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Chain of Command, Part 2

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Title : Chain of Command, Part 2 Rating : 5
First Aired : 21 Dec 1992 Stardate : 46360.8
Director : Les Landau Year : 2369
Writers : Frank Abatemarco Season : 6
Rating : 4.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 4
Review : This was genuinely chilling. Patrick Stewart put in one of his best ever performances, balanced ably by David Warner. The 'four lights' elements must have come from "Nineteen-eighty-four", and I think George Orwell based it on something the Gestapo used to do. The bit I really remember was Picard getting under Madred's skin, fighting back in the only why he can. Jellico continues with his Captain Bligh attitude in the B-story, but succeeds in saving the day in the end. Still, he has just been transferred from a 70-year-old cruiser to the Federation flagship, so it may have gone to his head early on. I tried not to imagine what Picard was going through when we could not see him, but it kept coming back. Genuinely chilling.
Reviewer : bostonian Rating : 5
Review : One of the darkest and most thought-provoking episodes that TNG has to offer. As strong as Picard is, the audience actually gets the sense that he may have met his match in his interrogator and that he may not come out alive. Explosive climax and conclusion as well. The only thing worth complaining about is that the YATI for this episode is a bit silly: In several totalitarian regimes *ON EARTH*, we have ample evidence of the very young people already being corralled and indoctrinated by the government. The Young Pioneers from the Soviet Union, the Red Guards of communist China. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that the young daughter would already have been involved with the military, particularly since her father is a "gul".
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