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What's new - Apr 2005

30 Apr 2005

Section Update
Timeline Details from Archer's future life as seen on the Defiant's computer have been placed on the timeline, and also appear on his personnel page.
Species Details of "In A Mirror, Darkly, Part II" have been added to the Vulcan, Tholian, Orion and Andorian pages.
Personnel The Enterprise Mirror universe character profiles have all been updated.
Episode Guides A review has gone up for "In a Mirror, Darkly - Part II".

29 Apr 2005

Section Update
Personnel The text of the Miles O'Brien entry has been completely re-written to fix a few nits and add a whole lot more detail.

27 Apr 2005

Section Update
Species I padded the Tholian species page out with another couple of pics from "In A Mirror, Darkly".
Nitfixing I've been very tardy in thanking people for corrections lately, so over the last week or two : A nit on the Constellation page was fixed thanks to Oliver J., Daniel Butler pointed out a contradiction in the Vulcan information on the Timeline and a correction to the species pages, Michael Hernandez pointed out a correction on the episode guides, Guillaume Tremblay pointed out one in the Personnel pages, Bjorn Carlsten told me how long Archer was really in the agony booth, David Conneran indicated a broken caption on a picture and Shane Saunders pointed out missing information on the Mirror Universe timeline.

24 Apr 2005

Section Update
Species The Tellarites have been bumped up to a full species entry and information from In A Mirror, Darkly has been added to both their page and the Vulcan page.
Scitech The Cloaking device article has been re-written to cover the use of cloaks in Enterprise. I've added a picture of the Suliban cloaking device from "In A Mirror, Darkly".
Poll So Trials and Tirbble-ations won by a mile in the DS9 time travel poll. This week, it's TNG's turn...
Caption Contest Game Guru GG won last week's competition! A challenging one for you this week from Voyager's "The Swarm"...

Incidentally, if anybody wants to suggest a pic for a future caption contest then feel free. We cycle through the series' in order, so it's Voyager this week, Enterprise next.

23 Apr 2005

Section Update
Weaponry Some mention of "In A Mirror, Darkly" has been added to the Tholian Web page, as have three nice images.
Timeline A brief history of the Mirror universe has been added to the "Alternates" page of the Timeline section.
Species The Tholians have been updated with an image and information from "In a Mirror, Darkly".
Ships Mention of "In A Mirror, Darkly" has been added to the Constitution class page. The NX class escape pod has been added to the additional ships list.
Personnel The Mirror versions of the NX-01 crew have been added to the Additional People lists.
Episode Guides The review of "In a Mirror, Darkly" is up though it still needs some tweaking. Suffice to say, it has also jumped straight in as the number one best Enterprise episode ever, and is the only Enterprise episode that I have ever given five stars to.
Bridges Entries for the Mirror NX-01 and Constitution class Defiant have been added.

21 Apr 2005

Section Update
Personnel Admiral Nechayev has been bumped up to a full entry. Incidentally there seems to be considerable uncertaintly about how to spell "Nechayev". About half the time the scripts call her Nechayev, the other half Necheyev. I go with the first version purely out of random chance.

17 Apr 2005

Section Update
Timeline The Romulan drone ship and Klingon forehead arcs have been added to the timeline.
Poll So your favourite Voyager time travel story was Year of Hell. This week, DS9's turn...
Caption Competition Congratulations to Rat Boy for winning last week's competition. This week's is now up and is from "What You Leave Behind".

16 Apr 2005

Section Update
Timeline Mention of Bound has been added to the timeline, as has the Vulcan discovery of Berengaria VII in 2103-ish.
Species The Orion page has been updated with an image, information and the rather startling twist from "Bound".
Ships The new Orion Merchant and the Alien Science ship have been added to the Additional ships list.
Personnel The various Orions from "Bound" have been added to the Other Personnel list.
Episode Guides A review of "Bound" is up. I had a lot to say about this, some good, some bad...

14 Apr 2005

Section Update
Temporal A new entry for The Voyage Home - lots of nice pics on this one! Plus an entry for DS9's "Time's Orphan".

13 Apr 2005

Section Update
Temporal A new page for Generations has been added.

12 Apr 2005

Section Update
Weapons We've moved the TR-116 onto the projectile weapons page. We've also grouped the three different plasma-based weapons onto a single page.
Temporal As promised, the Temporal entries continue with Enterprise's "Shockwave". Nicer images this time.

