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What's new - May 2007


29 May 2007

The MACO grenades have been added to the additional weapons page.
A few people have been added here; nothing major, just filling in some old gaps.

27 May 2007

So, the Xindi manage to whup the Breen and get through into the quarter finals of Galaxy wars. This week, the Breen square up to the Romulans.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Samus, winner of last week's competition - a first time winner! This week, a shot from TOS "By Any Other Name."

And people, get the hint! You will not win with Biggus Dickus references! It got old after the first thousand entries, okay? Have pity on me, I have to sit and read all these things, every damn week, you know?

20 May 2007

Well, the Cardassians absolutely slaughtered the Kazon in last week's Galaxy Wars. This week, the Son'a take on the Xindi...
Caption Competition
Congratulations to jg, winner of last week's competition - his (her?) second win. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "A Night in Sickbay."

19 May 2007

A mistake on the Other Personnel pages is fixed thanks to Mr Fortner.

13 May 2007

The additional weapons page has had a bunch of new images added, including that weird Xindi rifle thing used in Rajiin.
Small update to the work bee; I've downsized it from the DS9 TM's figures to reflect those in the original production drawings. Thanks to Dark once again for her finding me a copy of that drawing and prodding me to make the fix.
A new page here on antigrav units which we have seen in use with the Federation.
The Romulans won an unsurprising victory over the Bajorans in last week's round of Galaxy Wars. This week, the Cardassians face off against the Kazon.
I got my broadband back at last! Yay me! Normal updates should now be resumed...

So, to start us off some scans from TMP have gone onto the Constitution internals page.

Caption Competition
Congratulations to McFortner, winner of last week's competition. This week, a pic from Voyaer's "False Profits".

9 May 2007

Caption Comp
Well last weeks caption competition is finally over, apologies for the delay and congratulations to 'nerd86'. This weeks picture comes from DS9's 'Battle Lines'.

8 May 2007

The first round of Galaxy Wars is over... with the Romulans scoring an unsuprising victory over the Bajorans. Onto round two, with the Federation taking on the Nausicaans.

And yes, we've been a bit tardy lately with polls and caption comps. There are various excuses - I'm still without broadband a month after moving house, for one thing. If anybody is thinking of getting an ISP and looks at Demon... don't.

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