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Title : Nightingale Rating : 3
First Aired : 22 Nov 2000 Stardate : 54274.7
Director : LeVar Burton Year : 2377
Writers : Dave Long, Robert Lederman Season : 7
Rating : 3.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 2
Review : An attempt at character development for Ensign Kim, but it didn't quite work. They forced some hard choices on him, and he took the wrong ones a few times, but things worked out OK in the end. If it sounds familiar, it's probably because you've read one of the Hornblower stories, where the young midshipman is ordered to take a captured ship into port and she sinks under him. Yes, this isn't quite the same, but you do see what I mean. Still, it did OK. I'm not so sure about the side story, but Icheb is facing one of those things that hits everyone when they are growing up. They handled it OK, I suppose. Verdict, another good try.
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 4
Review : Some good character development for Harry Kim. It's nice to see him finally getting a command of his own after all this time. I like how the episode really emphasizes that this is Harry's FIRST command, by showing him making a lot of mistakes but able to absorb and learn from them by the end of the episode. The B story with Icheb and B'Elanna was mainly for a little bit of comic relief, and worked out fairly well for the most part. I was really surprised that B'Elanna didn't break Icheb's nose when he confronted her about her so called "romantic advances," but it's nice to see that she's evolved past that for the most part, and understands he just doesn't get that she and Tom are just trying to be FRIENDS with him. Nice to see her just say screw it and humor him as well, giving a nice little laugh at the end.
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