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Weapons List

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Name Notes
Zjod's pistol1 A pistol used by Zjod in 21531
Xindi Weapon - Weapon The full size weapon was finally located in the Azati system in 2154, at an underwater facility on Azati Prime. Archer piloted a mission to penetrate the security system around the weapon and destroy it; unfortunately he was captured and the weapon moved to another location.2 Subsequently Archer concentrated on convincing the Xindi that Humanity was not in fact responsible for the destruction of their homeworld as they had been told and attempting a peaceful settlement. He succeeded in this to some extent, but the Reptilians led by Commander Dolim and the Insectoids refused to believe the evidence presented and stole the weapon.3 Archer persued the weapon to Earth, where a party of Enterprise officers boarded and attempted to sabotage it as it approached Earth. Dolim boarded the weapon also, and fought a final battle with Archer as the weapon self-destructed around them. Dolim was killed by Archer, who subsequently escaped just as the weapon exploded.4
Xindi Weapon - Prototype After much searching, Enterprise located the system which the Xindi were using to develop their weapon system in December 2153.5 They had already located a manufacturing facility which was producing Kemocite for the weapon and convinced the Xindi-Arboreal Gralik to sabotage one of the shipments so as to slow the development6; this was successful, and the test observed in December was a failure even though the yield was sufficient to devastate an entire moon. Archer attempted to steal the prototype with the help of the Andorian Shran, but under orders from home Shran betrayed Archer and attempted to keep the weapon for himself. Fortunately Archer had forseen this action and rigged the prototype to overload and self destruct on command. Deprived of his prize Shran headed home, but in recognition of his previous debts to Archer he transmitted detailed scans taken of the Prototype to Enterprise as he departed.5
Xindi Weapon - Probe The initial version of the Xindi weapon was a probe manned by a single Reptilian pilot. It blasted a swath of destruction through Florida and beyond in a matter of seconds, resulting in seven million deaths. Ominously, the Suliban informed Archer that the device was merely a test platform for a much larger, more powerful weapon which would be capable of destroying the entire Earth. The mission was apparently a suicide run, with no provision to recover the pilot after the probe self-destructed.7 Quantum dating of the remnants showed an age of -420, proving that at least some elements of the device originated from the future. It was this which convinced Starfleet to trust the Suliban's information and send Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse.7
Xindi Weapon In 2152 Earth suffered one of the most devastating attacks in its history - over seven million people were killed when an alien weapon launched an attack from orbit. Earth had been at peace for generations, and the sudden slaughter was all the more shocking for that fact.7

The NX class Enterprise was recalled from it's exploration mission to bolster Earth's defences. On the way home Captain Archer encountered the Suliban, who took him to meet their contact from the future. The mysterious figure informed Archer that the attack had been launched by an alien species called the Xindi. The Xindi had been told that Humanity would destroy their race some four hundred years in the future, and had apparently decided to destroy Humanity in order to prevent this. Archer was given proof that the Xindi had equipment which originated in the future and told that they lived in ""The Expanse"", a large area of space filled with dangerous anomalies.7

The Vulcans regarded the Expanse as so dangerous that no vessel would willingly enter. Nevertheless, with proof of Archer's information Starfleet felt it had no choice but to send a mission to the Expanse to track down the Xindi and put a stop to the attacks one way or another.7

Xindi Slug Thrower This weapon was in use with the Xindi in the mid 22nd century. It fired a large ball of some viscous substance which adhered to a surface near the enemy. The substance would them emit a shower of harmful particles which would strike the target.1
Xindi Seeker Drone6 Created by the Reptilians during the Xindi civil war for reconnaissance, these drones were considered highly effective.6
Xindi Reptilian Rifle6 A rifle design used by the Xindi in the 2150s. The design included organic components.6
Xindi Insectoid Rifle1 A rifle used by the Xindi Insectoids in the 2150s.1
X-ray Laser8 Coherent energy beam weapon.8
Winchester Rifle9 Brand name for a rifle used on 19th century Earth. Troi used a Winchester in the "Old West" holoprogram.9
Vulcan Sword A weapon comprising a large, very wide blade with a wooden handle. These weapons were employed during the kal-if-fee ceremony to discourage any interference or improper behaviour from those attending.10
Vulcan Rifle11 A Vulcan rifle in use on Coridan in 2152.11
Vulcan Pistol12 A Vulcan weapon in use circa 213512
Vulcan Heavy Rifle11 A large rifle weapon used by the Vulcans in 2151.11
Vori Rifle13 A rifle design used by the Vori when Voyager encountered them.13
Vorgon Beam Pistol14 A weapon carried by the time travelling Vorgons encountered by Captain Picard on Risa in 2366. The weapon had a mild stun effect.14
Veridium Six15 A slow acting cumulative poison.15
Varon-T Disruptor16 A small disruptor pistol. This weapon was banned in the Federation because it was regarded as being unnecessarily cruel; it took six seconds to disintegrate a person, a much slower and far more painful death than was caused by a phaser. Only five were ever manufactured. The collector Kivas Fajo owned four of them, but these were confiscated in 2366 when he was arrested by the crew of the Enterprise-D.16
Ultritium concussion shell17 Weapon used by Dominion forces to attack ground targets. In 2373 the Jem'Hadar used ultritium concussion shells to bombard the area around a crashed Dominion ship which Captain Sisko and his officers had taken refuge in. The weapons were never used against the ship itself as the Jem'Hadar did not want to injure a Founder who was hiding aboard. Rather they were used against the ground nearby over a prolonged period in an attempt at psychological warfare.17
Ultritium18 A chemical explosive, virtually impossible to detect with transporter scanners.18
Triton-Class spatial torpedo19 Weapon system which Reed was familiar with.19
Trilithium Torpedoes20 The trilithium torpedo was created by Doctor Tolian Soran, an El Aurian scientist who had an encounter with the Nexus in 2293. Soran searched for a safe method of re-entering the Nexus for decades; eventually he hit upon the idea of altering its course to bring it close to a planetary surface. This would allow him to wait on the planet in safety. In order to alter the course of the Nexus, Doctor Soran needed to significantly alter the mass of stars at certain points close to its course. The trilithium torpedo was his solution to this problem.20

Precise details of the trilithium weapon are uncertain, but members of the Enterprise-D crew were able to scan a torpedo at close range.20 Subsequently the ship was able to record detailed sensor information when the Amargosa system was destroyed by Doctor Soran. Those records indicate that the torpedo initially causes a massive flare-up in the stars output. This initial burn lasts for some seven seconds, releasing some 4.2 x 1046 Joules and consuming approximately 23% of the mass of the star. This process produces a level 12 shockwave, powerful enough to destroy everything in the entire solar system. It also significantly alters the gravitational forces in the region.20

Immediately subsequent to the primary energy release, a quantum implosion occurs within the star. This causes a very rapid breakdown in all remaining fusion processes; starved of the thermal pressure that normally holds a star inflated, the remnants of the Amargosa star collapsed under their own weight20 into a black dwarf.

Doctor Soran attempted to launch a further weapon at the Veridian sun, but was prevented in doing so by two Starfleet officers. This weapon was destroyed together with all of its supporting facilities when it exploded on launching.20

The Federation has classified its information concerning trilithium weapons and outlawed any attempt at production, in line with the laws against the production and use of weapons of mass destruction. However, it is likely that detailed research is proceeding.
Tricobalt Device21 The tri-cobalt warhead is a high yield device used for destruction of large scale stationary targets such as space stations.21 Several species have deployed this technology at some time; one notable example is the planets Eminiar VII and Vendikar, who used computer simulations of tri-cobalt devices as part of their simulated war. The USS Enterprise was declared a casualty of one of these devices when it failed to raise its shields during a simulated attack by Vendikar, a situation which brought a rather determined response from the commanding officer.22

Although the Federation is banned from using subspace weapons by the Khittomer accords23, Starfleet vessels do carry tri-cobalt devices occasionally. In 2371 the USS Voyager used two of them to destroy the Caretaker's array in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Kazon.21 The Starfleet weapon has a programmable yield which can reach 20,000 Teracochranes, more than enough to destroy even a large station like the Caretaker's array.24

Detonating tri-cobalt devices within high gravity fields such as those found near to dead stars can create pockets of interphase space. These can form gateways between parallel dimensions25, though such gateways can be highly unstable and are easily disrupted by energy releases.26
Triceron15 An explosive.15
Tri-cobolt explosive19 Type of explosive used in Romulan mines as of 215219
Transphasic Torpedoes27 Like the ablative armour, the transphasic torpedoes were given to Voyager's crew by a future version of the ship's own captain. Even though the ship lacked any access to a spacedock or outside support of any kind, it was still a relatively quick procedure to prepare the weapons systems for these devices. At time of writing Starfleet has had little chance to asses the technology, but Voyager used several of them during combat with the Borg when returning to Earth and they were massively effective on this occasion. Voyager was able to destroy a Borg cube with two hits, and a second with only a single hit.27

