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What's new - Nov 2003


30 Nov 2003

A bunch more new images. In the species section, a pic of Leeta has replaced the pic of Ro on the Bajoran species page. There are also new images for the Jem'Hadar and Vorta pages. The Trials and Tribble-ations entry in the Temporal section has all new images. The Klingon SDS has new images, as does the Dax personnel page and the Breen CRM-114 weapon page - the latter has had a new picture added as well. All are taken from the DVD, and are larger and clearer than before.

29 Nov 2003

A small fix on the Malon ship page, thanks to Jochem van den Berge for that. Thanks also to Jochem for pointing out some broken header graphics which are now fixed, and a couple of mistakes on the Doomsday and Hirogen ship pages. Thanks to Nick Hayes who pointed out that the Swarm ship page had the wrong warp scale on it, to Stephen Stumbke who pointed out a mistaken date on the episode guides, and to Justin Hampton who pointed out that I'd mixed up my quadrants on the Skreean ship entry.

Also thanks to the various people who have pointed out an error in the sizecom section lately. It seems that all the temporal ships had two entries, so they often appeared twice.

The "Dominion War" battle from A Call To Arms has had all of the images replaced. The new scans are from the DVD so they are larger and higher quality. Mostly they are straight replacements for the older images, but I've added two new images as well.

Also, thanks to Dan for pointing out a broken image on the "Advance on Cardassia" battle page.

25 Nov 2003

Thanks to several people who pointed out that the Wells class was listed twice on the size comparison images. Andrew was the first a while back so he gets the credit.

23 Nov 2003

Some broken links here fixed, thanks to Diabolik Gil for pointing this out.
I've added an entry for the Intrepid as seen in "The Expanse" and "Twilight". There are still some bugs to fix in the system for adding ships - at the moment it's leaving some line breaks where it shouldn't, and has a curious habit of adding / wherever there is an inverted comma. We're working on it...

I've also taken the opportunity to rescale the phase cannon to fit the canonical figures in "Silent Enemy". Which means I also have to rescale the spatial torpedoes because they're now too strong - that's coming soon.

22 Nov 2003

The Xindi probe from "The Expanse" has been added to the Weaponry list. We're also working on adding a species page on the Xindi, but it's only half finished. We should be able to complete it by tomorrow, but in the meantime don't worry about any errors or unfinished aspects of the pages you find there.
Thanks to Russell Boltz who pointed out that the captions on the Cardassian Freighter images page were out of order.
Episode Guides
The Shipment, North Star and Similitude have been added.

20 Nov 2003

Various small fixes in this section which are too numerous to mention' thanks to Jordan Rowntree for pointing these out. Several more are thanks to Cristoph Galuschka.

19 Nov 2003

Jochem van den Berge pointed out a typo on the Borg sphere specs page. Brad pointed out a wrong date on the Polaris page, and Brain Ng pointed out a date mistake on the Preserver Cannon page.

Just think, if the real Daystrom had this many people fixing his mistakes, the M-5 might not have been such a disaster!

18 Nov 2003

Matt Hackler was first to point out a mistake on the Borg Sphere images page, which showed a Ferengi D'Kora. Thanks to Matt. Dan points out a typo of sorts on the Klingon Tanks and D5 pages, so these are also fixed. Nathan points out a mistake on the Scimitar page - said Valdore when it should have said Norexan.

Also, I finally came across some images for the Polaris class page. These are pictures of a model which Stephen L. has built out of a Constitution kit. Many thanks for his kind permission to use the images on this site. The comments page for the class has also been updated to credit Stephen.

Thanks also go to Jochem van den Berge and John Harrington who both pointed out errors in the strength numbers. Turns out a typo in the database meant it was working the numbers out wrong on many, many pages. Should all be fixed now.

Ship Images
Matt Hackler was first to point out a mistake on the Borg Sphere images page, which showed a Ferengi D'Kora. Thanks to Matt.

17 Nov 2003

John Harrington points out a nit on the Intrepid class page - I had listed some as retired when it's way too early for that to be happening yet. It's now fixed. Anthony Schmitz points out a nit with the size comparison images no the Springfield class - I had them swapped around.
I've added a new entry to the "I'm a doctor..." list - another Bashir. Amanda Reckonwith pointed this one out. I'm thinking of doing a "He's dead, Jim!" list like this, so let me know if you're interested in seeing this or you have examples!
The Dominion Dreadnought image has been fixed - it had the wrong image. Several folks pointed this out, but Mitchell Harmon was first so he gets the mention. Also thanks to Jochem van den Berge who pointed out an incorrect caption on the Sovereign class images page, to Robert Spottiswood who spotted a mistaken caption on the Excelsior image page and to Maria Pellegrini who spotted a typo on Regency image page.

Keep 'em coming folks! We do the fixing, you get the credit!

