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ST-XI Crew Manifest

Senior Staff

Name Description
James T. Kirk [1] Kirk's career as a cadet was equally turbulent. Perhaps most notably, he reacted badly to his failure to win the Kobayashi Maru simulated mission scenario devised by Commander Spock. The mission involved placing Command cadets in a position in which it was impossible to win as a way to assess their reaction to fear and defeat. Kirk retook the test a second time, refusing to admit that he could not defeat the test. After his second failure he took the test a third time, this time cheating by reprogramming the simulation to remove the shielding from the Klingon warships in the simulation. Having thus destroyed them with ease, Kirk rescued the Kobayashi Maru passengers and crew successfully, becoming the only cadet in Starfleet history to beat the no win scenario. [1]

Kirk's actions were challenged by Commander Spock, who accused him of violating the Starfleet code of ethics by cheating. In his defence Kirk challenged that it was the test itself which was a cheat since in reality there is no such thing as an unwinnable situation. Before the Academy hearing panel could rule on the case an emergency situation arose which ended the hearing, leaving Kirk's fate in limbo. [1]

Unwilling to wait behind whilst the cadets responded to the emergency, Kirk made it on board the Enterprise with Dr. McCoy's help. He was instrumental in responding to and successfully resolving the crisis posed by the temporal incursion by Nero and the Romulan mining vessel Narada, in the process finding himself in temporary command of the Enterprise. Kirk's heroic actions during the crisis met with the approval of the Academy, and he was cleared of wrongdoing in the Kobayashi Maru test, given an official commendation, and promoted to permanent captain of the USS Enterprise straight out of the academy. [1]
Spock [1] In Starfleet Spock rose to the rank of Commander by 2258, and served at Starfleet Academy in that year. He devised the infamous Kobayashi Maru scenario, in which a cadet is required to rescue a civilian vessel which has been disabled in the Klingon Neutral Zone; during the rescue the ship is attacked and destroyed by an overwhelming force of Klingon warships. When Cadet Kirk became the first person to defeat the test, by reprogramming the simulation to turn off the Klingon vessel's shields, Spock lodged a formal complaint against Kirk. The hearing against Kirk was interrupted by the crisis prompted by Nero's incursion into the timeline and his attack on Vulcan. [1]

As the bulk of Starfleet was engaged elsewhere, Spock was assigned to the Enterprise under Captain Pike. Pike placed him in command of the ship when he was forced to surrender himself to Nero. Spock's command of the ship was brief; after Nero destroyed Vulcan Spock chose to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet to plan an attack against the Narada, much to Kirk's displeasure. Kirk favoured chasing the Narada directly, a path Spock saw as illogical. When Kirk resisted the plan Spock had him thrown off the ship, dumping him on the planet Delta Vega. Kirk managed to return to the Enterprise via a transwarp beaming technique. Kirk confronted Spock over the destruction of Vulcan and the death of his mother, provoking him into an emotional outburst in which he attacked and almost killed Kirk. Realising that the destruction of his home planet had left him emotionally compromised, Spock resigned his command of the Enterprise and handed it over to Kirk. [1]

He continued to serve on the ship, and was instrumental in ultimately stopping Nero; Spock and Kirk beamed to the Narada as it attacked Earth, allowing Spock to steal the research vessel Jellyfish along with its supply of red matter. Spock used the Jellyfish to destroy Nero's drill and lure him away from the planet, where he turned to ram. Beamed out at the last moment by the Enterprise, Spock's action caused the red matter aboard the Jellyfish to ignite within the Narada, creating a black hole. When Kirk offered assistance to Nero, reasoning that it was logical to offer compassion, Spock mildly disagreed with his Captain. Nero refused the offer in any case, and Kirk had the Enterprise destroy the Narada. [1]

When Kirk was placed in permanent command of the Enterprise in recognition for his actions in saving Earth, Spock offered his services as first officer. Kirk gratefully accepted. [1]
Leonard McCoy [1] McCoy was a Cadet at the academy from 2355 to 2358. He was a member of Kirk's crew during the Kobayashi Maru simulation, and was astonished when Kirk repeatedly took the test until finally beating it. When Kirk was placed on academic suspension for his cheating in the test, McCoy injected him with a vaccine so that he could take him aboard the Enterprise as a patient during the Nero crisis. [1]

