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What's new - Dec 2003

26 Dec 2003

Section Update
Various small things Thanks to Brad some pics have been restored to the D'Deridex class entry. Thanks to Morgan Beardsley a wrong date on the Akira page is fixed. Thanks to Koen Verlinde a typo on an episode review is fixed, and thanks to B Cross a typo on a species page is fixed.
Merry X-Mas!!!! Hope you had as good a day as I did!

18 Dec 2003

Section Update
Sizecomp I've replaced the Defiant sizecomp image with a much better quality one.

17 Dec 2003

Section Update
References The reference lists on most of our pages now contain links; wherever an episode is mentioned you can click on it and get our summary/review of that ep.

16 Dec 2003

Section Update
Weaponry A few changes here. Much of the information for Phasers was marked as canon despite coming from the TM's, so I have recoloured and somewhat reworded this entry. I have also replaced and expanded the images for both phasers and bladed weapons with much larger and higher quality ones.

14 Dec 2003

Section Update
Sci-tech A minor addition to the particles page, mentioning a new fact for Tetryons.
Images A new pic for the Karemma species page, two more for the vorta species page - the old ones were amongst the worst images on the site so these are a huge improvement! A replacement image on the mines weaponry page plus a new image there, and finally a replacement image for the Defiant page.
Episode Guides I've added a factoid and body count for DS9's Paradise Lost.
Articles A couple of things on the Defiant page; thanks to jhampton who pointed out that I had the wrong Admiral pegged for "Paradise Lost", so this is fixed. I've also added some references for the ship's crew complement.

11 Dec 2003

Section Update
Ships Thanks to Paul Harris who pointed out a nit on the Scimitar page torpedo strength. It's now fixed.

7 Dec 2003

Section Update
That time of year... X-Mas is coming, and this year we plan to be more tacky than ever!!!
Ships The Peregrine stats have been updated to reflect the wing cannon shown firing in the new image.

Unfortunately the mysteriously appearing / problem seems to have reared it's head again. We're trying to fix this again.

The Delta Flyer sizes have been updated thanks to Brandon Yahn, who sent me some production diagrams that allowed me to scale the height and beam to the length.

Series guides A wrong stardate on "For The Uniform" is fixed thanks to Máté Tóth.
Images The Peregrine entry has another new image. All of the Deep Space Nine images have been replaced, and a new image has been added to the Tricorder page in the sci-tech section. A broken image on the species page is fixed thanks to Jason.
Articles A major new article goes up today, a very in-depth look at the Defiant. Take a peek, there are a ton of nice images and lots to read!

And thanks to Muchu, who pointed out that I was referencing the wrong episode for one of the important images on this page. Now fixed.

6 Dec 2003

Section Update
Species I've re-written the Klingon page, modifying the info that was there a little and adding a few more details.

3 Dec 2003

Section Update
Images Yet more new images - the Cardassian Freighter and Galor class and a pic on the sci-tech tractor beam entry.

Incidentally, those who are used to checking this site once a week or so shouldn't look only at the updates listed on the front page. This page only lists the most recent updates and lately there has been new stuff every day or so, so if you come to the front page once a week you will miss a lot of stuff! If it's been more than a couple of days you should check out the What's New pages below which list every update over the last several years.

2 Dec 2003

Section Update
Images Another slew of images; the battle of Minos image page has all new and larger images. On the species pages there are new images for Betazoids, Bynars, Benzites, Edo, Parasites and Zaldans. In the stations section there are new images of Starbase 74. In the weaponry section there is a new photon torpedo image of the Enterprise-D. Enjoy.

1 Dec 2003

Section Update
Images More new pics, this time for the Wolf 359 and Deep Space Nine battles. All but one of the Wolf 359 battle images have been replaced, and two new ones added. All of the Deep Space Nine battle images have been replaced.
Episode Guides A review of "Carpenter Street" has been added. Not a great episode, this one.

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