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Balance of Terror

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Title : Balance of Terror Rating : 5
First Aired : 15 Dec 1966 Stardate : 1709.2
Director : Vincent McEveety Year : 2266
Writers : Paul Schneider Season : 1
Rating : 3.6667 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : This was great! I am a big fan of submarine films, and a space version of "The Enemy Below" was definitely worth seeing. I'm not sure if the cloaking device (which was not named as such for two years) was a new concept in its technological form, but an enemy that can become invisible at will is clearly not. Still, it was great to see how Kirk turned the device to his advantage, detecting the Romulan weaknesses and using them. Making the Romulans look exactly like Vulcans was a curious decision, and opened up all sorts of possibilities. Stiles was a strange character to put in, although his attitude to Spock makes some sense given his first view of the Romulans, but I suspect he was put in to make the regulars look like better people. The remastered version was certainly faithful to the original, and the few new shots fitted in perfectly. Perhaps the only real fault is that it is too close to "The Enemy Below", but I'll let them off that. A great hour of television.
Reviewer : flametail Rating : 1
Review : so cheezy! every time someone scratches their nose you get an instumental "dum-dum-duh"
Reviewer : Michael Anthony Estes Rating : 5
Review : I have to honestly say, being born in the 1990s I was subjected to LOTS of .... well let's say crap (sex, violence and all that). Still, there is a saying, "you can't beat the classics." This episode 1. IS the reason for that saying and 2. is no exception. I especially LOVE how the Enterprise, despite supposedly being "weaker" as far as torpedo firepower, STILL overwhelmed the Romulan Bird of Prey, being stronger overall than the latter vessel belonging to the enemy. I even found myself LITERALLY RANDOMLY just saying to myself, "Hmmm I think I'll watch this episode today." This episode was THAT good! 5 out of 5! ^_^ ^_^
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