Another passing...
Kelly Waymire, who played Lieutenant Elizabeth Cutler on several episodes of Enterprise as well as appearing in a Voyager episode, passed away on Thursday evening. Her death was especially tragic as she was only 35 years old. The DITL sends it's condolences to her family for their tragic loss.

16 Nov 2003

Thanks to Adam Gilliver who pointed out that the Talarian ships were linked to the wrong pages. This is now fixed. Some mistakes with the Sovereign masses are now fixed thanks to Adam Broughton. John Taylor points out a typo on the Norexan class comments page, and R Matelonek pointed out a nit on the Promellian battlecruiser page which are now both fixed.
Series Guides
Reviews of the first six episodes of Season 3 of Enterprise have been added, along with episode 8 - I haven't seen episode 7 yet. The cast, writer, director and all other associated lists and pages have thus all been updated automatically courtesy of the new database system.
We have now added a min, max and average rating to the Writers, Directors and Cast lists within the list section.

12 Nov 2003

Ship Specs
One of the things the database let me do is relate the agility numbers to the size of the ship much better. But a few nits crept in, so some fixes have gone up. Marcus Harbaugh pointed out an error on the D'Deridex page, Miguel Tomma one on the Sovereign page. I fixed the Intrepid class myself. Steve DeNicholas also pointed out that I had my size comparison images for the basic and refitted Constitutions switched, and Morgan Beardsley pointed out a mistake on the Intrepid crew complement. There are doubtless many more like this, so keep 'em coming!

9 Nov 2003

Other Species
We've updated about 30 or so of the Other Species images with much larger and better quality captures. We've also added a few new species here - several Delta quadrant ones, plus one or two in the Alpha quadrant.
We've fixed a few nits with the new system. Thanks to Werner, Christoph Galuschka, and Warren Ayen for pointing out some problems with the species images and text which are now fixed, and to Greg MacDonald for pointing out a mistake on the Scimitar page. Thanks to Matthew Bryson and Null for pointing out broken lists, and Markus Rumpf for pointing out an error in the ship images.

Some people are getting problems with 404 errors - your cache is probably trying to find old parts of the site, and you can fix this by either reloading the relevant frames or clearing your cache.

As you can see, some blank buttons have been added to the top and bottom strips. These are there to fill the gaps that were previously next to the buttons, and as blanks for future expansion.
Now that Enterprise has been going a while, I've added a new section to the Enterprise Ramblings article. It's taken almost word for word from a post I made to alt.startrek and points out a few things they should have done differently, in my humble opinion.

5 Nov 2003

And Finally...
Drumroll please... the new and improved DITL takes off today. You would not BELIEVE how much work this has taken!

What we have done is put much of the site's information into a database format. The htm pages you see when you come here are now generated from this database as you request them. What does this mean for you? Well, here's a list of the things now available to you :

  • As you can see, we have reformatted the opening page; it now displays the most recent what's new entry. So you can see if anything has changed the instant you come to the site.
  • Information need only be updated once in our database and it is automatically updated everywhere across the site. So previously I would alter a ship specifications page but forget or not bother to do, say, the fleets page. No longer.
  • Talking of the fleets pages, these were previously limited to the major powers - Federation, Klingons, Romulan, etc. Well, now there are pages for everybody with more than one or two ships to their name.
  • The ship pages have been reformatted. The specifications and comments pages have been combined, with the comments appearing beneath the notes section. The two are separated by a blue line, since blue denotes pages written from a present-day viewpoint. We have also attached references to most of our canonical and official information. If you have the "tooltips" option enabled in your browser, you can point your mouse at any piece of green or yellow information on the ship pages and a little box will appear telling you exactly where it came from. If you prefer not to have that option enabled, the references are also displayed in the standard footnote format. Clicking on information will take you to a footnote list of all the sources used in that ship's page.
  • The same referencing system is also in place in the Battles, Species, and Timeline sections - want to know why something is dated as it is? EVERY canonical or official date in the timeline section is now fully referenced.
  • Series Guides - anybody who liked this area before is gonna LOVE it now. Take a look at, say, TNG season 1. Interested in one of the actors? Click his name and get a list summarising every role he or she has played in every Trek series. Ditto for directors, ditto for writers.
  • Remember the Series Guide Cast pages that listed the main characters and who played them? They now list EVERYBODY who has starred in each series, along with what roles they played and how many episodes they were in.
  • Oh, and the Crew page does the same thing, listing ALL writers and directors. Impressed yet?
  • The full cast list in the Lists section - we originally made this by scanning a paper list, which meant that there were a colossal number of typos and missing data. We've gone through and fixed more than a thousand mistakes in this list alone. The list is now generated from the same source as the episode guides, so it will be updated automatically whenever we add a new episode.
  • Along those lines, we have added a complete writer and director list to the Lists section as well.
  • Oh, by the way - all these lists in the series guides and lists section? You can now sort them by whichever column you choose just by clicking on the header. So for instance you can sort the cast list by actor name, role name, episode name, whatever you want.

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