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What's new - Feb 2001


18 Feb 2001

A new page on the styling section today. This one contains the various banners, logos and symbols used by the races of the galaxy. There are lots of images on this page, let us know if you feel it needs splitting up.
A whole bunch of additions to the "other species" go up today. There are a few on the Alpha Quadrant page, and about half a dozen or so on the Delta Quadrant page.
Size Comparison
We've created a new page to this section, the "Probes and Pods" page. This has the few escape pods we already have, plus the Galaxy class pod, together with some new additions - various probes we've seen. We've put the Kataan probe from "Inner Light", the Cytherian probe from "The N'th Degree" and Bok's probe from "Bloodlines" on here, as well as all nine of the probes from the TNG Technical Manual. The sizes of most of these are rather speculative, but we're hoping to refine them a little over the next week or so.

To the normal section we've added two ships from DS9 - the Hunters ship from "Tosk" and the Wadi ship from "Move Along Home". Plus, a vastly better image of the Ferengi Pod goes up today. The TNG TM probes were done by me, based on scans from the TM, the rest are courtesy of Ex Astris Scientia.

There are some more changes to this section. We've scanned a better picture of the Intrepid and updated the Neg'Var with a CGI version.

A few additions to the sci-tech section today. Firstly, it ocurred to me that the warp drive page barely mentions the most famous element of the system - the dilithium crystals! So I've added a bit of blurb on them, mostly based on the TNG Tech Manual, along with a couple of images.

As well as this, I've added a section on Padds to the computers page. I managed to get examples from no less than five different species from "The Art of Startrek". Take a look at the "criminal" on the Bajoran padd - it's Dan Curry, DS9's visual effects producer!

Finally, there's a page on cloaking technology. There's less technical information than I'd like on this page, at the moment it's more a history lesson! I hope to be adding more tech stuff in the near future.

A couple of additions to the weapons list from Voyager - the hyperthermic charges mentioned in "Deadlock", and the phased ion cannon mentioned in "Resistance".

4 Feb 2001

In a new page on this section, fourteen writing styles have been added.
Various season one aliens have been added to the Delta Quadrant "Other Species" list.
Size Comparison
The following ships have been added : from TOS the Fesarius from the "The Corbomite Maneuver", from Voyager the Voth city ship from "Distant Origin" and the Ares from "One Small Step", from DS9 the Norkova from "The Passenger", and from TNG the Iyaaran shuttle from "Liasions".

Additionally, the sizes for a few ships have been changed and about 25% of the size comparison comments entries have been reworded somewhat.

Series Guides
Seasons one and three of TNG have been transferred into the newer, more complete format.

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