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service history

What's new - May 2008

25 May 2008

Section Update
Poll So you think that Vincent McEveety was the worst director for TOS. Which is pretty strange as you voted him best TOS director only a few weeks ago. On to TNG this week.
Forum stats The forum stats on the home page where no longer showing since the forum upgrade. This is now fixed. Thanks to ChakatBlackstar for pointing this out.
Caption Competition Congratulations to AJ, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "The Naked Time".

24 May 2008

Section Update
Forum... again! The forum is currently down for a changeover to the new version. This time we are pretty confident that we can implement it quickly and successfully... the new one should be up within the next 45 minutes. Fingers crossed...

UPDATE : Annnnd, we're back!

23 May 2008

Section Update
Forum The forum will be going offline in a little while for upgrading. It should be back in about 1-2 hours (ie around 21:00 BST).

21 May 2008

Section Update
New to the site. Are you new to the site. Have you seen us mentioned somewhere for the first time. Please drop us a line to say hello. Click the Mail Author button on the strip above.

18 May 2008

Section Update
Poll So, Jonathan Frakes was your pick for the all time best Trek director! Wouldn't have called that one...

So now we do the obligatory "worst of" run...

Nitfixing Thanks to USS Aeon, ChakatBlackstar, Reliant121, Captain Picard's Hair, KuvahMagh, kostmayer, Rochey and johnsmith for pointing out various typos and other nits around the site.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Foxbat, winner of last week's competition. His (her?) fifth win! This week, a pic from Enterprise's "Chosen Realm".

16 May 2008

Section Update
Site Outage Appologies for the site outage the other day. It was caused by a power outage at the ISP. The recent short outage was done in order to repair the site's database. All should be well now.

11 May 2008

Section Update
Caption Competition Congratulations to jg, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Voyager's "Day of Honor".

4 May 2008

Section Update
Poll Same goes for the Poll. Last week(s) was won by Jonathan Frakes, followed by LeVar Burton, Robert Picardo and Robert Duncan McNeill. There seems to be a cast bias going on here. Anyway this week, we're doing Enterprise.
Caption Competition Sorry for the lack of a caption competition last week, just haven't had the time to sit down and go through them. The winner was Niall Johnson, so congrats to him! This week a pic from DS9's "The Sword of Kahless."

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