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What's new - Jan 2003


26 Jan 2003

More Nits
A typo on the Type 11 specs page is fixed thanks to "Metrion Cascade",A typo on the TOS ep guides has been fixed thanks to Mr Felmar. The date forNemesis has been moved forward a year to fifteen years after Encounter atFarpoint - Kyle Hill pointed this out and gave a stardate of 56844.1 for themovie, and I had thought he was mistaken because the script says 14 years.After another Nemesis viewing it turns out the script and I were wrong andKyle right.
Episode Guide
Since I don't have Sky, and my usual source doesn't have it either at themoment, I have to go through a somewhat long-winded process to get hold ofthe new episodes of Enterprise. So the reviews are going to be a bit sporadicfor a while. The first three episodes have now gone up, but there is an oddityhere because Sky has held back one of the episodes for some reason, so I'mstill missing Carbon Creek. As a result the episode numbering and suchlikeis going to be off for a while.

I've also added a new section to the ST II review talking about the specialedition DVD. It's not quite up to the TMP release, but it's pretty good.

Amazingly, I never realised that we had a battles section which lacked oneof the all time great battles in Trek - the ones between the Enterprise andReliant in Star Trek II! So a page goes up on this in the battles section,with lots of lovely scans from the DVD.

19 Jan 2003

Some Nits
A typo on the Organian species page is fixed courtesy of doreenpr. Severalpeople have pointed out that an incorrect Stardate was left on the reviewof Nemesis. A typo on the force fields sci-tech entry has been fixed thanksto Balint Jeno Biro.
Size Comparison
As promised, some new size comparison images. Twenty nine of them. The Sphinxand EVA pods from the TNG tech manual, the So'na destroyer and battleshipplus an improved image of the collector, the two Talarian ships from "SuddenlyHuman", the Zalkonian, Caatati, Srivani, Benthan, Bomar and Nasari shipsfrom Voyager, the Klingon Raptor class and tanker and the early Romulan Birdof Prey from Enterprise, the Void ships from "Night", Orbital Onefrom "Blink of an Eye", Assan's and Irina's ship from "Drive",the ships from "The Omega Directive", Daelen's ship from "Viaa Vis", the Nightingale, a new Vidiian ship, the Voth science ship, anew version of the Danube class, and the Lysian defence pods from "Conundrum".

All courtesy of Ex Astris Scientia, which can be visited via our links page,with the exception of the first two which were done especially for this site.

13 Jan 2003

A minor nit fixed on the Sovereign page - the torpedo stowage numbers inthe text didn't match the specs table. Thanks to Victor Garcia for that one.

Also, a whole new ship - the Reman Scorpion class. A full write up, includingsize comp image courtesy of Ex Astris as always.

Some lovely new images of the Scimitar and the Argo have gone up.

12 Jan 2003

A full write up on the Argo has gone onto the shuttles list. No size comparisonpicture of this one as yet, and virtually all of the specs are speculative.If you know of any official numbers, please let me know.

The Sovereign specs entry has been re-written to bring it in line with afew new titbits regarding the changes in Nemesis. Although I point out inmy article on the Sovereign that there's no way to know if the new torpedotubes are burst fire or not, I have assumed that they are for now as far asthe specs page is concerned..

A few small items - Daniel points out that two of the dates on Troi's biohas 2200 numbers rather than 2300, so this is fixed. Adam Broughton pointsout that Picard's page mentions Admiral Hansen when it should say AdmiralDougherty. Ron told me that there is a 0 missing from the Scimitar's shieldstrength. Brian informs me that one of the Quiz questions had the wrong answer(the one about Praxis), so this is fixed. Teo Nguyen tells me that the modelof the Nova class has 11 phaser arrays, not 9, so I have changed this on thespecs page for the class. Doreenpr points out that one person was killed inGenesis, not Zero as my review stated.
A quick run-through of the TNG season four DVD pack yielded a few new images.Replacement images for one of the Borg Cube pictures and the Malcorian speciesimage have gone up, as have new images of the Vor'Cha and B'rel classes ontheir page. A couple of new images have also gone up on the Klingon speciespage, including a fantastic quality scan of Gowron. You should see the non-webversion, it's even better!

Coming soon... more Nemesis stuff and a whole load of new Sizecomp additions!

11 Jan 2003

A new article goes up today, examining the Sovereign class Starships andespecially some of the changes made to it for the new movie Nemesis. Thanksto Prometheus and Gerard Gilso for many of the images used.

6 Jan 2003

The Scimitar and the Valdore have been added to the other ships list. They'reunder the Romulan section, since the Empire was still called the Romulan Empireafter Shinzon took over it. No size comparison images yet, and only a singleimage of each ship. These aren't mine, they've been floating around the netfor a while and look like official publicity shots.

Also, the Sovereign page has been re-worked somewhat to split it into Basicand Uprated models, since we see significant new weaponry on the Enterprise-Ein Nemesis. The Comments page has also been reworked.

The entries for Picard, Data, Troi and Riker have been updated through Nemesis.
Episode Guide
A full review of Nemesis has been added.
The Scimitar and Valdore entries have been added to the strength calculatorsystem, as has the uprated Sovereign.
I found a copy of the Nemesis script online and grabbed it. I've writtenan article pointing out some of the changes made between this version of thescript and the finished movie.


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