When the chief medical officer, Doctor Puri, was killed during Nero's attack on the Enterprise at Vulcan, McCoy inherited the role. He continued to function in this capacity after graduation when James Kirk assumed command of the ship. [1]
Nyota Uhura [1] Uhura was a starfleet Cadet in 2255 when she encountered the young James T. Kirk in a bar near the Starfleet shipyards in Iowa. She resisted Kirk's amorous advances, leading to a bar fight when some other cadets came to her aid. [1]

Uhura was one of the Academy's top students, with an exceptional aural sensitivity and "an unparalleled ability to identify sonic anomalies in subspace transmission tests." She specialised in xenolinguistics, and was proficient in all three major Romulan dialects. [1]

Uhura was part of the crew who took the Kobayashi Maru test with Kirk for the third time, and was duly surprised when he defeated the "no win" scenario. [1]

In 2258 Uhura detected a distress call from Klingon space stating that 47 Klingon vessels had been destroyed by a single massive Romulan ship. When the Nero crisis arose shortly afterwards Kirk used this information to predict that the natural disaster apparently overtaking Vulcan was in fact a Romulan attack. Uhura was assigned to the USS Farragut by Commander Spock, but complained that her performance at the academy merited her assignment to the USS Enterprise. Spock agreed and Uhura served on the ship throughout the crisis. [1]

On the Enterprise Captain Pike had Uhura relieve his communications officer due to her superior language skills. She remained in the post throughout the crisis, and became Captain Kirk's chief communications officer when he subsequently assumed command. [1]
Hikaru Sulu [1] A Starfleet officer in the 23rd century, Sulu served as a helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise when the ship was assigned to respond to the crisis caused by Nero. He replaced Helmsman McKenna, who was ill. When the ship launched for Vulcan Sulu was temporarily embarrassed when he forgot to disengage the external inertial dampener, disabling the warp engines. After being reminded by Spock, Sulu was able to launch the ship successfully. Ironically, the short delay in arriving at Vulcan meant that the Enterprise avoided the battle between the Narada and the rest of the fleet, quite possibly saving the ship. [1]

Sulu was one of the three officers who space-dived onto the Narada's drilling rig head to disable it. He singlehandedly killed both of the Romulans manning the drill, saving Kirk's life in the process. Kirk returned the favour when Sulu fell from the drill head as it retracted, diving off after him for a mid-air rendezvous. [1]
Christopher Pike [1] A Starfleet officer, Pike served during the 23rd century. In the Kelvin timeline, Pike was assigned to write a dissertation about the USS Kelvin. He came to admire the "leap without looking" attitude of George Kirk, the officer who took command of the ship during its final minutes. Pike regretted that Starfleet had, in his opinion, lost this trait amongst its commanders. In 2255 Pike encountered the 22 year old James Kirk in a bar near the Riverside shipyard. He encouraged Kirk to enlist in Starfleet, which he did. [1]

In 2258 Pike was the Captain of the Federation's new flagship, the USS Enterprise, for her maiden voyage. Her first mission was to rush to Vulcan, which was apparently experiencing a natural disaster. Cadet Kirk managed to convince Pike that the planet was in fact being attacked by Nero; despite the warning the ship was quickly incapacitated on arrival, and Nero demanded that Pike surrender himself. Pike placed Spock in command of the ship and appointed Kirk as first officer before dispatching some officers to sabotage the Narada's drilling rig as he surrendered himself. Despite his actions Nero succeeded in destroying Vulcan and escaping with Pike on board. [1]

Nero subsequently tortured Pike for the access codes and frequencies for Earth's defence systems. Pike resisted, prompting Nero to use a Centurian Slug on him. Nero was subsequently rescued by James Kirk in a daring mission aboard the Narada, and beamed back to the Enterprise. [1]

When Kirk graduated from Starfleet academy he was appointed as Captain of the Enterprise, relieving Pike, who had been promoted to Admiral. [1]
Pavel Chekov [1] Born in 2241, Pavel Andreievich Chekov was an officer in Starfleet during the mid 23rd century. Regarded as a "whizz kid" by Captain Pike, he was a serving officer aboard the USS Enterprise during her maiden voyage in 2258. A native Russian, Chekov spoke with a strong ethnic accent which the Enterprise computer found difficult to understand at times. Chekov's reputation for brilliance was well founded; at Vulcan he was able to lock the transporter onto James Kirk and Hikaru Sulu and beam them up even though they were in a free fall with no parachute, something the transporter operators were unable to do. He remained at the transporter to beam the Vulcan elders up a few minutes later, though he was unable to get a lock on Spock's mother Amanda when the ground beneath her collapsed. [1]