Starfleet is sure to conduct a rapid assessment of these weapons, and if the Temporal Prime Directive allows then it is highly likely that they will make a fleetwide deployment of them in the near future. It seems certain that this will result in a massive increase in the offensive firepower of all torpedo-equipped vessels. Given that the ablative armour generator technology is also likely to spread through the fleet shortly, it seems that Starfleet will soon eclipse all of its competitors in military strength.
Transgenic weapon12 Weapon manufactured from synthetic bio-toxins.12
TR-11628 An advanced form of projectile weapon designed for use in areas where dampening fields prevent modern weapons from functioning.28
Tox-Utat14 Small handheld crystal capable of halting all fusion in a star. Invented in the 29th century, the Tox-Utat was sent back in time and destroyed by Picard.14
Tkon Pike29 Bladed weapon used by the Tkon to test applicants to their Empire.29
Thought Maker30 A device which was capable of influencing the brain activity of a victim. Thought makers comprised a pair of devices, one which was placed near the victim and one which was used to control it from a distance. It was illegal to own or use thought makers within the Ferengi Alliance. Nevertheless, in 2364 DaiMon Bok used a thought maker in an attempt to discredit and ultimately kill Captain Picard. Purchasing the thought maker cost Bok his entire life's profit.30
Thoron Rifle31 Type of weapon used by the Ilari31 and the Entharans.32
Thompson sub-machine gun33 Type of projectile weapon popular on Earth in the early to mid 20th Century. The Iotians copied the weapon.33 One featured in Picard's "Big Goodbye" holoprogram.34
Tholian Web26 First seen over a hundred years ago, the Tholian Web remains one of the most mysterious weapons systems ever encountered. The Web became known to the Federation when the USS Enterprise went to investigate the loss of the USS Defiant in 2268; the Starship was found to be in a phased state, moving between dimensions periodically. Whilst investigating, Captain Kirk was caught up in the effect and lost between dimensions.26

The Enterprise attempted to retrieve the Captain, but was challenged by a Tholian vessel. After a brief stand-off the Tholian attacked the Starship and was disabled. Whilst the Enterprise continued rescue attempts, another Tholian vessel arrived. The two alien ships then began to create the Web.26

For two ships, the process of spinning the web is a long one. The vessels join briefly then begin to repeatedly circle the area to be sealed off, trailing between them an energy field filament. The filaments cross and re-cross, gradually enclosing the area in a gigantic cage like structure. Once complete, the web was strong enough to contain any attempt the ship might make to break out.26

Many aspects of the Web remain puzzling. At the very least it appears that it can only be used in a highly selective set of circumstances. In their first encounter the Enterprise was able to disable the Tholian vessel with only a few seconds of phaser fire, yet it took considerable time for the ships to create the web structure. If not for their attempts to rescue Captain Kirk, the Starship would certainly have been able to comfortably disable or destroy dozens of vessels in the time it took to create the web.26

Additionally, the web presents no real barrier to travel until it is largely complete - in the early stages, a ship could simply fly out of the web without trouble.26

However, when many Tholian ships come together they can forego the "spinning" process and simply project a web around an enemy ship in a matter of seconds. This makes the system much more useful in combat conditions. The Tholians of the Mirror universe used a web to ensnare the NX-01 in 2155, keeping it captive whilst they attacked and destroyed it.35
Theragen26 Klingons nerve gas, highly lethal if used in its pure form.26
The Knife of Kirom36 An ancient Klingon knife which dates back to the time of Kahless, and is believed to be stained with his blood. The Knife of Kirom is held on the Klingon homeworld in a sacred vault, from which nobody is allowed to remove it. Nevertheless, it was removed by Gowron in 2369 and taken to Boreth. Gowron hoped to compare the DNA on the blade to that of the recently resurrected Kahless, to prove that he was a fraud. In fact, the knife showed that the blood was a match for Kahless. This subsequently proved to be because Kahless was a clone of the original.36
Thalaron Generator37 A type of radiation which was the Federation considered to be theoretical until 2379, when it was detected aboard the Reman vessel Scimitar. Shinzon had managed to develop a method of producing and controlling thalaron for weapon purposes. The unique properties of thalaron make possible a "cascading biogenic pulse", an energy discharge which can expand almost without limit depending on the radiant intensity of the radiation. Any living being caught within the discharge undergoes a rapid and catastrophic change, becoming almost rock-like - a process which is of course instantly fatal. Non-living material is not affected.37

Shinzon developed at least two different versions of the device; one was a small and highly portable unit which could be easily carried by a single person. It produced a discharge capable of enveloping a large room. The Romulan Senator Tal'aura, an ally of Shinzon, smuggled one of these devices into the Romulan Senate chamber to assassinate the entire senate as part of Shinzon's coup.37

The second version was built into the Scimitar - indeed the ship was in large part a flying thalaron generator weapon intended to be capable of enveloping an entire planet. Shinzon likely intended to use the device against Earth, but was forced to try and capture Captain Picard first in order to gain the transplant material he needed to correct his own genetic defects. When the Scimitar was disabled during a battle with the Enterprise-E, Shinzon tried to use the thalaron weapon against the Starship. The device was destroyed before it could fire when Lieutenant Commander Data fired his phaser into the thalaron generator.37
Tetryon pulse launcher23 A Starfleet weapon. In 2375 Captain Picard included eight tetryon pulse launchers amongst the weaponry which he took with him to help the Ba'ku in their struggle against the Son'a.23
Tetryon Beam Pistol38 Weapon used by the Bajoran Trazko. He shot Quark with it in 2370, after Quark opened a box he had acquired for Trazko's employer and examined the contents. The weapons fired a compressed tetryon beam.38

In 2369 Captain Picard was badly wounded with a Compressed Tetryon Beam weapon by some Lenarians. The weapon fused the bioregulator of his artificial heart, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. It also caused internal haemorrhaging and liver and spleen damage.39
Terra Nova Gun40 A weapon used by the colonists on Terra Nova. The weapon was a rapid fire projectile weapon of Human design, c. 2067.40
Temporal disruptor41 A Federation weapons invented some time between the 24th and 29th centuries. The weapon distorted spacetime around the target, stressing it to the point where it could no longer hold cohesion. A temporal disruptor small enough to fit in the hand could utterly destroy an Intrepid class starship, and in 2375 Captain Braxton used one to destroy Voyager. Fortunately the weapon was disarmed before it could be activated using temporal technology.41
Tantalus Field42 Weapon used by the alternate Captain Kirk in the mirror universe aboard the I.S.S. Enterprise.42
Tandaran Pistol43 Tandaran pistol. the weapon was carried by guards in Tandaran internment camps in the mid 22nd century.43
Tandaran Pain Stick43 Non-lethal weapon which incacitated its victims by inducing extreme pain. The device was in common use in Tandaran internment camps. It was a contact weapon, and could only be used at close range.43
Tamarian Dagger44 A weapon used by the Tamarian species. Captain Picard was given a Tamarian dagger by the Captain Dathon after Dathon stranded the two on El-Adrel IV in 2368.44
Swarm Pistol45 Hand weapons used by the Swarm when Voyager encountered them.45
Suliban Rifle46 A weapon used by the Suliban in the 2150s.46
Suliban Pistol46 A Suliban hand pistol, circa 2152.46
Subspace Warhead47 On approximately Stardate 54700, Voyager detected a series of energy discharges 5.9 light years ahead of the ship. Long range sensors showed subspace radiation and metallic debris throughout the area, without revealing any apparent cause. The ship proceeded on course, but on reaching the area the crew encountered a series of guided weapons emerging from subspace and exploding all around. The detonations were extremely powerful, producing level 9 shock waves which damaged Voyager's warp drive even from hundreds of thousands of kilometres away.47

Initially the crew feared a new and powerful adversary, but soon afterwards a warning beacon was discovered which was transmitting a message stating that the area was a "subspace munitions range" being used for target practice. Voyager attempted to communicate with the owners of the beacon but the warheads seemed able to travel over tremendous distances, perhaps dozens of light years, and there was no way to find those who had fired them.47

