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service history

What's new - Aug 2000

22 Aug 2000

Section Update
Episode Guide Good Shepherd goes up today.

19 Aug 2000

Section Update
Episode Guide Child's Play is added to Voyager season six today. Also, this page premiers a new format for the episode guides. This update more than doubles the number of items per episode. New additions include:
  • First air date
  • Stardate
  • Guest cast
  • YATI (Yet Another Trek Inconsistency)
  • Great moment
  • Body count
  • Factoid
  • Quote
For the moment this page is only one in this format, however, all the other series and films will be converted over time. TOS seasons 1, 2 and 3 are well underway and will be the next to go up.

13 Aug 2000

Section Update
Species The Kobali from Voyagers "Ashes to Ashes" go up today.

9 Aug 2000

Section Update
Timeline A new page has been added showing many of the events prior to the year 2000.
Lists Various updates to the section have brought it up to date to Voyager's "Ashes to Ashes".
Episode Guide Now updated through "Ashes to Ashes".

4 Aug 2000

Section Update
Timeline Now updated thorugh some of Voyagers season six, plus an entry regarding the Aries 4 in the 2000's page.

1 Aug 2000

Section Update
Weaponry I finally got around to fixing the tri-cobalt page to reflect the subspace nature of these devices.
Sci-Tech Ryan McKenzie recently pointed out that the Genesis Device is missing from the sci-tech section, so this has gone up today. The images are a mixture of ones from the old Genesis power page and two or three new ones.

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