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The Neti pot: disgusting now, disgusting in the future.
"I say, I say, I say. My dog's got no nose."
"How does he smell?"
"He doesn't, he's a skeleton."
Starfleet Academy Cadet Health Education Class, Slide #1:
The importance of Hand Hygiene
Mud facial...
Fancy hairdo...
Tooth whitening treatment...

Just another day at a luxury spa in the Poconos.
I REALLY don't want to know what she did with the rest of the digger skeleton.
(offscreen) "Down in one! Down In One! DOWN IN ONE!"
What you can't see is that the rest of the skeleton has already been swallowed.
"What a bonehead"
Lord of the Flies, Star Trek version.
May not exactly taste like Chateau Picard, but it's better than nothing!
"Hey, are you drinking my digger brain tea!?"
"Talk about getting boned."
You guys think accordions and bagpipes are annoying? Wait 'til you hear "The Digger Skull Orchestra of Terra Nova".
Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside ... IT'S AN ARMADILLO!
Early Bosun's whistles were just skulls of small animals. Crude but effective.
Crunchy on the outside with a chewy nougat-y center.
Duck Dynasty: The Next Generation
HEY, everyone is discussing the skull... and nobody mentions the creepy 3d printed vest?
This Eurovision Song Contest entry has nul points written all over it.
Don't Inhale!
Many fans hated "Fate of the Heart" being the intro music for Enterprise - but hardly anyone knows that there was an alternate song that would have been even worse!
One more McGuffin that JJ Abrams will throw away and expect us to forget about every plot hole it creates.
Primitive plot device.
Female Klaxon: “AH-OOH-GA… AH-OOH-GA…”
The feared Chupacabra.
(Kirk, offscreen) "Sulu, when I said 'Get Bones', I meant get the doctor!"
Them bones, them bones, them dry bones!

Skin of Evil?
It appears this person knows how to clean bones, but not this image.
A mouth on a piece of bone… I will stop there.
That Starfleet-themed cargo cult even copied the boat whistle!
To whistle, put the skull to your lips and blow.
Decorative items vary based on culture preferences and history.
The inventor of the Whoopee Cushion went through several iterations before perfecting the final design.
The first horn for Helm’s Deep left much to be desired.
Mom: "MORG!!! DINNER TIME!!! Put down that digger skull and wash your face and hands.
WHAT DID YOU GET YOURSELF INTO??!! You were clean when you went outside. You just wait until your father gets home... He's going to have a fit!"
The props department and a tube of super glue take revenge on an actor who dared to complain about their makeup & costume.
"Doctor! Doctor! There's something wrong with my tongue!"
The Star Trek low budget version of the Aliens ovipositor.
"I don't like tooting my own horn - however, tooting my own skull is perfectly fine!"
This is how they alerted people lunch was ready. Crude but, effective.
Why the Gorn attack humans..
Faith of the Heart versus Taste of the Skull
A moment on the lips,
A lifetime on the hips.
Her mother told her that if she 'didn't stop doing that' her face would stay like that.
She was warned.
Corgis - Always in good taste.
"And we'll be saying a big hello to all intelligent life forms everywhere. And to everyone else out there, the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys!"
The first attempt at a toothpick wasn't quite right.
I confess I have no idea where this pictures comes from. All I hope is that, whatever this guy is doing, it doesn't turn out to be some boneheaded idea.
Is that me?
In his later years, Crusty the Clown had to resort to working kiddie birthday parties.
Don't take too large sips when you're doing a drinking game watching a Star Trek episode - you might get drunk way too fast!
Guy: “The things I’ve got to do for $11.00…”
After many attempts, he had no choice but to concede that duck calls never sound fierce.
Archer: “Whoa… Transporter accident?”
Trip: “Transporter accident.”
Fraternity Brothers [offscreen]: “DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK…”
And you thought the recorder recital at primary school sounded bad!
Sucking the brains out of a skull can have bad effects on ones completion !!
"The more difficult the task, the sweeter the victory. For example, I shall now carefully prepare this skull for full insertion into..."
Director: "CUT! CUT! CUT!"
The Neti pot: disgusting now, disgusting in the future.
And that’s why I never play “Truth or Dare.”
Hannibal Lector, in spaaaaaaaace…..
"Mmmmm. Crunchy."
♪"A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go dooowwn
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way"♪
"Playing the bones"
Del Taco presents: the Hueso Grande Supreme! Tired of food passing gently through your esophogus? Our Hueso Grande Deluxe will maximize total digestive system damage, one tangy, crunchy bite by one! Try one today!
When bongs are outlawed …
TikTok challenges…IN SPAAAAAAAAACE!
Hopefully she'll be able to pull the rest of it out.
“Break my bone and I’ll break yours. Break my heart and I’ll drink from your skull.”
And always remember etiquette: your pinky must remain raised when drinking from the skull of your vanquished enemy.
(offscreen) "No! Suppositories go in the OTHER end!"
When the wardrobe & makeup budgets run low, it is the extras who get the hit.
Not exactly the best concert ever - but hey, admission was for free!
"Neelix, what have you been cooking?"
When "Doin' the Dew" is not enough, there is always "Slammin' the Skull".
When puppies are young, they’re just learning. No matter how “naughty” a puppy is, we don’t treat them like this.
Director: "Cut... MAKEUP!!!"
If there were ever a need for a loofah treatment, here we see it...
Not like THAT, Darleen!
Don’t kink shame!
I never understood the appeal of those novelty mugs...
"Where did you dig up this fossil?"
"I like big bones and I cannot lie!"
The press release of the iPhone model 2437.
The on-set catering for the extras was pretty basic.
Skull Candy
Every one of Kirk’s exes say that they will drink from his skull. This person demonstrated how. Kirk could not be reached for comment.
"No comment."
Mick Jagger: "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name,"
This guy: WOOT WOOT
Mick Jagger: "But what's puzzling you is the nature of my game."
This guy: WOOT WOOT
Ocarina of Time fans appear in many cultures.
"Diggers! They're great for everything! Digger meat for breakfast... Digger skulls for musical instruments... Digger shells for water skis! Well... we really don't have much use for water skis, but when the rains come, WE'LL BE READY!"
"Here's mud in your eye" is taken more seriously in some cultures.
Damn, that's a BIG spliff!
"Hello Computer!"
Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey, Hey
Good Bye