Chekov was subsequently able to calculate a way for the Enterprise to avoid detection by Nero by bringing the ship out of warp within the atmosphere of Saturn's moon, Titan, where the magnetic field of the rings blinded Nero's sensors. The ship was then able to beam Kirk and Spock on to the Narada to foil Nero's plan to destroy Earth. [1]

Chekov continued to serve aboard the Enterprise for the following year. When Chief Engineer Scott resigned his post in protest at Captain Kirk's decision to allow a payload of advanced torpedoes to be brought aboard the ship, Chekov took over from him. He was able to repair the ship's warp drive after it mysteriously malfunctioned, stranding the Enterprise at the edge of Klingon space. He relinquished the Chief Engineer role to Scotty after the crisis was resolved. [2]
Scotty [1] Montgomery Scott was a Starfleet officer and engineer during the mid 23rd century. Scotty was a brilliant but somewhat unorthodox Engineer. When one of his instructors claimed that the range of transporter systems was limited to a hundred miles or so, Scotty claimed that his theory of transwarp beaming would allow people to beam from planet to planet. He tested his theory on Admiral Archer's prize beagle. Unfortunately, the animal vanished without trace. Scotty was subsequently posted to an outpose on Delta Vega with his assistant, Keenser - a posting he regarded as an ongoing punishment for the apparent death of the beagle. [1]

After six months on the planet he encountered James Kirk and the elder Spock. Spock showed him the equations for an advanced form of transwarp beaming, which Scotty used to beam Kirk and himself across interstellar distances back onto the Enterprise despite the ship being at warp - a feat he compared to hitting a bullet in flight with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold and riding a horse. The attempt was largely successful, though Scotty himself appeared inside a tank of water and almost drowned. [1]

Scotty remained on the ship, replacing the Chief Engineer who had been killed attacking Nero's drilling rig head earlier. He carried out another transwarp beaming, transporting Spock and Kirk from Saturn onto the Narada, a distance of well over one billion kilometres. He then beamed both Kirk, Spock and Pike back to the Enterprise, commenting that it was the first time he had ever simultaneously beamed three people from two targets onto one pad. When the Enterprise was caught in the pull of the black hole created by Spock's ramming of the Narada, Scotty suggested jettisoning the ship's power cores and detonating them so that the blast wave would throw the ship clear, which it did. After his promotion to captain of the Enterprise, Kirk kept Scotty on as Chief Engineer. [1]
Sarek [1] A Vulcan, Sarek served as ambassador to Earth in the 2250s. Unusually for a Vulcan he married a Human woman, Amanda. Sarek would later claim to his son, Spock, that he married Amanda to assist him in his Ambassadorial duty of observing and understanding Human behaviour. Spock experienced a great deal of bullying and discrimination as a result of his mixed parentage; at school his fellow students conducted "research" into his ability to suppress his emotions by taunting and insulting him daily, attempting to elicit an emotional responds. [1]

Sarek was a member of the Vulcan Science Academy, and served on the panel which judged his son Spock ready for admission. When the panel leader commented that Spock had done well to succeed despite the handicap of a Human mother, Spock frostily withdrew his application, to Sarek's displeasure. [1]

As a Vulcan elder in the 2250s Sarek was one of those charged with preserving the essence of the Vulcan culture. When Nero attacked the planet in 2258 Spock managed to rescue several of the Vulcan elders, though Amanda was lost during the attempt. Sarek would later remind Spock of his claim to have married her out of logic before adding that he had actually married her because he loved her. [1]


