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What's new - Oct 2004

31 Oct 2004

Section Update
Poll Well, Picard stormed last week's best captain poll with Sisko and Kirk fighting it out for second place - only two votes separated them! For this week, we are asking the absolutely non-sexist question "who is the hottest babe in Trek"?
Caption Competition Congratulations to Craig, winner of last week's caption contest. This week's picture is now up.
Articles I've re-worked the Warp Speed Anomalies article somewhat. Nothing stunningly new here, but I've changed the wording in a few places, added a few more examples from Enterprise, and put a summary table in the conclusion section.

More importantly, a whole new article on the curious phenomenon of monocultures.

28 Oct 2004

Section Update
Personnel Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval have both been bumped up to full entries. For now they still use the original pictures.
Calculators I've added 40 Eridani to the Distance-Time calculator, since there are now fairly strong indications that this is the system the planet Vulcan is in.

27 Oct 2004

Section Update
Timeline A whole slew of timeline entries have been added, covering many of the events of Enterprise seasons 1 to 3. Many of these also appear on individual people pages.
Temporal Since we've done so much Storm Front stuff lately, I decided to go the whole hog and do a full Temporal entry on the episodes.

26 Oct 2004

Section Update
Weaponry The Na'kuhl plasma cannon has been added to the weaponry section.
Species A full species entry on the Na'kuhl has gone up - the Na'kuhl are the aliens from Storm Front according to, though I don't think that's mentioned in the episodes. I'm treating the name as canon for now.
Ships A snap of the NX-01 above New York has been added to the NX class page.

And finally... I've added a new section to the NX page for the upgraded version of the ship fielded in The Expanse with extra armour, photonic torpedoes, etc. Watch this space, because there may be yet another version on the way if recent episodes are anything to go by.

Personnel Daniels and Silik have both been bumped up to a full entry. New pictures of much higher quality for both Reed and T'Pol.

25 Oct 2004

Section Update
Species I've added a picture and some mention of the Denobulan defence mechanism to the Denobulan species page, and put the same picture on Phlox's personnel page. You have to see this to believe it, folks!
Personnel For Enterprise, personnel entries for Alicia, Carmine, Vosk, Sal, T'les, Koss and Hernandez have been added.
Nitfixing Some nits around the site have been fixed thanks to : Joe, Dwayne R. De Freitas, Joseph Lin, Drew and Alyeska.

24 Oct 2004

Section Update
Poll The results of last weeks poll are in. However, due to the large amount of multiple voting (one person voted more than 100 times!) we will probably run this poll again in the future. We have also put in place a mechanism to stop excessive multiple voting. Meanwhile, this weeks poll is 'Who is your favourite Starfleet captain?'.
Caption Comp Congratulations to 'Admiral Rupert' who is this weeks winner of the caption competition. The new image is up and ready for your entries.

23 Oct 2004

Section Update
Poll Because of a vast amount of multiple voting in this weeks poll we will now reject such votes.

20 Oct 2004

Section Update
Weaponry A new entry on the Echo Papa 607 from "Arsenal of Freedom".
Recreation A new feature on the recreation menu today: Polls. Each week we'll have a different poll. This weeks question : 'What is your favorite series?'

17 Oct 2004

Section Update
Caption Comp This week's winner is Ensign Pryce!

The next competition is up, so head to the Recreation section and check it out...

Articles I've put an extention on the Religion in Trek article discussing Enterprise.

10 Oct 2004

Section Update
Epguides A review of 'Storm front, part 1' has been added to the enterprise episode guides.
Caption Comp Congratualations to 'John Luc' who is the winner of last weeks caption competition. This weeks new picture is now available.
Articles The "Here Be Remans?" article has had a small update added explaining that the mystery has been resolved with a resounding "nope, fraid not".

4 Oct 2004

Section Update
Species Thanks to B. Cross for pointing out that I had the El-Aurians in the wrong quadrant, and for pointing out a mistake on the Nausicaan page.

3 Oct 2004

Section Update
Species New pics for most of the major species of the Beta Quadrant.
Size Comparison Many, many thanks go to Adam for providing size comparison images of the Borg Yacht, Borg Probe, Borg tactical cube, the Scimitar, the Breen Frigate, and the Intrepid class (from Enterprise).

Many people have written to say that the Borg Queen's yacht isn't nearly as big as I thought it was. After Lee Joon Nyen finally sent me screen captures that proved the point, I've downsized the Yacht to 1,000 metres instead of 2,000. Thanks to Lee and to everybody else who badgered me about this!

Caption Contest Congratulations to HJSalberg, this week's winner!

The new contest is now online, you can get to it as usual in the recreation section. Good luck...

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