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What's new - May 2017

26 May 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "Jason Isaacs has been cast as the Captain of the USS Discovery. What say you?" and you voted for "He’s pretty good." with a winning score of 26 out of 69 votes (37.7%).

25 May 2017

Section Update
Site layout The conversion to HTML5 is now complete. I've taken the opportunity to tidy up a lot of the code for the site and make it more standards compliant. For example the Starship Service History page should now look perfect on any standards compliant web browser. Previously, it was a horrible font size specific fiddle that would work on some browsers and not others. If it doesn't look right try setting your browser to default size text as we have found the Chrome's zoom in feature breaks this page. Note to Chrome, fix your web browser.

Another benefit of the change over is the Image page repair that I detailed earlier. This would not be possible without the HTML5 conversion. As always if you notice a problem please let us know using the Email Author link at the top of the screen.

22 May 2017

Section Update
Image pages We have fixed a long standing issue with our image pages. For example the Ships images and Internals pages. Previously if you visited these pages and then navigated to one of the later images, hitting reload would return you to the first image. Equally, clicking the back button would take you away from the Images page, rather than to the image you saw last. This is now fixed and reloading the page and using the back and forward buttons works as expected.

20 May 2017

Section Update
Miranda Class The sizecomp image for our TOS version of the Miranda class has been replaced. I've been trying to make a Miranda class model for ages, but it's always eluded me. I finally got one that looks half-decent! Enjoy.

12 May 2017

Section Update
Vanguard The process of adding datapoints fromt he Vanguard novels continues. For example we now have personnel entries on more than one hundred characters from the first novel alone! Bear in mind this is a work in progress, so there is still plenty of detail to add to these entries as I work my way slowly through the books.

9 May 2017

Section Update
Site layout The site layout is currently undergoing migration to HTML5. Because of this you may occasionally find that pages don't look right. Hitting the reload button should resolve the problem. We will post more news when the migration is complete.

1 May 2017

Section Update
Poll We asked "Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast as the lead actress in Discovery. What say you?" and you voted for "She’s pretty good." with a winning score of 44 out of 102 votes (43.1%).
Caption Comp Congratulations to Horta not Vorta winner of last months caption competition.

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