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service history

What's new - Jan 2006

29 Jan 2006

Section Update
Ships A few new entries on the additional ships list - the TOS version of the Tholian warship, the Drayan shuttle, the Kazon ramming ship, and the Aurora from "The Way to Eden".
Sci-tech I've added a page on the Universal translator to the sci-tech section. There's also a small addition to the Spatial Anomalies page, covering Plasma Drifts.
Poll So in our closest ever poll, you thought Kirk was right to destroy Vaal - only thirteen votes in it! This week, was Picard right to uphold the Prime Directive and leave the Boraalans to die in "Homeward"?
Galleries Another sixty planet images has been added, along with about two hundred on the General galleries. There are another fifty or so which have been added to other galleries.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Wacky, winner of last week's competition. This week, an image from TNG's "A Matter of Perspective".

22 Jan 2006

Section Update
Poll So Archer wasn't right to refuse help to the Valakians... this is the first of these poll results on controversial decisions that I've actually agreed with!

This week, was Kirk right to destroy Vaal and "free" his people?

Caption Competition Congratulations to The Wormhole, winner of last week's competition. And surprisingly few Biggus Dickus references last week! One day I'll find a pic that can't have old Biggus...

This week, a shot from "I, Mudd".

15 Jan 2006

Section Update
Ships The Iyaaran shuttle and Terellian Freighter from "Liaisons" have been added to the Additional ships list, as has the Denobulan shuttle from "Twilight".
Poll So you thought Janeway was indeed right to murder Tuvix. Yet again, I couldn't disagree more! This week, was Archer right to deny medical help to the Valakians in "Dear Doctor"?
Planets About sixty or so new planet images have been added to the planets list.
Personnel A dozen or so missing personnel files from TOS and TNG have been filled in.
Caption Competition Congratulations to Griddles, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from Enterprise's "Impulse".

13 Jan 2006

Section Update
Book Reviews Recently added three new books to the list - Articles of the Federation by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Titan : The Red King by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin, and Titan: Orion's Hounds by Chrostopher L. Bennett. If anybody would like a book added to the list please email me with title, author and year of publication - I'll add any Trek-related book you want.

8 Jan 2006

Section Update
Poll You thought Sisko was right to warn the Cardassians of the Klingon attack... interesting... warn an enemy so that they can fight against your ally, thus provoking your allies into going to war with you and thus leading to the death of thousands of Starfleet officers... and that's a good decision!

This week, was Janeway right to kill Tuvix? Anybody who reads my ep review will know my stand on that one...

Caption Competition Finally this week's winner is Dougurasu, so congratulations to him/her. Sorry about the recent delays but deadlines got forgotten in the Xmas rush. We will be back to week by week from now on... this week, a pic from Voyager's "Waking Moments".

7 Jan 2006

Section Update
Sci-tech A page on cloning has been added.

6 Jan 2006

Section Update
xmas decorations We've now taken the decorations down so if you can still see them you should reload the site. Happy new year.

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