Seven of Nine and Icheb were able to recalibrate the astrometrics sensors to detect the minor gravimetric distortion caused when the warheads approached the subspace barrier, giving some warning of their emergence. However, when the ship engaged warp drive a warhead accidentally locked onto it from some twelve million kilometres away. Janeway attempted to destroy the device with a spread of photon torpedoes, but the warhead fired some form of protective cloud ahead of itself and destroyed the weapons. Scanning revealed that the warhead was equipped with a proximity resonance detonator operating at 4.84 GigaHertz, but as soon as an anti resonance pulse was tried the system rotated the frequency to avoid jamming.47

With time running out, Seven of Nine attempted to beam the detonator circuit out of the warhead with a transporter. Locking on to such a small target at such high velocity is extremely difficult, and even using sub micron imagers to enhance the targeting scanners Seven was unable to penetrate the tritanium shielding of the device until it came within point blank range of the Starship. However, the procedure was eventually successful and Voyager survived the accidental attack.47

No contact was ever made with the makers of the subspace warheads, nor were there any further encounters with these powerful weapons.47
Subspace Proximity Detonator48 Triggering device employed by explosive devices in the Koinonian war 1,000 years ago.48
Subnucleonic beam49 A Hirogen weapon which combines scanning and offensive capability. The subnucleonic beam can scan an emeny vessel and disrupt the propulsion system and navigational sensors.49
Stunstick50 Weapon used by the cadre forces fighting for control of Turkana IV colony.50
Stun Grenade51 Weapon in use by Earth Starfleet51 and Earth's MACO organisation in the 2151s.52

A stun grenade was a metallic cylinder, sized to fit into the palm of the hand. When activated a blue light on the side lit up. The weapon was then thrown into the midst of the enemy. On detonation it emitted a non-lethal stun effect, rendering anybody in the immediate proximity unconscious.51

In 2151 T'Pol suggested that the NX-01 might use stun grenades to incapacitate the Novans to facilitate their removal from the tunnels they had established beneath their original colony on Terra Nova. The idea was rejected by Captain Archer, who wanted a less aggressive option.40

In 2152, Captain Archer, T'Pol and Tucker used stun grenades in their raid on a Suliban Stealth Cruiser, allowing them to retrieve evidence proving that the NX-01 crew were not in fact responsible for the destruction of the mining colony on Paraagan II.51

When the NX-01 was attacked by Osaarian raiders in the Delphic Expanse in 2153, Captain Archer ordered the MACOs to use a stun grenade against them. He hoped this would be a safer option than using phase weapons in close proximity to the photonic warheads in the NX-01 armoury. The tactic proved ineffective since the raiders beamed away before the grenade detonated.52

When the NX-01 crew mutinied against Captain Archer in 2154, Commander Tucker used a stun grenade to render two MACOs unconscious.53 The devices were again used in this year when Captain Archer raided an Illyrian starship in order to steal their primary warp coil for use in repairs to the Enterprise.54 Stun grenades would again be used that year during the mission to rescue Ensign Hoshi from the Xindi-Reptilians.55

Stun grenades were also in use in the Mirror Universe.56
Starfleet Phaser Rifle57 A Starfleet phaser used in the Kelvin timeline. Spock wielded this weapon during the mission to capture the terrorist Harrison on the Klingon homeworld.57
Spears58 Weapon used by the natives of Taurus II. Their spears were similar to the Folsom Point, a spear discovered in 1925 in North America.58
Spatial Torpedo59 A weapon system employed by the NX-01 class in 2151. The spatial torpedo was a metal casing equipped with a drive system, warhead and a guidance system. It was expected to hit within significantly less than 3m of the aim point in combat. The weapon was of quite limited range, speed and hitting power, and did not prove very effective in service, especially against ships equipped with energy shielding.59

The system was replaced in 2153 with photonic torpedoes.60
Spacetime Weapon41 Advanced weapon used by Captain Braxton in the 29th century. It fractured spacetime across a radius of 150 metres, enough to destroy a starship.41
Sovak's Rifle14 A rifle design used by Sovak on Risa in 2366.14
Sovak's Pistol14 A pistol used by Sovak on Risa in 2366.14
Soren's Phaser20 Dr. Soren's phaser weapon.20
Soren's Phaser20 Soren fires his phaser weapon.20
Sonic Disruptor22 Handheld weapon used by the Eminians. Larger planetary defence cannon were also used.22
Son'a Pistol23 A small hand weapon used by the Son'a.23
Son'a Blaster23 A weapon carried by the Son'a.23
Solari rifle61 A rifle used on Solais V in 236561
Solari pistol #261 A pistol used on Solais V in 236561
Solari pistol61 A pistol used on Solais V in 236561
Solari heavy pistol61 A heavy pistol used on Solais V in 236561
Smoke grenade62 A weapon which generates large amounts of smoke, used to obscure vision.62
Skalaar's Pistol63 Hand weapon used by the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar.63 It closely resembles an Arkonian weapon, though the beam colouring was distinctly different.64
Shotgun33 Projectile weapon which fires a cloud of small metal pellets. The Iotians produced shotguns after cultural contamination from an Earth book.33 The Melkotians projected telepathic visions of gunfighters armed with shotguns into the mind of Kirk and his officers in 226865, and they were used in the "Old West" holoprogram on the Enterprise-D.9 21st Century police also used shotguns during the Bell Riots66, as did the rioters.67
Self Replicating Mines68 Advanced form of mine which could build copies of itself to replace units lost in action.68
Selay Catch Pole69 A device used by the Selay to capture and hold prey. The loop would be placed over the prey's head and then tightened around the neck, allowing them to be held from a distance with the pole. A Selay accidentally used one of these devices on Commander Riker in 2364, mistaking him for an Antican.69
Scalosian weapon70 Scalosian hand gun used to stun people without causing cellular damage. Used by the hyper-accelerated Scalosians while on board the USS Enterprise in 2268.70
Sarpeidonian weapon71 A weapon used by Mr Atoz, the Sarpeidonian librarian, to prevent Captain Kirk from staying in the library. The weapon was not used.71
Samurai Sword72 A type of Sword made on Earth in the middle ages. Sulu encountered a Samurai Sword on the alien pleasure planet visited by the Enterprise in 2267.72
Sakari rifle73 A rifle used by the Sakari when Voyager encountered them.73
Rutian pistol74 A Rutian pistol used by the security forces on Rutia in 236674
Romulan Rifle75 Weapon employed by the Romulans in 2368.75
Rigellian phaser rifle76 A Rigellian phaser rifle; not powerful when compared to Federation weapons, but still lethal76
Rigellian Gangster's Rifle77 A weapon used by a gangster on Rigel X.77
Rigellian Gangster's Pistol78 A pistol used by a Gangster on Rigel X.77
Retellian Pistol79 An energy weapon used by the Retellians in the 2150s.79
Retellian beam weapon79 A Retellian beam weapon circa 2152.79
Reman Rifle37 A Reman rifle.37
Reman Pistol37 A Reman pistol.37
Reman Knife37 A Reman knife, used by Shinzon to provide a blood sample to Captain Picard.37
Reman Heavy Knife37 A knife used by Shinzon to try and kill Captain Picard.37
Rapier80 Type of thin, flexible sword. Sulu enjoyed using a Rapier in sword fighting80, as did Captain Picard.81
Quarren Pistol82 This hand weapon was used by the security forces on the Quarren home planet.82
Quantum Torpedoes83 Introduced in the late 2360s83, the quantum torpedo was part of the range of projects which formed Starfleet's response to the threats represented by the Borg and renewed activity by the Romulans. Although there is no theoretical upper limit on the size of a matter/antimatter torpedo warhead - the Cardassian 'Dreadnought' type heavy penetrator carries a two thousand kilogram m/am warhead for example84 - warheads beyond the 25 isoton range tend to be too large and heavy for use as truly effective anti-ship weapons. Starfleet wanted to develop a warhead which offered firepower in the 50+ isoton range without penalising the agility of the weapon.

