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Title : Resistance
Writers : J.M. Dillard
Year : 2007
Rating : 2.2500 for 4 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Sean Rating : 4
Review : I read the second book first and it was crap, so I didn't expect much for this one... I just wanted to read the beginning of the story 'cause it was a nice idea. I was pleasantly surprised though, it was an excellent book and a real page turner, couldn't put it down. Story is quite good and the new TNG characters are pretty cool, and the whole thing with the Borg is interesting.
Reviewer : Miguel Tomma Rating : 1
Review : I didnt like this wook. I dont knew why, but this type of Books are traying to show as Picard as a 3rth class capitan and Jeanway as the god Admiral. Picard its the commander of the Flag ship of the Star Fleet, if he said that the Borg are out there, the Star Fleet its going to send a hole fleet to help the Enterprise. Picard its not going to allaow that a "new" admiral like Jeanway put in denger the hole Federation. Then, on the book, they show as a Capitan Picard, that was save by his crew, and getting flame by Jeanway. This wrinters of e-books should see more TNG, its ok that show as a Picard that can faild, but they only show to us that in the last 10 books. Looks like they just hate Picard.. Hell.. they not even fallow the trek cannon!! Some one should tell them that commander madden its the 1st officer now!! For god sake!! So, if are TNG fan, dont waste a single dollar of your money on this book. Sorry for bad english.
Reviewer : drakkillus Rating : 2
Review : Nice try, but the characters fall flat and the intended malice of the antagonists (borg) ends up crap.
Reviewer : Voiager Rating : 2
Review : Frankly, I didn't like this book. It is possible that my expectations were too high, because I'd read the Destiny trilogy just before Resistance. The main problem with is book is, that you get the impression that the whole Star Trek Universe consist of the Enterprise, and the Borg cube. And that the Enterprise has a crew complement of less than 10 officers - the senior staff. Because of this, the whole novel is 'introverted'. From a point, it's like a duet between Picard and the Borg queen. The plot is rather simple, you can anticipate the end of the story quite early. The characters are mostly flat, except Worf perhaps. Personally, I found the inner struggle of Picard a bit unrealistic, and hard to believe. On the other novel has some good features. The two new TNG characters Lio and Sara are well formed. Their relationship is one of the best features of this book. I also liked Worf's problems over becoming a first officer. The final confrontation at the end of the story is well written, and is both exciting and realisitic. In conclusion Resistance from J.M. Dillard has a mediocre story, mostly boring characters, but the final 50-60 pages are reasonably good.
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