Name Description
0718 [2] A member of the Enterprise crew in the Kelvin timeline, 0718 was a science officer who served on the bridge. [2]
Hannity [1] In the Kelvin timeline, Hannity was a communications officer on the bridge. She reported to Captain Pike that they were unable to establish outside communications as the ship approached Vulcan. [1]
G. P. Hendorff [3] A Starfleet cadet in the Kelvin timeline. Hendorff was in a bar with other Cadets in 2255 when James Kirk made a pass at Cadet Uhura; he took exception, leading to Kirk to dub him "Cupcake". This led to a fight between Kirk, Hendorff and other cadets which was broken up by Captain Pike. Cupcake was displeased to see Kirk reporting to join Starfleet the next day. In 2258 Hendorff was serving as a security officer aboard the Enterprise when Kirk and Scotty used transwarp beaming to come aboard. He captured the pair, sarcastically calling Kirk "Cupcake" in payback for the earlier insult. [1]

In 2259, Hendorff was one of the security officers Captain Kirk took with him to the Klingon home world to capture John Harrison. Hendorff wore civilian clothing for the mission rather than his red security uniform. He thus survived. [2]
Jae [4] A member of the Enterprise crew, Jae was serving aboard the ship in 2263 when it was destroyed by forces under the control of Krall. Jae survived the attack and was taken prisoner by Krall and his crew. He was eventually rescued by Kirk and Scotty before returning to Starbase Yorktown on the USS Franklin [4]
Jeanine [4] A member of the Enterprise crew, Jeanine was serving aboard the ship in 2263 when it was destroyed by forces under the control of Krall. Jeanine survived the attack and was taken prisoner by Krall and his crew. She was eventually rescued by Kirk and Scotty before returning to Starbase Yorktown on the USS Franklin [4]
Carol Marcus [2] The daughter of Starfleet Admiral Marcus, Carol Marcus was a physicist and advanced weapons specialist. She was used to having her father's full confidence and worked with him on all of his weapons development projects - until the advanced long range photon torpedo, which he kept from her. Puzzled and suspicious of this, Dr. Marcus boarded the USS Enterprise alongside the weapons to investigate, pretending to have been assigned to deliver them to the ship. She tried to forestall Admiral Marcus's attack on the ship in the powerful USS Vengeance, but he simply beamed her off the bridge and continued his attack.

Dr. Marcus was beamed back to the Enterprise by Khan, and survived the subsequent events. She joined the crew of the Enterprise for their historic five year mission the following year. [2]
Sir Olden [4] Sir Olden was a crew member of the USS Enterprise in 2263 when it was destroyed above the planet Altimid. He was captured and taken prisoner on the planet. He was later rescued by Bones and Spock and beamed aboard the USS Franklin [4]
Olson [1] An engineer aboard the Nero timeline NCC 1701, Olson was one of the officers chosen by Captain Pike to attack and disable Nero's drill as it drilled into Vulcan. He was eager to take on the Romulans, and in his enthusiasm to reach the drill platform by space jumping he left opening his chute until the last possible moment. As a result he impacted hard on the drill head, bounced across the surface, fell over the edge and was vapourised by the drilling beam. [1]
Satine [4] Satine was a crew member of the USS Enterprise in 2263 when it was destroyed above the planet Altimid. She was captured and taken prisoner on the planet. She was later rescued by Bones and Spock and beamed aboard the USS Franklin [4]
Ensign Syl [4] A member of the Enterprise crew, Ensign Syl was serving aboard the ship in 2263 when it was destroyed by forces under the control of Krall. Syl survived the attack, and was given the ancient Abronath weapon by Captain Kirk for safekeeping. She hid the device inside her head, where it remained until Krall threatened to kill Lieutenant Sulu. She surrendered the device in return for Sulu's life, and was subsequently murdered with it by Krall. [4]
Tyvanna [4] A member of the Enterprise crew, Tyvanna was serving aboard the ship in 2263 when it was destroyed by forces under the control of Krall. Tyvanna survived the attack and was taken prisoner by Krall and his crew. She was eventually rescued by Kirk and Scotty before returning to Starbase Yorktown on the USS Franklin [4]
Wadjet [4] A member of the Enterprise crew, Wadjet was serving aboard the ship in 2263 when it was destroyed by forces under the control of Krall. Wadjet survived the attack and was taken prisoner by Krall and his crew. He was eventually rescued by Kirk and Scotty before returning to Starbase Yorktown on the USS Franklin [4]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek XI
2 Star Trek Into Darkness
3 Star Trek Comic Book series
4 Star Trek Beyond
Film: Star Trek XI
Film: Star Trek Into Darkness
Source : Star Trek Comic Book series
Film: Star Trek Beyond

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