Starfleet R&D quickly decided to focus on a zero point energy system. Initial testing yielded a negative energy balance - it took more energy to initiate the zero point reaction than that reaction generated in turn. This problem was eventually surmounted and a 52.3 isoton quantum warhead was detonated at the Groombridge 273-2A facility.85

The device works by generating an eleven dimensional space time membrane which is twisted into a string similar in structure to a superstring. This process calls large numbers of subatomic particles into existence, liberating correspondingly large amounts of energy in the form of an explosion.85

The production torpedo is of similar size to the standard photon torpedo and is made of a shell of densified tritanium and duranium foam coated in an ablative layer and an antiradiation polymer coating. Great attention has been paid to making the weapon stealthy in operation by minimising the number of penetrations through the casing and by treating those which have been made.85

The warhead itself comprises a zero-point field reaction chamber, which is formed from a teardrop shaped crystal of rodinium ditellenite jacketed with synthetic neutronium and dilithium. A zero-point initiator is attached to this; the initiator is made of an EM rectifier, a wave guide bundle, a subspace field amplifier, and a continuum distortion emitter. The emitter creates the actual pinch field from a conical spike 10-16 meters across at the tip.85

The zero-point initiator is powered by the detonation of an uprated photon torpedo warhead with a yield of 21.8 isotons. The m/am reaction occurs at four times the rate of a standard warhead; the detonation energy is channelled through the initiator within 10-7 seconds and energizes the emitter, which imparts a tension force upon the vacuum domain. As the vacuum membrane expands over a period of 10-4 seconds, an energy potential equivalent to at least 50 isotons is created. This energy is held by the chamber for 10-8 seconds and is then released by the controlled failure of the chamber wall.85

The propulsion and guidance systems of the quantum torpedo also represent improvements over the standard photon. The computer system is based around bio-neural gel packs, allowing more efficient data processing and so improved guidance capability.86

Fabrication of the quantum torpedo initially proved difficult, since they contain many parts which are non replicatable. As a result the quantum torpedo was issued to relatively few vessels.86 Over time this problem has gradually been overcome, and the quantum torpedo is now becoming available on a much wider scale.

The Cardassians are known to have developed a version of the quantum torpedo which equips their Dreadnought type heavy penetrator.84 It is known that the design schematics of the quantum warhead developed by Starfleet were scanned by unauthorized personnel at least once during the development of that weapon, and it is now thought that an operative of the Obsidian Order was able to copy this data and escape with it. The Cardassians have apparently encountered considerable problems with the manufacture of quantum weapons, and their version of the torpedo is significantly less reliable than the Starfleet model. As a result the central command considered the quantum torpedo unsuitable for use as the primary torpedo armament of a fleet vessel, hence its role as the short range defence system of a device like Dreadnought.

The Cardassians were almost certainly working on creating uprated quantum torpedoes similar to Starfleet's weapon, but during the war with the Klingons many of their main weapons research and production centres were destroyed, most with the loss of all personnel. Although details are unclear, this seems to have all but eliminated the Cardassian's ability to fabricate these weapons. Certainly the Dominion showed no signs of using quantum torpedoes during their war with the Federation.

Most quantum torpedo launchers are simple modifications of photon launchers. The first model introduced on the Defiant was a quantum version of the Pulse fire torpedo tube, which can fire an average of one torpedo per second. The Sovereign class introduced a quantum burst fire tube - a variant on the type 4 photon burst fire model capable of launching a dozen torpedoes simultaneously.

Also introduced on the Sovereign class is the rapid fire turret; this allows torpedoes to be fired directly at a target, rather than having to manoeuvre toward it after launch - a measure which cuts down the torpedo flight time against targets at short range. The Sovereign turret is capable of firing four torpedoes per second, a rate of fire higher than any other model of torpedo tube in service.
Quantum resonance charge87 Powerful weapon employed by the Pralor. The quantum resonance charge weapons used on their ships gave them a firepower considerably superior to that of an Intrepid class starship.87
Qu'vak88 A short metal Klingon spear used to practice hunting skills.88
Pulse-Wave Torpedo89 Explosive device used by a Vulcan spaceship in a failed attempt to repair a subspace rupture in 2169.89
Psionic Resonator90 Ancient Vulcan weapon which amplified telepathic energy, turning a persons violent thoughts and emotions against them. The Stone of Gol was a psionic resonator. The weapon is useless if the target is not thinking violent or negative thoughts when it is used.90
Proton's Ray Gun91 These fictional ray guns formed part of the Captain Proton holodeck adventure created by Lieutenant Paris.91
Proton Beam92 A weapon used by Ramuran ships. The Proton beam was thought capable of penetrating any shielding, regardless of modulation, impacing the ship in an effect similar to being struck by thousands of needles. Harry was able to work with the tracer Kellin to develop a new defence against the weapon by tying baryon sensors into deflector control. This let the deflector scatter the incoming proton beam, greatly reducing its effect on the shields.92
Projectile Weapons - Winchester Rifle A rifle used on Earth during the latter half of the 19th century, the Winchester was well regarded for its tough construction. The rifle was available in many variants of different calibres; it was designed to use the same ammunition as pistols, allowing a user to carry one supply for both pistol and rifle. Like bolt action rifles, the Winchester was something of an intermediate step between the difficult to load flintlcok-type rifles which preceeded it and the semi-automatic and automatic weapons which followed. It carried a number of rounds in a tube beneath the barrel; after firing, the user manually cranked a large lever to reload and recock the weapon. This allowed a rate of fire of approximately one round per second and led to the Winchester being dubbed a "repeating" rifle. Other rifles had employed repeating mechanisms before the Winchester, but few enjoyed the same level of practicality.93

The Winchester was widely used in the American west, and indeed is sometimes referred to as "the gun that won the west" because of this popularity. It was one of several weapons which formed part of the holoprogram set in this period which Alexander Rozhenko used. Counsellor Troi also enjoyed this period of history, and employed a Winchester rifle in the program. A holodeck malfunction in 2369 led to her having to use the rifle in a real life and death situation.9

Winchester rifles were also in use with the Humans on the Skagaran planet in the Delphic Expanse which the NX-01 visited in 2153.94

Projectile Weapons - TR-11628 The TR-116 was developed by Starfleet for use in areas where normal phasers would be useless - within dampening fields or radiogenic environments, for example. The weapon was designed to be as simple and foolproof as possible - it used a chemical explosive to fire a Tritanium bullet and had no electrical or optical systems at all. The performance was poor by the standard of phaser weapons - range was limited to around one kilometre at most, and the largest feasible magazine was only capable of carrying thirty or forty rounds. However, in the kinds of environments the rifle was designed to operate in most opponents would be completely unarmed, while species like the Klingons would be reliant on swords and knives. Against that kind of opposition the TR-116 was more than adequate.28

The development of regenerative phasers which can also operate within energy-hostile environments made the TR-116 obsolete, and Starfleet dropped the program as soon as they were confident of its replacement. For some years the design remained merely a forgotten replicator pattern, but in 2375 a modified TR-116 was used to commit three murders on board Deep Space Nine.28

The altered weapon included two major changes. First, it was fitted with a microtransporter; when the bullet was fired the transporter beamed it to within less than 10 centimetres of the target. By using an exographic targeting sensor the killer was able to scan through many layers of bulkheads, allowing the TR-116 to be fired through walls or flooring. Chief O'Brien reproduced these alterations on another TR-116, which Lieutenant Dax subsequently used to find and capture the murderer. Operating the weapon is simplicity itself; the targeting scanner is located on the rifle, transmitting its viewpoint to a headset worn by the user. A simple thumb control moves the viewpoint forwards and backwards, allowing it to pass through walls as needed. The targeting graphic cues the user to fire whenever a target is in the line of fire.28

Some thought has been given to producing the modified TR-116 as a field weapon, but while the displaced targeting system is ingenious the basic limitations of a projectile weapon remain. Since phaser beams can be transported on the way to the target much as bullets can, displaced firing is likely to become a feature of phaser weapons in the future.28
Projectile Weapons - Thompson sub-machine gun This weapon was created by Colonel J.T. Thompson during the early years of the 20th century.93 The weapon became popular with criminal gangs of the time; the Chicago Mobs of the 1920s especially took to the weapon. When the USS Horizon visited Sigma Iotia III in 2167 a book about these gangs was accidentally left behind. The Iotians chose to re-model their entire society based on the pattern in the book, including recreation of the weaponry shown. The Thompson was massively common on Sigma Iotia III - a large fraction of the adult male population seemed to carry one openly whenever they were in public. When Captain Kirk and his officers visited the planet in 2268 they made some use of the weapons themselves, though they never actually fired them at anybody.33 In 2373 Captain Picard used a holodeck recreation of a Thompson sub-machine gun to kill two Borg drones with holographic bullets in "The Big Goodbye" program.34 On another occasion Slade Bender attempted to murder Picard with a Thompson as part of a Dixon Hill program.18 When Captain Archer and the NX-01 were sent to an alternate version of 1940s Earth in which the Germans were winning World War II with alien help, they encountered American resistance fighters who used the Thompson. These weapons were a wartime version of the weapon, slightly modified to make construction more rapid.95
Projectile Weapons - Shotgun Like many projectile weapons, the shotgun uses a chemical explosive to propel a projectile down a metal tube and towards the target. In this case however, the weapon fires not a single projectile but a cluster of many smaller ones. These spread apart as they travel towards the target, spreading the impact - and therefore the damage - over a greater area. Early shotguns were typically reloaded by manually inserting a round at the rear of the barrel - some weapons carried two barrels side by side to reduce the frequency of reloading. Later weapons carried a small number of rounds which could be reloaded by working a slide beneath the barrel in a pumping action, or which reloaded themselves in a 'semi-automatic' fashion. Whilst the effect of a shotgun blast can be great, there are drawbacks - the range is reduced compared to a single projectile, the accuracy is less, and the danger of collateral damage can be higher. It is also easier to defend against shotguns by use of armour.93