‘Keep it fairly clean,’ they say. Then we get this image.
We should be glad that we are unable to see what this person is doing with their tongue.
The Azteks used the Death Whistle to strike fear into their enemies. The loud shrieking sound could intimidate and confuse rivals. It was an important weapon of psychological warfare. Here, we see a warrior drinking soup from one.
Folgers early jingle: The best part of waking up, is animal skull in your mouth.
An early prototype of the saying "putting your foot in your mouth"
Subway found that the "skull long" sub didn't really catch on. Then they went on to "foot long" ...
Foot long subs have come a long way since then ...
Prior to discovering snails and frogs legs, the early French considered poodle brains a delicacy.
The Grateful Dead tour in 2151 brings new meaning to the term "Dead Heads".
"This kazoo you gave me doesn't work."
"I said gazelle - not kazoo. Stop what you're doing."
That's the problem with the world today. Not enough people drink mead from skulls anymore.
Boy, middle age sure hit Peter Pan like a ton of bricks.
I’ve heard that all the world’s problems could be solved if people just returned to the custom of drinking from the skulls of their enemies.
I’ve heard that all the world’s problems could be solved if people just returned to the custom of drinking from the skulls of their enemies.
I just can’t believe that her mortal enemy is a rodent.
Alien Zombies…
“Brains… brains”
Sneaking booze onto cruises required more and more intricate efforts.
Fun fact, the skull is all the remains of Kirk’s ego. He said the wrong thing to this person.
Every germ-aphobe gags when viewing this image. Use it to test your friends!
Teething tools have come a long way through history.
One wonders what is going on in this image. My brain is in the gutter right now.
Prior to switching to the flugelhorn, Chuck Mangione spent years mastering the ferret skull.
Inga: “Werewolf.”
Freddy: “Werewolf?”
Igor: “There.”
Freddy: “What?”
Igor: “There wolf. There castle.”
Every time Archer gets beat up, everyone drinks!
The latest college craze:


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