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Title :
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
16 Apr 2003
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
2 x 20
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Yet another speed nit - Enterprise is supposed to turn back to investigate this planet, and Archer claims it is only thirty light years behind them. Even at warp 5 that's a trip of nearly three months, hardly a small detour.

Also, they pass by Mayweather's old ship on the way to the planet. But in "Future Tense", the ship was said to be far beyond the previous limit of exploration and a good thirty light years beyond any trade route. It's just possible that Enterprise has not gone any further from home since "Future Tense", and so the thirty light year backtrack took Enterprise to that trade route. But... before Enterprise, ships could only do warp 2 (8 x c) at the most. And Mayweather left his family 4 years ago... so the ship must have been at least 58 light years away from Earth at that point. That's at least a seven year trip. So how come Mayweather was back home for the start of season one, eighteen months ago?
Great Moment :
T'Pol and the movie has some fairly good bits, but Mayweather and Archer's conversation about his dad is the high point of this episode. It's great to see "super-extra" Anthony Montgomery getting some actual acting for a change!
Body Count :
Mayweather's father dies, though we don't see it.
Factoid :
Mayweather has visited 22 inhabited planets, and Enterprise has covered 150 light years by the time of this episode.

This is the first episode set in 2153.

Zefram Cochrane designed the J class cargo ship warp drive himself, and is reported to have signed the inside of each reactor casing.


Enterprise is ordered to backtrack 30 light years to see some spectacular volcanic eruptions. Their course takes them near Mayweather's old ship, the Horizon, so they drop him off for a family reunion. But all is not well on the ship - Mayweather's father has died, leaving his ill-prepared brother in command. And there are pirates in the area...
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