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service history

What's new - Apr 2004

30 Apr 2004

Section Update
Visitor Count On a good day, we get about 2,000 - 2,400 visitors. Yesterday we got over 30,000 and today the projection is for nearly 50,000.

Now all I can think is that either our counter has gone nuts, or we got mentioned somewhere that prompted a colossal flood of visitors. If so then I'd be very interested to know about it. And there's some urgency to this, because if this is real and it keeps up, I'm not at all sure I will be able to afford that level of traffic.

If you know of the site being mentioned in a magazine or something, please let us know via the email button below...

25 Apr 2004

Section Update
Other Personnel Another 52 people have been added, covering much of DS9 season 2.

24 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Numerous updates and fixes, thanks to the following :

asdf154 - Several typos.
Michael Coulter - Generations YATI.
Daniel Mauel - a wrong date on the Type 6.
RV - missing text on the Type 10 page. For now I've posted the old stuff straight in with no references; in the near future I'm planning to run through the DS9 TM and make any changes needed.
Jason - for various additions and corrections to the Lists and ep guides.
David J - For a typo on the Yonada pictures page.
Bob6800 - for typos.
Scott Hough - A typo on the sci-tech section.
Greg Kartz - for a factoid for the DS9 ep "A Man Alone".
Jerry - for pointing out a nit on the Cardassian torpedo page.
Rémi Maloney - for a YATI on "It's Only a Paper Moon".
Alex Lampe - for a typo in the ep guides.
Joe Reekers - for several typos on the ST II page.
Jarno Miedema - for a date fix on the Federation uniforms page
Robert - for a typo on the Akira page.

18 Apr 2004

Section Update
Shuttle Specs After seeing a comment by G2k elsewhere, a canonical maximum speed for the Type 9 shuttle has been added. A few of the speculative shuttle speeds have been revamped to be more in line with this figure.
Other Personnel Well, it's been a nice break but the Other People grind begins again. I started easy, so there are 20 more added today. They cover the last few episodes of DS9 season 1.
Nitfixing Thanks to asdf for pointing out a replicated entry on the what's new page.
Lists I've added a few items to the lists over the last few days, most notably to the species list. This is an ongoing thing, as I'm going through episodes for people I'm finding various bits and pieces to add to the lists.

16 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks to Jason Sammons who pointed out an error on the Yeager class page, Joseph Reekers for a couple of things on the fleets pages, and Gil Rodriguez for pointing out that canonically speaking, the Galors are destroyers not cruisers as the DS9 TM suggests.

15 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks to MLeoDaalder who pointed out a typo. Turns out I'd mis-spelled Vaadwaur as Vaadwuar throughout the entire site.

14 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks go to Matt L who pointed out a food item for the food list and a typo in Kasidy Yate's name on one episode guide - the latter prompted me to find several other places where a similar mistake was made. Also thanks to Rémi Maloney who pointed out a new YATI for A Matter of Time.
Lists Thanks to Kári Emil Helgason for pointing out an addition to the food list.

13 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Thanks go to Bob6800, who pointed out that the Intrepid class actually has five photon torpedo tubes not four! Also thanks to Silent Bob Foley who pointed out a mistake on the Griffin page, Mark Moore who pointed out an error on the Regulations list, The Curleys who pointed out an error in the Best of Both Worlds part 1 episode review and Josh Gilhen who pointed out several additions to the Descent body count.

11 Apr 2004

Section Update
Lists The list section should now be up to date, with the exception of a handful that I had to skip adding for various technical reasons. These should be done shortly.

10 Apr 2004

Section Update
Nitfixing Various small nits - Brian Ng pointed out some mistakes on the Deep Space Nine battle pictures page, Josh Gilhen pointed out a couple of mistakes on the movie body counts, Sean Curley pointed out a nit on the Barge of the Dead factoid, Lee Joon Nyen pointed out a typo on the timeline pages, and Matt L pointed out that I had two episodes backwards on the Voyager episode guide pages.

7 Apr 2004

Section Update
Personnel Thansk to Bruce A. Johnson for pointing out an error on the Other Personnel page - I had the Kes and Prytt governments mixed up!
Lists / Episode guides A whole bunch more stuff on the lists - I'm done almost right through to the end of Enterprise season 2 now, so the lists are well on the way to being complete again. As always, if you see a missing planet, species, food, illness, etc, please submit it.

5 Apr 2004

Section Update
Lists / Episode guides We've started updating the lists to add various food items, planets, species and suchlike. These all come from Enterprise episodes, so the relevant episode guide entries are being updated automatically as each one is added. More to come over the next few days.

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