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What's new - Dec 2004

31 Dec 2004

Section Update
Stations A few people have pointed out various glitches in the station strength numbers lately. Seems I somehow ended up giving a lot of stations big agility numbers and zero weapon ranges. I've gone through and fixed them all, so thanks to those who pointed it out.

29 Dec 2004

Section Update
Size Comparison Thanks to G2k for pointing out that I had the length of the 1957 Chevy wrong.

27 Dec 2004

Section Update
Size Comparison We've added another bunch of real world items to the size charts - mostly more stuff from the Enterprise title sequence or cars which featured in Voyager. These images come from The Computer Core Dump, an excellent site which I highly recommend you visit.
More Nitfixing Thanks to Lee Peltz for pointing out an error in the Nexus entry. And to Craig for pointing a math error in the transwarp page. Chris Lussier also pointed out a typo on the Klingon SDS page, and to Timothy B. for various small errors around the site.

26 Dec 2004

Section Update
Uniforms The Federation uniforms page in the Styling section has been updated with the more recent designs.
Poll The winner of last weeks poll was William Riker. This weeks poll is 'Which is your favourite uniform design?'
Nitfixing Thanks to Douglas Pluylaar, who pointed out that I had two of the battles in the wrong order.
Caption comp Congratulations to this weeks winner, 'Silent Bob'. The new picture is up and is taken from Insurrection.

25 Dec 2004

Section Update
Xmas We at the DITL wish all our visitors a very Merry xmas and a happy new year!

23 Dec 2004

Section Update
Battles The battle with Lursa and B'Etor from Generations has been added to the battles section.

22 Dec 2004

Section Update
Scitech Well, the Generations DVD has arrived so we've added the nexus to the spatial anomalies page in the sci-tech section. We've also replaced a few images around the site, such as the Human species page and the trilithium torpedo weapons page.

19 Dec 2004

Section Update
Poll Well the Sovereign Class was the runaway winner of last weeks poll. This week we're asking who's your favourite first officer.
Caption Comp Congratulations to 'SilentEd' the winner of last weeks caption competition. The picture came from the Season 4 episode 'Home'. This weeks picture is up and comes from TOS episode 'A Piece of the Action'.

15 Dec 2004

Section Update
Epguides We've added Battles and Temporal items to the datapoints section on the episode guides pages. We've also optimised them quite a bit, so it should now be a lot faster.

12 Dec 2004

Section Update
Weekly Poll Apparently "Khan" is your favourite bad guy, closely followed by good old "Felix" Dukat. There was a problem with our multiple vote blocker during part of the week's event, so we had to remove the multiples ourselves. This is now fixed. The new poll is "Which is your favourite Starship Enterprise design?", happy voting.
Caption Comp Congratulations to "mknote", this weeks winner of the caption competition. The new picture is up...
Battles The Vulcan civil war has been added to the Battles section. Check it out, there are some lovely images here!

11 Dec 2004

Section Update
Xmas decorations As you can see we've put up our xmas decorations on the site. Happy xmas to all visitors...

9 Dec 2004

Section Update
Timeline Kir'Shara has been added to the timeline.
Personnel Personnel files have been updated through The Kir'Shara. Additionally, Shran has been upgraded to a full entry.
Episode Guides A review of Kir'Shara has been added.

5 Dec 2004

Section Update
Timeline A few entries regarding recent episodes have been added.
Poll Well, with an honest poll Deep Space Nine won best Trek series, with Next Generation in second place. This week's poll question is - who is the best bad guy?
Personnel Some Other People entries hve been made to cover the recent Enterprise episodes. Also, both Surak and T'Pau have been bumped up to full entries.
Caption Competition Well done to Xela, who won last week's caption competition,

This week's competition is now up, click the recreation button to have a go.

4 Dec 2004

Section Update
Episode guides Reviews of "The Forge" and "Awakening" have been added to the episode guides. I liked these two!

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