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Title : Fury Rating : 1
First Aired : 3 May 2000 Stardate : Unknown
Director : John Bruno Year : 2376
Writers : Brannon Braga, Bryan Fuller, Rick Berman Season : 6
Rating : 3.3333 for 6 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Michael C. Rating : 4
Review : I actually enjoyed this episode a lot, and am curious if the low rating it has on the site is a typo...
Reviewer : James Rating : 5
Review : Thought this was an good episode two tho i dont think the years have been too good to Jen! she's put on too much weight!
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 2
Review : In some ways, this was a decent episode. I never really liked Kes as a character, she always seemed rather incomplete, but this helped a little in rounding her off, showing the darker side that appeared occasionally finally taking her over. It was also interesting to flash back to a time when the crew were still pulling together and things hadn't settled down yet. The plot sort-of worked, and was handled very well. So it was an entertaining hour of television, but the devil is always in the detail. "Faster than light, there's no left and right," what utter claptrap! Kirk and Picard were doing 180-degree turns at maximum warp, and the Little V is supposed to be one of the most agile ships in the fleet. Then, if Kes could jump 45,000LY back to Ocampa, why didn't Janeway ask her to send Voyager 30,000LY in the opposite direction? They seemed to be getting on OK at the end. Finally, we have a classic grandfather paradox. If Kes never went back in time, Janeway could never persuade her past self to make the recording, therefore she would go back in time, therefore her past self would make the recording, therefore she wouldn't go back in time... and so on ad infinitum. Confusing, isn't it?
Reviewer : Satan Rating : 1
Review : In some way this episode really isn't that bad. The 2371 scenes are very well done, down to the cast accurately portraying their characters down to the way they played them in season one. I liked the little battle with the Vidiian's, some nice FX work there. What I really didn't like though was Kes' brutality. I'm sorry but no matter how crappy her life turned out after leaving Voyager, I just cannot picture Kes becoming some sort of vengeful, hate filled woman bent on killing everyone she ever cared about. Her sudden change of heart at the end wasn't very convincing either and seemed kind of forced. Don't get me wrong, it was great having Jennifer Lien back for an episode, but I think if the writers wanted to bring Kes back they should have found another way of doing it without degrading her character.
Reviewer : Cailus Rating : 4
Review : The plot is, in some ways, not that bad. The idea of Kes returning "dark side" is okay on paper, and I'm certain that everybody felt it would be good to revisit the cast and atmosphere of the first season. Unfortunately, this is let down by two quite important things. First, there is Kes...who is about as interesting as a blind squirrel, and twice as placid. Second, there is the unavoidable fact that Season 1 of Voyager, while not quite as terrible as TNG Season 1, was certainly as brain damaging. In the end, the episode is saved by some fancy effects and some uncharacteristic good acting from...bizarrely...everybody. The writing is decent (from B&B...odd...), and somehow, the episode turns out to be a decent watch. Not a masterpiece, but far superior to the normal Voyager fare.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 4
Review : This episode gets 2 stars for its accurate (as far as possible given the actors are older) recreation of season 1, plus another 2 stars for the acting. I have seen this a couple of times and while this is a real mutilation of Kes's character, the effects for the havoc wreaked inside Voyager are excellent and I generally find this to be one of the better efforts in the show's run. A single star is extremely harsh and I'm not sure how this episode deserves such a poor score.
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