not humans. Soji and Sutra are virtually identical. Putting that to one side we finally get the answer to the Admonation. It is apparently aimed at synthetic life rather than organics. It is not a warning, as the Romulans believe, but instead as an offer of help if synthetics get oppressed. Unfortunately the help is somewhat apocalyptic, leading to the destruction of all organic life.
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