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Science and






What's new - Feb 2006

26 Feb 2006

Section Update
Poll Our final run of "ethics polls" begins! This week, was Kirk right to maroon Khan rather than officially charge him?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Kalor, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TOS "Whom Gods Destroy".

25 Feb 2006

Section Update
Image quiz Updated the image quiz again. This time to make it have five possible answers rather than four. This brings it in line with the other quizzes.

23 Feb 2006

Section Update
Image Quiz We've now uploaded a slightly modified version of the image quiz. This one wont come up with the same option twice, thanks to RV for pointing this out.

19 Feb 2006

Section Update
Quiz A new option has been added to our Quizzes in the Recreation - the image Quiz. This asks you to identify images from various parts of the site. Be warned, some of them are really easy, and some of them are really hard!
Poll So Janeway was right to ally herself with the Borg... this week, we Archer right to launch an unprovoked attack on innocent ship in "Damage"?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Mr. Dog, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "In a Mirror Darkly, Part 2".

14 Feb 2006

Section Update
Starfleet Crew Picard's personnel page gets the upgrade treatment.

13 Feb 2006

Section Update
Starfleet Crew A major upgrade to Kirk's personnel page. First off, it's now got about two or three times as much text as it had before. Second, it's been split up into a few different sub-sections regarding early life, career, relationships, and hobbies and interests. The plan is to gradually giove the other major characters the same treatment, but it's going to be slow going - this one page took over four hours to write.

12 Feb 2006

Section Update
Sci-tech A section on ejecting warp cores has been added to the warp drive page.
Poll Sos you think Sisko wan't right to poison a planet to capture Eddington... I agree with this one myself. This week we question Janeway's decision to team up with the Borg.
People About twenty additional personnel have been added over the last few days, mostly filling gaps in Voyager's first three seasons.
Nitfixing Thanks go to the following people for pointing out various nits around the site : George Coliber, Matt, Axel "MAD" Baudson, David Bernard-Stevens, Lee Joon Nyen, James W Koon, David Osborne and Daniel Beardsmore.

Remember people, we love to get those nits fixed so keep them coming! Your name could be here, granting you world-wide fame!

Images The flood of new images on the galleries section continues, with an additional hundred or so added.
Caption Competition Congratulations to DanielB, winner of last week's contest. This week, a shot from Voyager's "The Q and the Grey".

5 Feb 2006

Section Update
Poll So we aren't great fans of letting civilisations die for the Prime Directive... this week we ask how you feel about Sisko's poisoning of a planet in "For The Uniform".
Caption Comp Congratulations to Scott Bates, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "Shattered Mirror".

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