Shotguns were one of several Earth weapons which the Iotians produced under the influence of the book 'Chicago Mobs of the 1920s'.33 The Clayton gang also used shotguns in the Melkotian telepathic projection which Kirk and several of his officers underwent in 226865, and the weapons formed part of the "Old West" holoprogram which Alexander Rozhenko and Counsellor Troi enjoyed.9 In 2371 Commander Sisko and Dr. Bashir were thrown back in time to the 21st century where they took part in the Bell riots; police of this era used pump-action shotguns66, and many of the rioters carried weapons seized from the police.67 Shotguns were also used by members of the Americal "militia" movement of the late 1990s.96

Projectile Weapons - Police Special72 A pistol design commonly used on Earth during the 20th century. The police special was a revolver - it contained six cartridges in a cylinder which revolved to bring each round in line with the barrel in turn. On firing a small amount of chemical explosive in the rear of the chamber was detonated. The expanding gases propelled a lead pellet at the front of the cartridge down the barrel and towards the target. When the crew of the USS Enterprise visited an alien pleasure planet in 2267 the advanced technology which was beneath the surface manufactured various items from the crew's imaginations, including a functional police special. Lieutenant Sulu, who discovered the weapon, noted that none had been made in 'a couple of centuries'.72
Projectile Weapons - Pak44 L/55 Cannon Produced by Germany during World War II, The Pak 44 armed the Jagdtiger tank destroyer. It was the most powerful anti-tank weapon built during the war - the theoretical maximum range was over 22 km, and the weapon was effective at much longer range than any allied vehicle. The 128 mm armour piercing round could penetrate the 100mm frontal armor of a Pershing battle tank at over two kilometres. At one kilometre the round could penetrate 167 mm of armour.93

When the NX-01 was thrown into an alternate timeline version of World War II in which the Germans were winning the war thanks in part to alien assistance, the Germans had captured Washington DC and much of the American East coast. They kept at least two Jagdtiger tank destroyers on the lawn of the White House.97

Projectile Weapons - P38 A semi-automatic pistol used by the German army during the mid 20th century, the P38 was designed to replace the ageing Luger pistol. It was designed by the Carl Walther in the mid-1930s and adopted in 1938. Like most semi-automatic weapons the P38 used a fraction of the force generated by the explosive which propelled the round to reload and recock the weapon, allowing it to fire as rapidly as the trigger could be pulled. The P38 was considered to be an advanced, reliable and accurate weapon for the time.93

In the 2260s the Federation scientist John Gil deliberately interfered with the culture on the planet Ekos, installing himself as absolute ruler. He patterned the society after Earth's Nazi Germany, introducing not only a similar political system but many individual hardware designs also. One of the weapons Gil gave to the Ekosians was the P38 pistol.98 P38 pistols were also used by the Germans who formed part of the holodeck program Voyager personnel engaged in when the Hirogen captured the ship in 2374.99

Projectile Weapons - MP40 Produced by Earth's German nation during World War II, the MP40 was a modification of the earlier MP38 sub-machine gun designed by Follmer at the Erma company. The MP38 and 40 were highly successful, with some 1.2 million manufactured before the end of the war. They were considered reliable in service, though the lack of a forward hand guards often resulted in burned hands during sustained fire. The gun also lacked range compared to comparable Soviet weapons, being limited to some 100 metres. The MP40 fired 9 mm rounds from a 32 round box, massed 4.7 kilos when loaded, and had a rate of fire of 500 rounds per minute. It was 83.3 cm long with the stock extended.93 In the 2260s the Federation scientist John Gil deliberately interfered with the culture on the planet Ekos, installing himself as absolute ruler. He patterned the society after Earth's Nazi Germany, introducing not only a similar political system but many individual hardware designs also. One of the weapons Gil gave to the Ekosians was the MP40 sub-machine gun.98 When the NX-01 was sent to an alternate timeline version of 1940s Earth in which the Germans were winning World War II thanks to alien help, Captain Archer encountered German soldiers who used M40 sub-machine guns.95
Projectile Weapons - MP-5k A sub-machine gun used on Earth during the late 20th and early 21st century, the MP-5k was designed to be a compact weapon which could be easily concealed under clothing and handled in confined or crowded spaces. The small size gave it a very limited degree of penetration penetration against body armour. The weapon massed 2 kilos empty, was 32.5 cm long with the stock folded, fired 15 rounds per second, and had an effective range of 25 metres.93

The MP-5k was in use with US law enforcement teams who responded to the Bell Riots of 2024. Fitted with a laser aiming unit, these weapons were highly effective in overcoming the rioters.67

Projectile Weapons - Mauser 98k A weapon used on Earth during the early to mid 20th century, the 98k was midway between the simple flintlock style weapons which preceeded it and the semi-automatic and automatic weapons which followed. Like the later weapons it used cartridges which contained both the projectile and the explosive which propelled it, so there was no need for the time-consuming process of loading the propellant separately. However, rather than use the explosive force to reload and recock the rifle, the user would operate a small lever on the side of the weapon to accomplish this. Although this limited the rate of fire, a practiced used could still fire well over a hundred rounds per minute from these weapons.

The weapon fired a 7.92 mm calibre round; five rounds were located in a small magazine below the barrel. These could be reloaded by inserting a clip into the weapon and pushing all five rounds in very rapidly. The 98k was 110.1 cm long and massed 3.92 kilos.93

When the Hirogen captured Voyager in 2374 they forced the crew to participate in a holographic recreation of World War II; a wide variety of Earth weaponry was involved, including Mauser 98k rifles.99 When the NX-01 was sent to an alternate timeline version of 1940s Earth in which the Germans were winning World War II thanks to alien help, Captain Archer encountered American German soldiers who used 98k rifles.95

Projectile Weapons - Madsen Model 1950 A popular sub machine gun used on Earth during the mid to late 20th century, the Madsen was built by the Danish company Dansk Industrie Syndicat. The weapon was built in several models, each named for the year they were first produced. The weapon stored 32 9 mm rounds in a box slung beneath the gun. These were fired at approximately 9 rounds per second. It was effective to ranges of 100 metres. The gun was 80 cm long with the stock extended and massed 3.17 kilos when empty.93

In the 2260s, the USS Enterprise discovered a planet which had very close similarities to Earth, a classic case of Hodgkin's law of parallel planetary development. On this world the Roman Empire had never fallen, and was at a state of technology comparable to mid 20th century Earth. The military forces of the planet were equipped with weapons visually identical to Madsen Model 1950 sub-machine guns.100

Projectile Weapons - M1 Garand The first semi-automatic rifle to be widely used on Earth, the M1 was invented by the Canadian John C. Garand in the 1930s. Early models were prone to jamming, prompting a redesign in 1939. The onset of World War II brought mass production of the weapon at the Springfield armory and at the Winchester factory. Between them the companies built some 4 million of these rifles, making it the most widely used semi-automatic rifle of the day. Although production was stopped after the war it was resumed in 1952 for the Korean war, and remained in production until 1956. It continued in service as a combat weapon until the mid 1960s with the United States and as a ceremonial weapon until beyond the end of the century.

