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What's new - Jun 2012


29 Jun 2012

We've greatly improved how the standard site looks on an iPad, or should that be iPadd :) It's no longer all squashed up and now fits the screen.

26 Jun 2012

Tool tip references
We've fixed a little bug which caused the reference tool tips to show off the screen. The now appear below the text as they should.
Printable pages
We've now modified the main site so that you can print the pages and not include the top and left menus in the output. We've also adjusted the colours when printed so that they're more legible when printed on white paper. Items that make no sense when printed, such as coloured links, buttons etc will not be included in the printout. The system works for printing to PDF and to real printers.

24 Jun 2012

We've restored the visitor counter for day, month and year to working order. It was broken when we switched from the frames layout.

23 Jun 2012

Service History
The year scales on the service history page have been fixed. They used to wrap onto a second line.

22 Jun 2012

iPhone Reader
We've adjusted our pages with tables to work with the iPhone Reader capability.

21 Jun 2012

Mobile site
We've made some changes to the mobile site to make it work better.
  1. We've added a new button to the top and bottom of each sub-menu. Tapping it returns you to the main menu.
  2. We've added two button to each page, the first returns you to the home page. The second to the last sub-menu you have used.
  3. We've stopped the header of a page being fixed at the top of the screen. First, this helps on a small screen. It also solves a problem when you zoom the page on an iPhone. Previously, it would jumble up the buttons when zoomed, now it will zoom the header along with the rest of the document.
Just one more tip for iPhone users. You can scroll a document to the top of the document by simply tapping on the grey status bar at the top of the screen (where the clock and signal strength etc is shown).

20 Jun 2012

Slight tweak
A slight tweak to the way the site works; after our recent update, clicking on one of the lists on the left brought up a page, but also reset the list to the top. Now you can click a list item and it will just load the page, leaving the list scrolled down to wherever it was.

19 Jun 2012

Mobile site main menu
We've changed the link for the 'Other people' to point to the correct list, rather than the personnel one.
Mobile site
Fixed an issue that prevented the mobile site from scrolling with inertia (continuing to scroll slowly to a half, if you flicked the page upwards or downwards).
Cap Comp Honour Role
We've trimmed the caption comp honour role to only include those who have had a win, rather than anyone with a special mention. Sorry if that takes you off the list but it was getting too long.

15 Jun 2012

RSS News Feed
I've fixed the problems with the RSS News feed, it is working again.
Home page icon
We've also added a home page icon for iOS devices and any other mobiles that support that standard.

12 Jun 2012

Cast list
We've updated the cast list today. You can now filter the list to show actors or roles starting with a given letter.

11 Jun 2012

Ship size charts
We've fixed on issue with the ships size comp page that could cause the tool tips to show off the screen.

9 Jun 2012

New site
Well we have a new era here at the DITL, what you are looking at is a new version of the site. This version is frameless, which means all the content you are seeing is in one 'window', rather than one for the list, top strip, corner buttons and document body. This new system has a few advantages, first it's more browser friendly than the old system. Secondly, you can now bookmark a page and when you return you are taken back to where you where. It also means that you can print a document quickly and easily.

We've also taken the time to make a few other refinements. Pages like the Additional Ships, Stations, People have been simplified to a gallery format. Clicking the image for an entry takes you to a page for that individual item. The same applies to ship and station internals. Equally, the Season page in the review section has again been simplified to make it snappier.

There's a little more work to do on it but it's completely workable now. I'm also working on improvements to the mobile site. More news as it comes.

1 Jun 2012

We asked "The TNG episode "The High Ground" controversially mentioned the reunification of Ireland as an example of successful terrorism. Was this a reasonable thing for the writers to do?" and you voted for "Yes, completely reasonable." with a winning score of 144 out of 215 votes (67.0%).
Caption Comp
Congratulations to Bird of Prey winner of last months caption competition.

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