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What's new - Jan 2007


28 Jan 2007

I've started work on expanding the reviews for TNG's second season. The first three episodes have all received the treatment today... more to come.

Also, a new feature in the reviews section. You may already know that you can enter your own reviews of various Star Trek Books; we've added a list of Star Trek computer games as well. You can score each one and add a review if you choose. The preliminary list we have added has 40 or so games on it; some are bound to be missing, so please feel free to send anything you want added in to me.

Hugh Laurie won your vote for the best actor to play McCoy. Must say, I can kinda see that after watching some House. This week, Uhura's turn. And this week we managed a lot of good suggestions, so thank you all for those! Can't say I really get the idea of Jessica Alba playing Uhura... take a whole bucket of fake tan to pull that one off! But hey, you send em, we include em.

Speaking of which, next time it's Sulu's turn, so pretty pretty please, keep em rolling in! Send a name, send a list!

Caption Comp
Congratulations to Phill for winning last weeks caption competition, his first time on the score board. This weeks picture is taken from Voyagers 'In the Flesh'.

21 Jan 2007

So Hugo Weaving was your choice for Spock! Interesting. This week we're doing McCoy. Very few suggestions were sent in for him, so there's not a lot to choose from I'm afraid.

Next week, Uhura's turn. Surely we can get a few suggestions in for that one! Send me a name, send me a whole list of names! All comers welcome!

Thanks to Dark for a typo on the Heart of glory page, and for an additional YATI there too. And thanks to Transphasic78 for pointing out a nit on the "In The Flesh" page, and to John Smith for a nit on the "Jetrel" page.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Rat Boy, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "Dr Bashir, I Presume?". Now remember, it has to be fairly clean. Not spotless, just fairly. Just... don't go over the top, okay?!?!

14 Jan 2007

Hugh Jackman is your pick for playing Kirk. Interesting choice... I had in mind picking young actors to play the roles when they were in their early days, but that seems to have gone out the window. This week, Spock's turn. All entries are as suggested by you.

Next week we're doing McCoy! Get your suggestions coming in, the more the better! Grouchy doctor type, who could it be...?

Caption Competition
Mikey moves into second place with his fifth win, congrats Mikey! This week, a pic from TNG, but I've forgotten the episode. No doubt somebody will email me to remind me shortly...

And thanks to Dark, who got in first with "Timescape".

7 Jan 2007

Nice new pic of one of the Type 3 phaser rifles from First Contact, showing the targeting screen.
I've added a page on First Contact. Some new scans here, but some are just re-uses of pics from other places.
More pics added to the Borg species page; three shots from First Contact, illustrating some different stages of assimilation.
Matt Damon, not a great success as Kirk in your minds. We didn't get any suggestions for an alternative, so we mooched around a bit and came up with ten possibilities for you to choose from. Don't bother emailing us to complain that your choice isn't there - if you wanted him in, you should have asked last week!

Next week, we're going to do Spock. If you have a suggestion, email it in! Please? Pleeeeeeeeease?

Caption Competition
Congratulations to Hisrak, winner of last week's competition - and now second place on the honour roll. Watch out, Brian Moore, they are snapping at your heels...

This week, a pic from that wonder of the television age known as "The Way To Eden." Groovy baby, just groovy...

1 Jan 2007

Well you think that Montgomery Scott would make the best Santa and I must say that I think you are right. This week we ask if you think Matt Damon would make a good Kirk.

Assuming you don't like Matt, we're thinking of running a "If not Matt Damon, then who WOULD make a good Kirk?" next week. Since I don't want to have to list every actor alive today in the poll, how about this - mail me the name of anybody you think is a good choice, and we'll list the twenty or thirty most popular choices for next week's poll. If we get a good response to this, we will go through the other TOS characters in the next few polls.

Thanks to Timothy, various minor typos have been fixed around the site and a couple of duplicate entries on the Planets list have been deleted.
New Year
First, happy new year and apologies for the delay in doing the new poll and caption competition, both of these are now done.

Secondly, a word about the stats for 2006. December turned out to be our second busiest month ever with 75,811 visitors. The total for 2006 came to 771,507, which is 10.3% up on last year and 7.8% up on our previous best year. Some of this is down to the addition of Sudden Death to the site but mostly I suspect it's due to the talk about the up coming 11th Star Trek film.
Caption Comp
Congratulations to Tiberius, winner of last weeks caption competition. S/He deserves the win for the effort alone but the 'eight four seven two' line was particularly good...

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