The M1 was 110.3 cm long and massed 4.32 kilos. It had an 8 round magazine which was ejected automatically when empty; the weapon was reloaded by the insertion of a clip from above the barrel. This process was not easy to do during combat, and was regarded as one of the few weaknesses of the design. The rifle could accept a bayonet at the front.93

When the Voyager crew were forced to re-enact portions of World War II on the holodeck after the Hirogen captured the ship, those playing American soldiers carried M1 Garands.99

Projectile Weapons - M-16 One of the major assault rifles used on Earth during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the M-16 was the standard infantry weapon of the US military along with many other nations. It was a typical assault rifle of the time and was considered by most to be one of the best in service. The weapon was designed to use modern materials such as aluminium and plastic rather than the wood and steel of previous weapons, a choice intended to reduce the weight. The M-16 was highly flexible, and various additional systems such as long range sights and grenade launchers could be added. Several different versions were produced throughout the life of the M-16.93

In 2285 Admiral Kirk's captured Bird of Prey travelled back in time to 1986 to capture a pair of humpbacked whales; whilst there two of Kirk's officers were forced to infiltrate a United States Navy ship to collect high energy photons from the nuclear reactor. Due to a transporter failure one of the officers was captured by marines carrying the A1 version of the M-16 rifle, amongst other weapons.101 M-16s were also in civilian hands in the USA, and were popular weapons amongst some of the "militia" movements in that country.96

Projectile Weapons - Flintlock102 Primitive even by the standards of projectile weapons, the flintlock is essentially just a metal tube closed at one end and with a wooden grip attached. A chemical explosive known as gunpowder is poured down the barrel and packed down with a long stick poked in after it, and a round metal pellet dropped in on top. More gunpowder is then placed on a small pan near the rear end of the barrel; a spring mechanism is then pulled back and locked in place. On firing this is released, causing a piece of flint to strike against a piece of metal and produce sparks which ignite the gunpowder in the pan. This explosion spreads through a small hole in the rear of the barrel, igniting the main charge and propelling the pellet down the barrel towards the target.

The flintlock is an extremely primitive weapon, much prone to failure - it could fail to fire if the gunpowder became even slightly damp, if the wrong amount was used, if the powder blew off the holding pan or simply fell off because the weapon was not carefully handled, or for any number of other reasons. Even if all went well the rifle was prone to misfiring, or on occasion exploding in the face of the person using it. Effective range was less than a hundred metres, and rate of fire typically no more than one or perhaps two rounds per minute.93

In 2267 Kirk encountered Tyree, a friend he had made in the past when surveying a primitive world. Tyree's planet had been peceful on that occasion, but on his return Kirk found that a war had begun bewteen those who lived in the hills and those who lived in the villages. The villagers were armed with flintlocks, something which was surprising considering their technology level. On investigation Kirk found that the villagers were being supplied with the weapons by Klingon agents; he resolved to arm the hill people with equal armaments.102
Projectile Weapons - Crossbows Crossbows are a development of the Bow and Arrow. They share the same basic pattern of an arched spring with a twine connecting the ends; this is pulled back as in a bow. Unlike a bow there is a stock connected to the spring; the twine is locked into place on this stock and the arrow placed on it. The crossbow can therefore be held in a ready-to-fire state without further exertion from the user.

In many respects the Crossbow was actually a step backwards - they have shorter range and less accuracy than a quality bow and are far more difficult to load, giving a much lower rate of fire. However, whilst training a person to use a bow competently could take years, a crossbow could be used competently after as little as one week of training. The crossbow therefore allowed a very large army to be fielded quickly when needed. The development of levers or winches to draw the bow allowed a person to draw a far greater weight than they would be capable of for a traditional bow, improving range but reducing firing rate still further.93

Crossbows naturally cannot compete with modern weaponry, and are rarely used even in ceremonial or traditional roles as many knives and swords are by some species. Nevertheless, there are still occasional examples to be found amongst collectors. Lieutenant Worf had a crossbow as part of his collection of ancient weaponry aboard the Enterprise-D. When the ship was infiltrated by Mercenaries intent of stealing Trilithium resin from the engines in 2369, Captain Picard was able to use a Crossbow to incapacitate one of them after energy weapons became useless due to the Baryon Sweep which the ship was undergoing at the time.103

Projectile Weapons - Colt Peacemaker The Peacemaker was widely used in North America during the late 19th century. It was a revolver-style weapon - so called because six rounds were carried in a cylinder which rotated to bring each round in line with the barrel. In the case of the Peacemaker it was common to load only five rounds as the weapon was prone to accidental firing if fully loaded. The weapon was 'single action' - that is, it had to be cocked manually and then the trigger pulled to fire it. This compared with 'double action' pistols in which pulling the trigger both cocked and fired the weapon.

The Peacemaker's cylinder was reloaded by means of a small access port on the right hand side of the gun. This meant that each spent round had to be ejected and a new round loaded individually, a process which took considerable time and so gave a low average rate of fire even when compared to other revolvers.93

The Peacemaker was widely used in the Americal west, and was a feature of the holoprogram based in this period which Alexander Rozhenko created. In 2369 a malfunction in the holodeck of the Enterprise-D led to Worf having to use a Peacemaker in a real life or death situation.9 When the Melkotians projected a telepathic illusion of the Old West into the minds of Kirk and several of his officers, they expected them to take part in the gunfight at the OK Corral using Peacemaker pistols.65 Picard and several of his officers were once threatened with a Peacemaker by Sam Clemens, aka Mark Twain, whilst visiting 18th century Earth.104

The Humans abducted from Earth by the Skagarans used the Peacemaker right up until the NX-01 discovered their planet in 2153.94

Projectile Weapons - Colt M1911 A projectile weapon produced on Earth and widely used during the 20th century, the Colt was one of the first 'semi-automatic' pistols. Many previous designs used a revolving cylinder to bring bullets into line with the barrel one after another for repeated firing, but this had several disadvantages. The size limitations on the weapons meant that few rounds could be carried - six was the usual limit. Most guns had to rely on manual input to rotate the cylinder and re-cock the firing mechanism, thus limiting rates of fire to no more than two or three rounds per second at most. Even at this modest rate of fire, the cylinder would be empty in a few seconds - and reloading these weapons was a lengthy and rather complicated oepration. Semi-automatic weapons used some of the force created by the explosive charge which propelled the round to re-cock the weapon and reload it from a magazine, a box which in the case of pistols was usually held within the handgrip. This allowed the weapon to be fired as rapidly as the trigger could be pulled. The Colt could carry seven rounds in the magazine, little improvement on previous weapons, but later models operating on similar principles could have fifteen rounds or more.93

In 2268 Captain Kirk travelled to Sigma Iotia II, a planet which had undergone significant cultural contamination as a result of a book left behind by a previous vessel. The natives had patterned their whole society on the book , which was a detailed description of Earth's Chicago city during the 1920s. The Colt was one of several Earth weapons which the Iotians produced.33 In the artificial environment created by an unknown alien species for Colonel Stephen Richey, the Mickey D character used an M1911 to murder one of the hotel employees.105 Many members of the Voyager crew also used holographic Colt M1911s when they were forced to participate in a simulation of Earth's World War II by Hirogen who had captured Voyager in 2374.99 When the NX-01 was sent to an alternate timeline version of 1940s Earth in which the Germans were winning World War II thanks to alien help, Captain Archer encountered American resistance fighters who used M1911 pistols.95

Projectile Weapons - Calico M960 A sub-machine gun produced on Earth in the last years of the 20th century, the Calico had some interersting design features - most notably it used a large cylindrical magazine mounted at the rear of the weapon rather than the much more common box underneath. The magazine stored rounds in a spiral configuration, allowing up to 100 rounds to be held on a single weapon - a large capacity for the time. These weapons were not very popular when they were built, and did not see widespread service.93 Despite this, some examples of the type survived in use for for many decades - in 2063 Zefram Cochrane's assistant Lily used a Calico M960 carbine against Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data whilst they surveyed the damage which the Borg had inflicted on the warp ship Phoenix. Fortunately the weapon was not powerful enough to do significant harm to Data.34
Projectile Weapons - Bow and Arrow One of the earliest forms of projectile weapon, the bow consists of an arc of wood or some other material with a cord attached to the ends. The bow acts as a spring which allows the user to store up a small amount of potential energy by pulling back on the string, stressing the material. A thin wooden shaft is then placed against the string. When the string is released the bow snaps back to its original shape, transferring the potential energy stored within it to kinetic energy in the arrow.93

Bows are poor weapons, not accurate over any significant range. However they are relatively simple to make from materials common to virtually all M class planets, and they require little training to use. In 2267 Captain Kirk and Commander Spock assembled some simple bow and arrow weapons for use against the Capellans who were pursuing them after they escaped from captivity along with Eleen.106 When the Kazon briefly captured Voyager in 2373 and stranded the crew on a primitive planet, Tuvok was also able to manufacture simple bows for defence.107 The settlers from the crash-landed SS Santa Maria used bows for hunting when they found that no advanced technology would work on their planet.108 The proto-Vulcan Mintakans also used Bows.109

Projectile Weapons - Bamboo Cannon An improvised weapon created by Captain Kirk in 2267. Kirk had been pursuing a Gorn vessel which had attacked Cestus III; the pursuit had led both ships to trespass into Metrone space. The Metrones decided to resolve the issue by placing Kirk and the Gorn Captain on an M class planetoid to engage in personal combat. Although the Gorn was extremely slow moving compared to a Human, he was massively strong and virtually impossible to injure physically.110

