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Life Line

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Title : Life Line Rating : 2
First Aired : 10 May 2000 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Terry Windell Year : 2376
Writers : John Bruno, Robert Picardo Season : 6
Rating : 4.0000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 3
Review : At least half this episode was Robert Picardo talking to himself. Now, considering that fact, he pulled it off very well, and it was virtually impossible to tell that he was not in two places at once. He was basically playing the same character twice, since Dr Zimmerman was so similar to our own Doc. As ever, he does it very well. Old Broccoli finally seems to have found his vocation as well. Then, I think this was one of the few times we have seen Deanna Troi completely lose it with a patient. Nice to see her back again, but what was the Enterprise doing only 7LY from home? Back for a refit after Insurrection perhaps, but I wish they had explained it a bit better. Incidentally, at some point Janeway is going to learn that no sometimes really means no, and not "no, but I might just change my mind and let you risk your neck after all". Surely, she could at least have asked the Doctor to memorise a few key facts and report them to Starfleet, which I think she did the last time they e-mailed him home. Overall, a few flaws, but a decent episode nonetheless.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 5
Review : Voyager crew in the Alpha Quadrant! TNG/VOY crossover! (In fact you could argue it's a TNG/DS9/VOY crossover! That would make this possibly the only episode to cross over three different Trek series!) That's already the basis for a compelling episode and I love that the writers are actually incorporating elements of Starfleet, Earth and the Alpha Quadrant into Voyager - and doing it well. I love all these crossover episodes. Anything featuring the Doctor can be assured of a high acting standard. He seems to have more humanity and is therefore more sympathetic than the actual human crew! 5 stars because I enjoyed this episode from start to finish and can watch it again and again.
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