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What's new - Jun 1998


30 Jun 1998

Power page
Some revamping here - the figures for the trilithium torpedo have been corrected after I rewatched the sequence a few more times. Also, I've replaced the text headings with graphics.

29 Jun 1998

Good News!
I've been worrying a bit lately because I was getting close to my sites 5 Megabyte size limit. Well, a recent check with Demons website has confirmed that they've now given their users an increase all the way up to 15 Megabytes! What this means to you is that you can expect more and bigger pictures to arrive on the site in the future. Those who have read my personal details in the site guide will know that I'm a teacher, which means that summer holidays are coming up fast! But don't fret - I'm taking myself and my computer to stay with somebody who owns EVERY single Star Trek TOS, TNG, movie, DS9 and Voyager videotape thats out in the UK. That means six whole weeks with nothing to do but scan loads of nice clear images for you to enjoy - so watch this space, because I'm just getting started!
Deep Space Nine
The Deep Space Nine page now includes a re-written and expanded text and a couple of images taken from "Way of the Warrior". In addition, I've gone through the "Warrior" footage and done a careful count of the weapons stations - the weapons specifications are now based a little more directly on on-screen evidence. Although I'm fairly sure these numbers are correct, I haven't marked them all as canon since I can't be POSITIVE that there aren't other weapon emplacements hiding somewhere I couldn't get pics of them - in particular I think that there may be more retractable emplacements on the docking ring, especially since Cassidy indicated that a good deal of the work was going on out there rather than on the Habitat ring. Expect more details when I can get my hands on the upcoming DS9 Tech Manual.

27 Jun 1998

Title Buttons and Links
The titles on the weapons page and species page are now re-written so they can't be clicked. Instead, there are LCARS 'images' buttons linking to the relevant images. I've colour coded these buttons all in line with the various menu lists - purple for titles, beige for clickable buttons. Eventually I'm going to be extending this format to the power page, which is sorely in need of LCARS-ing (is that a real word? :).
The Weapons page now has images of the Romulan Plasma Torpedo in operation. These are taken from the TOS episode "Balance of Terror" - I'm trying to work in pictures from the original series whenever I can!

Additional sapcecraft images include a new shot under the Nebula entry, taken from Waltz and a new shot each of the Dominion fighter and battlecruiser taken from "Call to Arms". The eagle-eyed nitpickers among you will also notice that the image of the Cardassian freighter on the size comparison page is now... the right way up! On the species page there is a new Cardassian picture and some Romulan images.

25 Jun 1998

Trilithium Torpedo
The Weapons page has a slightly re-written entry on this weapon. The text includes a link to the power page, which now has some detailed calcualtions concerning this weapon.

22 Jun 1998

Work continues on the Species Page. I've now uploaded images of almost all the species there, and am working on the text to go with them. Also, I found a better shot of Defiant firing her phasers for that page.

21 Jun 1998

Size Comparison
I've added the Galor class, Gul Dukat's Freighter and the K'T'Inga class. New size figures for the Galor and K'T'Inga have also been put onto the specifications pages. These figures are based on the new Encyclopedia scale diagrams.
New Class
I finally got around to adding the Norway class to the ship specifications!
There's a new scan from 'Sacrifice of Angels' on the Miranda class page.
The strength indicies of the Sovereign class were not in agreement with the fleet strength page. I've now fixed them.

20 Jun 1998

Species of Star Trek
This page is now up, but it's FAR from a finished article. Be patient with me - I'm adding the remaining species as fast I can! Hope to be finished in the next week or so.
The revamping of my images continues. New today are some pictures on the Excelsior and Galor classes, Deep Space Nine and the Weapon page Quantum torpedo pictures.
A few more awards have come in - the total is now up to twenty seven and counting. Thanks for all the nice things they've been saying about me.

18 Jun 1998

As promised, the new story is up. Chapters one and two are Portal Part One, the rest are the second part. Hope you like it.

14 Jun 1998

Welcome Page
The Welcome page has now been modified to include a rather nice graphic of my site name - thanks to Ian Kennedy for creating that. It also gives some information on the minimum recommended configuration for viewing the site.
Well, I found a way around my software problems that seems to work okay, at least for now. So here are some new additions :

The Weapons Page - Now includes trilithium torpedoes and some very nice images from Generations. I've had to do a bit of creative dissemination to explain how I have images of events that never actually happened due to Picard and Kirks intervention! But I think it more or less holds water.

I get a 5 Megabyte allowance for my site, and was up to nearly 4 Mb as of yesterday. So I've converted almost every image on the site from gifs to jpegs, which freed up some 800 kilobytes and should reduce your download times even further.

13 Jun 1998

Today marks the beginning of a new era for my webpage - I now have my very own video capture card! This means you should be seeing some new images coming through from now on. For today, you can see new and original pics on the following pages :

The Weapons Page - A new image has been put onto the Type 10 Phaser pictures. The photon grenade title now links to several pictures of this weapon being used by Kirk in "Arena". The tri-cobalt entry now has several images of Voyager using these devices in "Caretaker".

The Defiant Class - Now includes an image of Defiant firing her pulse phasers.

The Jem'Hadar Fighter - Now includes an extra image taken from "The Search, Part one".

The Predator Class - The specifications page for this ship now boasts a few new images from "Caretaker".

However, after initial success I am now experiencing problems with my video editing software and it might be a while before you see any further improvements :-( Watch this space for further developments...

The Awards page has now been divided up into several sub-pages - the two non-Trek awards are now on a page of their own, while the rest are listed in the order I recieved them. This means that to see the latest info you only need go to the last page on the list. That should reduce your download time significantly.

12 Jun 1998

Another five awards today! Special thanks to Steve's Star Trek Page, who voted me an Admiral's rank.

10 Jun 1998

The site has now recieved a total of sixteen awards; recent additions include the Liberty Fleet and the Vulcan IDIC Domain.

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