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Title :
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
26 Feb 2003
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
2 x 17
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
John Hansen as Prisoner
Michael McGrady as Nausicaan
Brian Morri as Enolian Guard
Holmes R. Osborne as Enolian Official
Mark Rolston as Kuroda
Sean Whalen as Zoumas
When we see the damaged shuttlepod, an inside shot shows us a PADD floating around within. T'Pol then states that the gravity plating is offline. Unfortunately, the shuttle is tumbling end over end as it floats through space. Rotation like this would create something like a low level gravity effect, which would tend to make any loose items collect in the nose or tail of the shuttle.
Great Moment :
Well, Archer is getting a bit better at fisticuffs. He did pretty well in his final fight on the transport, though he did have to cheat in order to win.
Body Count :
Kuroda burned up in the prison transport. One Enterprise crewman was shot, but it is uncertain if he was killed or just stunned.
Factoid :
The prisoner transport bears a remarkable similarity to Penk's ship from "Tsunkatse". Also, I'm not certain but I think the alien shuttle is a re-use of the Mazarite shuttle seen in "Fallen Hero".


Enterprise finds one of its shuttles adrift in space, heavily damaged and with no sign of Archer or Trip. Investigating the trading centre which the two officers had been visiting, T'Pol finds that the officers were wrongly accused of smuggling and taken prisoner for shipment to Canamar, and infamous prison base in another system. Enterprise heads to intercept the prisoner transport with permission to free the two, but before they get there two of the prisoners overcome the guards and take over the transport. Archer must play a game of cat and mouse with the prisoners to stay alive long enough for rescue.
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