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What's new - Sep 2004

29 Sep 2004

Section Update
Species Just about all the Alpha quadrant major species have had their pictures replaced. There's one or two that still need doing but they'll come soon.

26 Sep 2004

Section Update
Caption Contest The winner of the third DITL caption contest is... Admiral ED! Congratulations!

It was even tougher this time around, with 448 entries to choose from. And to think that we hesitated about doing this for several months because we wondered whether enough people would enter to make it worthwhile! The next contest is now up, this time a Voyager pic.

Articles I've done a little work on the phasers article; added half a dozen or so pictures to illustrate some of the things phasers do, fixed the formatting in a few areas, and most importantly added some discussion of 'Regeneration' to the section on power output.

25 Sep 2004

Section Update
Thanks again... Thanks to Paul Sophocleous for pointing out a new addition to "Starfleet's not so finest" in the Random musings article. Thanks to Adam for providing a Norexan size comparison picture. And to Fraser Mackay, who pointed out a long range transport winner in the "Records of Trek" part of the Random Musings article.

19 Sep 2004

Section Update
Thanks... For the usual typos and such across the site, plus a few suggestions for quotes and YATIs in the series guides, thanks goes to : Bryan Terran, Bob Morris, Daniel Johnson, Roel Hodzelmans, Jason Andrews, Timothy, Sean Curley, Josja Willems, Joseph Reekers, Wesley Harding, Lee Peltz.
Caption Comp The third picture is up on the captions competition, you can get to it in the Recreation section as normal.

Choosing a winner from the 362 entries was really hard (gosh, why didn't we think of saying that about last weeks competition). But after almost an hour of filtering and arguing we've managed to whittle it down to 14... and this weeks winner is Bryan Moore. Congratulations!

Battles A new Voyager battles page, based on the episode "The Swarm".

15 Sep 2004

Section Update
New list A new list goes up today, this one listing all the Borg species designations that we've seen in the various series. These will now also appear on the series guides datapoints section and are of cause searchable.

12 Sep 2004

Section Update
Species A half dozen or so missing species have been added to the Species list. Most are from Voyager, but with a few from Enterprise.
Episode Guides Some analysis of the Voyager Episode "Natural Law" has been added. I vented a little on this one, I'm afraid.
Caption Competition Well, we planned the competition to last two weeks, but we have had so many entries that we've decided to go with one a week, updating each sunday.

So, the winner of the first ever DITL caption contest is Lobster! We have a whole group of hnourable mentions as well, so well done to those and to everybody who took part - choosing a winner was a real tough job!

The next picture is up now. Good luck everybody!

Calculators The distance-time calculator has had another 31 star ystems added to it.

11 Sep 2004

Section Update
Personnel Finally, the addition we've all been waiting for... a full-on personnel page on the one, the only... Deep Space Nine's very own MORN!!!!

9 Sep 2004

Section Update
Sci-tech A quickie addition to the Spatial Anomalies page - the Delphic Expanse.

7 Sep 2004

Section Update
Caption Competition New on the Recreation menu today is a caption competition. You can enter as many times as you like. We'll pick a winner after about two weeks and then provide a new image. We've got a great picture for the first competition, I'm sure we'll get a great set of captions. Good luck.

5 Sep 2004

Section Update
Sci tech The tricorder page has been re-vamped to add a lot of canon stuff rather than just cribbing the tech manuals. Many thanks must go to G2K, whose site has a section on tricorders that saved me a hell of a lot of thinking and research about which episodes they did what in. His Star Trek vs. Star Wars site is a great resource that's well worth a visit, you can find it on my links page.
Calculators A whole new section goes up today - calculators. What we've done is take a few bits and pieces from around the site which use various numbers or formulae, and created some simple calculators you can use to play with them. So for instance there is a warp speed calculator which lets you enter a warp factor and see the travel times for various distance; another lets you pick an origin and destination star and enter a warp factor to see how long it would take to do that journey; another lets you specify a time and warp factor and tells you how far you will cover.

We've also put on a strength calculator. This lets you choose any of the ships on the site and see their strength data; you can then modify the ship however you like, so for instance you can uprate a ship to have quantum torpedoes or increased phasers or shields, armour, agility, whatever you want. Another calculator lets you create your own fleet out of any of the ships on the site, of any mix of species, and see how the strengths work out.

We've also put a Drake equation calculator in which allows you to fill in values and see how many intelligent species would be in the galaxy as a result.

Lastly, we've put in a Stardate calculator which allows you to enter any TNG Stardate from 0 to 97,677,000 and get a gregorian date, or alternatively enter any date from 2323 to the year 99999 and get a stardate for it.

4 Sep 2004

Section Update
Weaponry The Breen energy dampener has been added.
Sci tech A new page on wormholes.
Sale We're now selling the Voyager season 3 videos. The season 1 & 2 sets sold for £5, so someone could have a bargain here.

Voyager Season 3

1 Sep 2004

Section Update
Nits Thanks to Toroca for a typo on the Sabre class images page and Primo for a correction to a nit on DS9's "Afterimage".

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