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What's new - Sep 2005


29 Sep 2005

Two more pics on the Additional weapons page, the Retellian and Mazarite handguns.

28 Sep 2005

We've added a whole bunch of thumbnail images to the main Timeline pages.

25 Sep 2005

Another group of additions to the Additional weapons page, from various TNG episodes.
So Scotty was your favourite Chief Engineer. This week we're asking for your overall worst Trek episode from the series we did recently.
Front Page
As you can see, we've somewhat rearranged the front page. Everything here before is still here, with a little extra on top.
Episode Guides
A significant re-working of the episode guides. We've simplified the season listings to give more basic information so as to cut down loading times. Conversely, the individual episode pages have been beefed up; we've reworked the order of the items a little, but more importantly from now on each episode page will show thumbnails of every image we have which is referenced in that episode. Clicking a thumbnail will take you to the associated page. Since we re-use some images, you will sometimes find the same thing thumbnailed with two different titles/captions so as to give you a link to both. One thumbnail is also randomly chosen as a "signature" pic for the episode header.
Caption Competition
Researcher won last week's competition so congratulations to him (her?). This week's pic is from "Shockwave, Part 2".

21 Sep 2005

A review of Quotable Star Trek has been added to the books section of the reviews.

19 Sep 2005

At long last... the much delayed Xindi ships are beginning to appear!

I have done a full entry on the Insectoid warship. Great stonking wads of pure guesswork litter the specs page; it's all quite provisional, and I'm pretty open to suggestions regarding possible changes or additions here. Most espeically I'd love to hear of any remotely solid information regarding the dimensions.

On the images side there's a couple of truly fantastic scans of the ship on the images page. If I'm honest the whole thing is an excuse to put these on the site!

18 Sep 2005

"These Are The Voyages..." won by a mile in the least favourite Enterprise episode. This week, who is your favourite chief engineer?
New images
Some new pics for the Saving Earth battle and the Twilight and E2 temporal entries.
Caption Competition
Congratulations to Wiech, winner of last week's competition. This week's picture is from Voyager's "Riddles".

17 Sep 2005

A new entry on the MACO rifle. Trust me, you want to see the images attached to this page!
We've started doing the season 3 Enterprise personnel bios.

16 Sep 2005

Several images of Earth's destruction from "Twilight" have been added to the Xindi Weapon page.

I've also added a couple of entries to the Additional weapons page.

15 Sep 2005

Another sad passing...
Robert Wise, producer and director of some of the great classic movies, has died aged 91. Over his career Wise directed 39 movies, ranging from westerns to science fiction to war movies. He was nominated for no less than seven Oscars, and won four of them. He served as president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and the Directors Guild of America. Although most will probably remember him best as the editor of "Citizen Kane" and director of "West Side Story", "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and "The Sound of Music", to Trek fans he is first and foremost the man who gave us "Star Trek : The Motion picture".

It's common amongst Trek fans to rate this movie as one of the poorer efforts, but that is a disservice. I find that the older I get and the more times I see TMP, the more I like it. Most Trek movies have tried to be - let's face it - Star Wars type action movies. TMP isn't at all like that - it's Trek's "2001 : A Space Odyssey". What is undeniable is that Wise's movie practically created modern Trek. On a simple business level, if TMP had not made a ton of money, there would have been no Star Trek II, no Next Generation; Trek would have ended then and there. But the movie also gave us music, locations, sets, models, and special effects shots which were still being used decades later in Voyager and even Enterprise; elements of this movie suffuse all of post-TOS Star Trek in ways that we are hardly even aware of much of the time.

A sad day indeed.

9 Sep 2005

Fleet calculator
The fleet calculator has been updated to allow up to 99,999 ships of any given type. The speed of operation has also been improved.

7 Sep 2005

Well at long last the Poll has now been changed. The 'winner' of last weeks poll is 'Threshold' which was by far your least favourite episode. The new poll will run until the Sunday after next (18th), this Sunday being too soon.
Caption Comp
Well the caption comp is now over. This weeks winner is 'Q' with an nice original entry. This weeks picture is from 'Past tense, part 1' and, like the poll, will run until the 18th.

4 Sep 2005

Slight delay...
As I have spent the last couple of days moving house, I am frankly too tired to do the poll and caption contest so they will run another day. Come back Monday...

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