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Desert Crossing

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Title :
Desert Crossing
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
8 May 2002
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 23
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
After apparently sprouting a phase cannon in "Detained", the Enterprise shuttle-pod is now back to using plasma cannon again. Maybe they tried fitting a phase cannon to one shuttle but not the other? Or maybe they tried it on both, and it just didn't work out for some reason?

You have to wonder what happened to the shuttle that Archer and Trip abandon in this episode. Was it recovered somehow? Contrary to popular belief it's perfectly plausible that Voyager could manufacture replacement shuttles, but Enterprise should have no such ability. The ship only has two shuttles, if they're going to start trashing them on a regular basis then it's going to look very silly.
Great Moment :
There's some nice continuity here, with Archer referring to the time he wanted to turn back home in "Silent Enemy".
Body Count :
Zero, that we know of. Some of Zorbal's men might have been killed in the bombardment of their camp.
Factoid :
Recognise Zobral? He's the Kurgan from the original "Highlander" movie.

Three of the extras seen in engineering during this episode are sailors from the real USS Enterprise! They are AT1(AW/SW) Robert S. Pickering, AE2(AW/SW) Timothy J. Whittington and PN3(AW/SW) Sarah E. Pizzo.


After the diversion to pick up V'Lar, Enterprise is once again on the way to Risa - when the ship picks up a distress signal from a nearby ship. After helping its captain with repairs, Archer accepts an offer to return to the captain's village for a visit. Unfortunately, the captain of the ship proves to have an ulterior motive for the offer - one that could drag Archer and his crew into the middle of a civil war.
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