The Metrones had promised that the planetoid would provide materials with which a weapon could be constructed. Kirk found large deposits of sulphur, potassium nitrate, charcoal and diamonds lying on the surface. He combined the first three to make a primitive explosive known as gunpowder, which he placed into a length of bamboo reinforced by wrapping vines around the outside. He then packed diamonds in front of the gunpowder. Using a metallic device the Metrones had given him to generate a spark, Kirk was able to explode the gunpowder and blast the diamonds out at considerable velocity.110

Although extremely primitive in construction and operation110, in principle the cannon is little different than any early projectile weapon such as the Flintlocks used by the villagers and Hill people on102 Neural111. The device was certainly effective; the Gorn was badly injured, leaving it helpless. Captain Kirk declined to kill his wounded opponent, having realised that the Federation had inadvertently trespassed into Gorn space with the Cestus III outpost and so provoked the attack. The Metrones were impressed with this display of compassion and allowed both Captains to continue on their way.110

Projectile Weapons The term projectile weapons refers to any weapon which inflict damage on a target by means of launching a physical object towards it. Early projectile weapons generally damaged a target by having the projectile physically impact the target, transferring kinetic energy to it. More advanced weapons had more complex projectiles, often including explosives or other technology designed to increase the damage.
Projectile Rifle112 A projectile weapon in use by a species encountered by the NX-01 in 2152.112
Police Special72 A pistol design used on Earth in the 20th century. Lieutenant Sulu encountered a police special on the alien pleasure planet visited by the Enterprise in 2267.72
Pocket Pistol90 Weapon used by the Mercenaries led by Arctus Baran.90
Plasma Weapons - Plasma Torpedo113 Weapon first employed by the Romulan bird of prey in 2266 against a string of Federation outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone.113 The plasma torpedo consisted of a small but powerful force field generator which fired from a standard torpedo tube. The generator would then establish a very powerful force field around itself and a much larger concentric field with a radius of about one hundred metres. The parent vessel established a field bridge through this outer layer and vented its plasma conduit system into the empty shell between the two fields. The breach was then sealed, and the vessel would break away and let the torpedo continue on its way. A high power sensor on the central body was capable of locking onto the target, and by venting part of the plasma in a specific direction some degree of control could be established over the course of the plasma torpedo.

This was a very complex and cumbersome weapons system with many disadvantages - venting the main plasma system of the starship causes an almost total loss of power while firing. The ship must therefore drop to sublight speed, and whilst firing the cloaking device must be disengaged.113 The guidance system is extremely limited by the difficulties inherent in operating any sensor system through a high energy plasma field, and any degree of manoeuvring causes a significant drop in eventual yield. Because of these difficulties the plasma torpedo has therefore not been very successful when used against mobile targets such as Starships.

Fixed installations, on the other hand, are a different matter. The plasma torpedo essentially focuses the entire energy output of a starship into one colossal discharge; when used against a Federation asteroid based outpost a single plasma torpedo collapsed the shields and caused near total destruction of the installation even through several kilometres of solid rock.113 This level of destructiveness was not available with any other weapons system of the time.

Today the plasma torpedo is still in service with the Romulan Warbird as a heavy weapon for use against fixed installations.
Plasma Weapons - Plasma Charge114 The plasma charge is a simple weapon consisting of a mass of high temperature gas fired at an enemy target to do damage by thermal and impact processes. Some forms of the weapon contain the plasma within a casing or forcefield whilst it is on its way to the target so as to prevent the charge from dissipating in transit. Others simple fire the plasma unconstrained.

Plasma bombs were in use by the Turei some nine hundred years ago when they took part in the alliance which defeated the Vaadwuar, and were used on a large scale to destroy the Vaadwuar cities on their home world. The Turei continue to use Plasma charges today and unsuccessfully attempted to destroy Voyager with them while the ship was on the surface of the Vaadwuar home world.114
Plasma Weapons - Plasma Cannon95 A weapon which fires sharges of super-heated gas. Plasma weaponry is generally inferior in technology to phase and phaser weapons, but can still be powerful enough to inflict damage on an NX class starship. The Na'kuhl built plasma weaponry for the Nazis in an alternate version of Earth's World War II.95
Plasma Torpedoes113 Weapon of great destructive power employed by the Romulans.113
Plasma Rifle115 Earth Plasma rifle, circa 2151.115
Plasma Charge114 Type of plasma weapon used to for bombarding planetary surfaces from orbit approximately 1,000 years ago.114
Plasma Cannon95 Weapon which the Na'kuhl built in an alternate timeline version of Earth's World War II.95
Pistol A pistol used against Tucker and Reed on Risa in 2152116
Photonic burst emitter32 Powerful weapons system used by the Entharans. When used at high power, the emitter could become unstable and explode.32
Photon Torpedoes110 The Photon Torpedo is a powerful, long range weapon which has been in use aboard Federation Starships for over one hundred and fifty years - early models differed from today's weapon only in the level of sophistication and the power of the warhead. Today the weapon most widely used by Starfleet vessels is the Type 6. This weapon comprises an elongated elliptical body some 210 cm long and 76 x 45 cm across. The torpedo masses 247.5 kilos when not loaded.117

The warhead of the photon torpedo comprises a maximum of 1.5 kilos of antimatter and 1.5 kilos of matter. These are divided into many thousands of small pellets suspended in a magnetic field - smaller yields can be achieved by reducing the number of such pellets in the torpedo.117

Also included in the torpedo are target acquisition, guidance and detonation assemblies and a warp sustainer unit. The latter is charged by the launching vessels own drive field at launch, boosting the torpedo speed up to Vmax = Vl + (0.75 Vl / c), where Vl is the velocity of the launching vessel. If launched at low impulse flight the torpedo will accelerate to a 75% higher sublight velocity; launch at high impulse speed will not push the torpedo into warp. If launched during warp flight the torpedo will continue at warp until the sustainer is exhausted. Torpedo range can be extended by utilizing the matter / antimatter warhead to power the sustainer, although this causes a corresponding loss of warhead yield.117 For a mid-range yield the torpedo can achieve ranges of some 3,500,000 kilometres at sublight speeds.118

The photon torpedo carries a guidence system and can home in on a target.119

The warhead of a photon torpedo can be removed and replaced by sensor packages or other equipment.120 Some advanced models are fitted with full warp drives for use as long range high speed probes - the Class VIII probe can cover up to 120 light years, or reach Warp 9121, while the Class IX probe can cover 760 light years or reach the same speed.122 On one occasion such a device was used to transport a Federation diplomat to an urgent rendezvous.123

There are currently eight major photon torpedo launch systems in use with the Federation :

Torpedo tube (2nd class) : Dating from the late 2200's, this model is now only in service on the Excelsior, Miranda, Centaur, Oberth, and Constellation classes. This tube is capable of firing one photon torpedo approximately every four seconds.

Standard Torpedo Tube : A modern version of the 2nd class torpedo tube, this model can fire a torpedo every two seconds. It is more compact than the older model, has lower maintenance requirements, and is less prone to overheating with prolonged use.

Burst Fire, Type 1 : One of the most important advances in torpedo tube technology, the burst fire tube allows more than one torpedo to be launched simultaneously. The Type 1 model can load and fire a cluster of four photons every 2.85 seconds; although this makes the tube almost three times as bulky as a standard tube, it allows many targets to be engaged simultaneously. The Type 1 is fitted to the Ambassador class as well as various starbases and space stations.

Burst Fire, Type 2 : Designed for larger vessels, the type 2 burst fire torpedo tube can fire up to eight photons every five seconds, giving a greater overall rate of fire and increasing the number of targets which can be engaged simultaneously.

Burst Fire, Type 3 : Developed to arm the Galaxy and Nebula classes, this tube can fire up to ten torpedoes every five seconds - a 25% increase over the type 2 - or alternately can fire single rounds at a high rate of fire.

Burst Fire, Type 4 : The type 4 is the most powerful photon torpedo tube currently in service with the Federation. It can fire a burst of twelve torpedoes every five seconds, and currently is only fitted to the Sovereign class battlecruiser.

Pulse Fire : Developed for the Akira class, the Pulse fire tube is a modification of the burst fire tube. The loading and pre-fire stages can hold up to four photons simultaneously, but the launch tube itself is only of sufficient size to fire one weapon at a time. The pulse fire tube therefore fires four rounds in one second, then pauses for three seconds to reload with the next four photons. Overall rate of fire is therefore one torpedo per second.

