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Title : A Time to Die
Writers : John Vornholt
Year : 2004
Rating : 0.0000 for 3 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Michael Rating : 0
Review : In my review for 'A Time To be Born' I said that John Vornholt was not writing at his best, the storyline was somewhat weak (despite an intriguing setup). I didn't possibly think it could get any worse. I was horribly, horribly wrong. 'A Time To Die' makes 'A Time to be Born' look superb. The writing is even weaker and far to much time is spent focusing on the character of Wesly Crusher, who is waging some sort of uninteresting fight between the human side of him and the side that is still connected to the Travellers. On top of that, there are plot inconsistencies galore, and many of the characters are again completly different to how they are in TNG. Avoid this book, its poison to your brain...
Reviewer : Bryan Moore Rating : 0
Review : I love Star Trek, I love the books, I love just about everything about it: So with Michaels harsh review of this book, I had to admit I went into this book trying to prove him wrong. Instead, I gave up after 60 pages and tossed the book out the window of my Toyota Camry some place around Portsmouth, New Hampshire on I-95. Vornholt's writing style was uninteresting, rambling, and entirely NOT consistent with the Trek backstory. TOO MUCH WESLEY, and as Michael said, the characters were not themselves. None of the dialogue was believeable to the characters, especially the cold and rather annoying portrayal of Riker. Moreover, the first few dozen pages of this book were so wrapped up in technobabble, unreasonable plotlines, and goings on that took the well-grounded, feasibly based science-fiction of Trek and turned it into a fantasy world of flying Wesley Crusher and magical visits to far off places. By far the worst Trek book I have ever read.
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 0
Review : Flee, flee for life! Run from the book! Do not pick it up!
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