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What's new - Feb 2009


22 Feb 2009

We are adding a new feature to our episode reviews; you now have the ability to go to an episode and enter your own review and score for the episode. Simply go to an episode as you normally - for instance by doing a search for the title or clicking "Reviews" above and working through the menus - and then go down to "Guest Reviews" under my own Analysis and click "Add your own review". We hope You'll make lots of use of this feature and have some fun with it. Please do be aware, though, that no review is allowed if is violates the site rules regarding obscene content. I can't imagine episode reviews veering much into that territory, but reviews which contain swear words, racist views, etc, will be deleted.
By a narrow margin, Beverly Crusher won the best doctor poll. So now the reverse - who is the Doctor you would leas want treating you?
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Bryan Moore for winning another one on last week's caption competition!

And whilst we're on the subject, it's come to my attention that the previous winner, David Salberg, is what is probably our first second generation caption competition winner - his father, HJSalberg, having scored two wins and five honourable mentions of his own. Well don to the Salberg family for this coup!

This week, a picture from Voyager's "Cold Fire".

15 Feb 2009

Star Trek V : The Final Frontier was the unsurprising winner of the worst musical score poll. This week we're asking which of the various CMOs we've seen over the years would you most want treating you?
Caption Competition
Congratulations to David Salberg, winner of last week's competition. This week, an image from DS9's "Playing God".

8 Feb 2009

Quiz/Poll etc
The 'Radio buttons' on the Poll, Quiz and Sudden Death pages have been changed to blue as they should always have been.
You thought First Contact had the best musical score... so this week of course we ask which movie had the worst one?
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Foxbat, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from TNG's "Remember me".

1 Feb 2009

Well Star Trek V unsurprisingly won the worst movie intro sequence in last week's poll. This week, we are asking about the movie musical scores.
Our forum goes from strength to strength, now with almost 350 members and 140,000 posts. One of the more successful features is our role playing section; we have role plays for both Trek and other science fiction universes like Warhammer and Star Wars. Particularly popular is the USS Daystrom role play, which has been running for more than a year now with a dozen active members and literally dozens of characters. Originally yet on the Akira class USS Daystrom, this role play has expanded into a small fleet of ships ranging from Klingon cruisers to Romulan warships and even a new class of Federation Battleship. On top of that the Daystrom role play features the original creation of a Federation Marine force, to show how a real military unit would fight in the Star Trek universe! All are welcome to join in the Daystrom or other role plays, just join the forum and come stop by!
Caption Competition
Congratulations to mwhittington, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "Turnabout Intruder".

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