10 Apr 2005

Section Update
Temporal A new page for Enterprise's "Future Tense". Not the best quality pictures on this one I'm afraid.
Poll So, your favourite Enterprise time travel story was Twilight. This week we're asking the same question for Voyager...
Caption Competition Last week's winner was Fat Tony, so congratulations to him (or her). This week's image is up, and is from "We'll Always Have Paris".

9 Apr 2005

Section Update
Various Thanks to Ryan Dowell for pointing out a wrong date on the DS9 station page, N. Corwin for pointing out a rewording to one of McCoy's "I'm a doctor..." quotes, Brian Ng for suggesting adding the correct name to the Samurai Sword entry, and Remi Maloney for suggesting Sulu's rapier for the Contact Weapons page.
Temporal A rash of Temporal entries is on the way... beginning today, DS9's "Visionary" and Enterprise's "Carpenter Street".

6 Apr 2005

Section Update
Weaponry Thanks to Patrick Conroy for suggesting the Qu'vak spear from Birthright II for the Contact weapons page. I've also added the Gin'tak spear from the same episode and the Vulcan Ahn-Woon from Amok Time. I've updated the weapons list in the Lists section - previously it had stuff like "pistol" on it, so I have gone through all the recent updates and put each individual weapon on instead.

5 Apr 2005

Section Update
You Guessed It... Weaponry! The M1 Garand, The Winchester rifle and the Peacemaker pistol have been added to the Projectile Weapons page. I've also added the Pak 44 cannon from Storm Front, plus mention of Storm Front to the MP40, M1911 and P38k pages and mention of A Fistful of Datas to the shotgun page. And the Samurai Sword from Shore Leave has been added to the Contact Weapons page.

4 Apr 2005

Section Update
Weaponry Another addition to the projectile weapons page - the MP-5 used in Past Tense.

On the same front, if anybody knows what this (1, 2) is, please let me know?

And after I spent at least two hours on the net looking at what felt like every assault rifle, machine gun and sub-machine gun in history, Scott Bates tells me it's a shotgun! To be precise, it's a Mossberg 500 Bullpup 12 gauge shotgun. Many thanks to Scott for his help.

3 Apr 2005

Section Update
Species/Personnel Lately we added page counters to the bottom of most of the pages on the site so we could keep track of which sections are the most popular. Behind the scenes, we've also been monitoring how people are using the Additional part of the Personnel sections. Turns out that the selections being made are returning about 300 people on average, which is making really massive pages that take forever to download. So... as of now the picker will split the output into groups of 20 people.

Additionally, we're limiting the picker to no more than 600 returns in total. From our figures this will only affect a very small percentage of those using the section.

Similar changes will apply to the Additional page in the Species section.

Sci-tech Null space from TNG "The Outcast" has been added to the Spatial Anomalies page.
Projectile Weapons Both Adrian and Paul Doser point out that I had the Killing Game rifle misidentified. It's not an M1903, but a Mauser 98k. (In my defence, they do look REALLY similar!). It's now fixed, so thanks for that.
Poll So, you would most like to see the DS9 crew in the next movie (if there is one).

This week, we're starting a new run of polls about time travel - beginning with asking you to name your favourite Enterprise story...

Lists A new list - the named nebulae we've seen or heard of during Trek. Also, we have taken the Quotes, Yatis and Moments from the episode guides and turned them into three new lists also.
Caption Competition Last weeks winner was Lobster! Congratulations to him or her. Incidentally, the "special" aspect of last week's pic was that it wasn't actually in the episode as such - you never saw a wide shot of the ladies like that, we pasted it together from two different pics.

This week's image is from "The Gamesters of Triskelion".

2 Apr 2005

Section Update
Yet More Weaponry! Lily's Calico M960 and the M-16 seen in ST IV have been added to the projectile weapons page.

If anybody knows of any other guns seen in Trek, please let me know! Speaking of which, I owe thanks to Nathan Dowdell for pointing out that Tuvok also made bows, and to Mirko Aichele for pointing out that Seven of Nine used a M1911 one time.

1 Apr 2005

Section Update
Weaponry The rolling program of additions has continued and will continue further... also, thanks to Jeb Hoge for pointing out that there's a Thompson sub-machine gun in First Contact.

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