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What's new - Dec 2005

30 Dec 2005

Section Update
Planets We've added about 60 or more planet images to the planets list/gallery. More to come.

27 Dec 2005

Section Update
Poll So, Picard was indeed right to break the Prime Directive in "Pen Pals"... and Kirk was right to do it in the previous poll... yet you voted to keep the Prime Directive in the poll before that! Interesting...

This week, was Sisko right to warn the Cardassians about the Klingon attack in "Way of the Warrior"?

Caption Competition Congratulations to The Steve, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from DS9's "The Jem'Hadar".

25 Dec 2005

Section Update
XMas Merry xmas to all our visitors.
Snow We've improved our snow slightly. You should no longer get scroll bars appearing and disapearing.

24 Dec 2005

Section Update
Reviews We've improved the linkage on the datapoints section of the episode pages. Items with a picture will now go directly to the picture page rather than to the list. This should save you a click.

We've also fixed a small bug where images of little bangs where caused incorrect display in the same page.

19 Dec 2005

Section Update
Poll It was quite a close run thing, but you thought Kirk was right to dish out weapons to Tyree's people. This week, was Picard right to save Sarjenka's planet in "Pen Pals"?
Caption Competition Sorry for the slight delay; congratulations to Mikey, winner of last week's competition. This week, a shot from TNG's "The Outrageous Okona".

11 Dec 2005

Section Update
Size Charts There are about twenty new ships in the Size Charts section. More to come...
Poll So by about three to one we support the Prime Directive around here...

This week we're starting a series of polls questioning some of the more controversial decisions we've seen taken in Star Trek over the years. Starting with - was Kirk right to arm the primitives in "A Private Little War"?

Images More additions to the Lists; about fifteen or so planets, a couple of new pics on the sci-tech pages, a new ship, some new Oberth class images, a couple of new nebulae.
Caption Competition Congratulations to KurdtLives for winning last week's competition. This week, a short from Charlie X. Have at it!

8 Dec 2005

Section Update
xmas As you can probably see already, the xmas decorations have gone up. This year we have a special visit from Santa. Happy Holidays to all our visitors!
Galleries We've put a new 'general' gallery up today. This brings together the caption comp pictures and the images from the Articles section.

7 Dec 2005

Section Update
Nitfix Fixed a reference on the Oberth class images page that pointed to the wrong episode. Thanks to Steven McPhail for spotting it. Also an erronious caption on an image in the Scitech shields page has been fixed, thanks to the sharp eyes of Jaldora Kyor.

4 Dec 2005

Section Update
Poll Last week you said that the least likely advance is Time Travel. This week, we're asking if you think the Prime Directive is a good idea or would you abolish it?
Images We've expanded on the number of Holoprogs that have attached images and are adding images to the other lists in a steady trickle - illnesses, planets, etc.

We're also in the process of replacing the Season 4 Enterprise images with scans from the DVDs. The new pics aren't often all that much better since the original source was pretty good already, but there is some improvement there and we're adding a few things that got missed the first time around.

Galleries A new section goes up today. Essentially it's a collection of the thumbnails for all the images on the site - all 5,800+ of them!

The thumbnails are grouped by section and divided onto subpages so you won't get overwhelmed trying to download several hundred at a time - each page in the galleries comes to about 150 kB which is only the equivalent of about two full size images.

Clicking on any thumbnail in the galleries will give you a individual page with the full size version plus whatever title or caption is associated with the images. Of course the referencing system is in full effect on this page, allowing you to go to any episodes associated with the image.

If you can't find the button on the top, just re-load the top strip or the whole site and it should appear.

I find this a very fun part of the site to browse through, and hope you enjoy it.

Caption Competition Congratulation to last week's winner, Big Bear. This week, a pic from Enterprise's "In A Mirror Darkly, Part 2".

Copyright Graham Kennedy Page views : 8,633 Last updated : 30 Dec 2005