Micro tube : This system was developed to arm small vessels such as Runabouts and shuttlecraft. It fires a compact torpedo with a much smaller warhead than the standard models.
Photon Grenades110 The photon grenade is a short range weapon intended for general use against a variety of targets. The grenade can be fired from a standard tube launcher110, beamed to the required co-ordinates50, or even thrown by hand - although the latter is only suitable for grenades on a low yield setting due to the proximity of the user to the detonation.

On detonation the photon grenade generates a powerful electro-magnetic pulse whose effects depend on the precise configuration of the weapon used. The standard Starfleet issue photon grenade has twenty yield settings. Low settings overload the nervous systems of Humanoid life forms near to the detonation point, resulting in immediate unconsciousness. At medium settings all life forms in the immediate area of the detonation will be killed, while a Setting 20 detonation will result in wide area destruction.
Phasers - Type Two124 This is a larger hand unit. Mid 23rd century models of the type 2 phaser used a type 1 phaser clipped into a pistol grip125, but by the mid 24th century the Type 1 and 2 were distinct weapons with no connectivity.126 The modern type 2 phaser can fire up to setting 16127, which causes the destruction of some 3,900 metric tons of rock per 0.28 second discharge.128 Starfleet procedure mandated that Phasers were kept on setting 1 whilst in storage.129 A Phaser setting of Seven was enough to heat Noranium alloy to 2,314 C, enough to vapourise it.76 At setting 16, wide beam, a Type 2 phaser was considered capable of destroying half of a large building.127

The Federation has used several models of Type 2 phaser over the 2360s and 70s. The 2364 model was a large hand unit comprising a handle with an emitter on the front.130 By 2366 a new smaller model had been introduced.131 A more compact version was introduced in 2371, with a slightly improved shape to improve aiming.132 The trend continued, with a new and improved model being introduced in 2379.37
Phasers - Type Twelve Previously designated as the 'Type 10+' for security reasons, the Type 12 phaser has been used in dedicated planetary defence arrays and as the main armament of heavy fortified starbases since 2363. It was considered that the Type 12 was unsuitable for use on a starship platform because the energy requirements of the array where too high and the supporting hardware too bulky. However, by 2368 the power plant of the Sovereign class had grown large enough to support Type 12 arrays in place of the planned Type 10 models; technical improvements had also allowed for considerable shrinkage in the size of the equipment. The main phaser armament of the new Sovereign class starship therefore comprises Type 12 phaser arrays as does the armament of the Prometheus class currently under development. These are the most powerful phaser weapons currently in use by the Federation.
Phasers - Type Three The type 3 is a rifle version of the phaser weapon. The standard model as used in the mid 2360s used a somewhat similar ""business end"" as the type 2 then in service.127 It had 16 beam settings, with a fully autonomous recharge system. The weapon was gyrostabilised and had multiple target acquisition capability.133 Compared to the type 2 the weapon had a 50% greater energy reserve, but was no more powerful.134

By 2373 the type 3 had been fitted with a modified targeting unit.17

Compression Phaser Rifle : The compression phaser rifle was in service in the early 2370s.21 When the Dominion threat became urgent in late 2370, Starfleet decided to issue its forces with a new class of heavy rifles to increase the firepower available to them. The Modern Phaser Rifle project would evaluate two competing designs, the Heavy phaser rifle and the Compression phaser rifle. Both would be rushed into service as fast as possible.

The Compression rifle concentrated on simplicity. The LiCu 521 discharge crystal was doped with arsenic atoms and trisilinate molecules in order to restrict the phaser energy discharge. The doping materials diverted a small part of the discharging energy to re-establish the charge barrier between the discharge crystal and the Sarium kelleride power crystal, limiting or compressing the beam to a maximum of 200 picoseconds of firing. This would fire the entire energy discharge in a beam of only 6 centimetres length, greatly increasing the intensity of the energy and so enhancing the effect on the target.

Although it was by far the simpler of the two weapons, great difficulties were encountered during the development of the compression rifle. Most of these centred around thermal damage to the discharge crystal resulting from the very high energy intensities flowing through it. Average firing lifetime of an emitter crystal in the first model developed was only 9.6 nanoseconds - 48 discharges - a far from acceptable figure. Redesign of the shape of the emitter boosted this figure to 28 nanoseconds, still not sufficient for a field weapon. The solution arrived at was to install two high capacity cooling systems, one mounted on either side of the rifle. This boosted the emitter crystals lifetime to 600 nanoseconds, or 3,000 discharges. Starfleet deemed this just about acceptable and rushed the compression rifle into limited service.

The weapon was never satisfactory - although the cooling systems worked reasonably well they made the weapon heavy and difficult to use properly at long ranges. The emitter crystal was also rather sensitive to adverse environmental conditions, and if not treated carefully cracking could occur - a breakdown which would lead to a thermal explosion on the next discharge. Although it was issued to some ground forces units and to the four units of the Intrepid class Starship then in service, several thermal explosion accidents forced Starfleet to withdraw the compression rifle shortly after it entered service in 2371. None now remain in use.

Type 3b : This weapon was based on research done in connection with the Sovereign class starship. It incorporates the first true transitional-phase pulse accelerator, a field-replacable deuterium plasma generator, twelve stage plasma accelerator, and a five stage cascading prefire chamber. The weapon is capable of firing either beams or pulses. The 3b also has a new seeker/tracker, which is capable of both passive and active EM and subspace detectors.

The weapon has been produced in at least two variants; one with duranium alloy metal stiffening on the barrel and one without.135

Phasers - Type Ten136 As of 2364 this was the heaviest weapon in use aboard Federation vessels, comprising the main armament of the Galaxy class starship.137
Phasers - Type One124 This is a small hand unit, approximately the size of a pack of cards.138 They can fire up to Setting 8139, which causes total vaporization of humanoids as 50% of affected matter transitions out of the continuum.140
Phasers - Type Four141 The type 4 phaser is a medium sized device fitted to small vehicles such as shuttlecraft.141
Phasers - Type Eight142 The Maquis had access to Type Eight phasers during their struggle in the Demilitarised zone in 2370.142
Phasers - Pulse Phaser Cannon It has long been recognized that the initial impact of a phaser strike on a shield system is the most damaging part of the firing sequence. Many cultures have sought to increase weapon effectiveness against shields by developing pulse cannon - that is, weapons which fire large numbers of tightly packaged bursts rather than a continuous stream. Early Federation vessels such as the Constitution class where equipped with weapons which could fire such pulses113, but the weapon is not without its drawbacks; the hardware involved tends to be very difficult to manage precisely, resulting in much poorer control over the beam characteristics. The Federations starship design ethic has always stressed that full control must be maintained over all weapons at all times, in order to allow non lethal force to be used in starship combat situations; in addition, many scientific experiments use weapon systems to apply energy in controlled amounts to external phenomena in order to study reactions. Given this, the Federation gradually moved away from pulse cannon. The refit given to the Constitutions in the 2270's removed the pulse firing feature from that class, equipping them with a 'rapid burst mode' which was something of a compromise between pulse and continuous phaser beams.143 Further designs continued to de-emphasize the pulse firing feature, although all basic phaser hardware is capable of firing relatively short bursts and this has remained a feature of Federation combat tactics.126

With the development of the USS Defiant, the pulse phaser cannon was finally reintroduced to Starfleet. Defiant is a warship, pure and simple; her designers had no real interest in conducting experiments, and the attitude towards the level of lethality of her armament could perhaps best be summed up by the phrase 'take no prisoners'! Defiant's main armament comprises four heavy pulse cannon144 which fire very tightly confined bursts of phaser energy for maximum impact on shielding systems. High overall energy delivered over a very short period combines with a high firing rate to produce a performance against modern shield systems which can best be described as devastating.

On her first active mission the Defiant faced a group of Dominion Attack Ships145; these vessels had successfully withstood several minutes of fire fighting with a Galaxy class starship146, but Defiant's phaser cannon cut through their shields within moments.144 Subsequent combat experience has shown the value of this weapons system132, which is currently being developed for use in other vessels.

Phasers - Phaser Lance A weapon present in the alternate future timeline created by Q, the Phaser Lance was part of the armament of the the three-nacelled Galaxy Class variant. It was an extremely powerful weapon, able to blast completely through both the shields and hull of a Klingon cruiser with one shot. A handful of blasts was sufficient to completely destroy the cruiser.147
Phasers148 The phaser is the standard Federation beam weapon system.149 The Federation divides weapons into Type classifications; a Type 1 phaser is a small weapon which fits into the palm of the hand, a Type 2 is a larger hand-held variant124, while a Type 3 is a rifle style weapon.150 Phaser hand weapons came into service c.2260, replacing the laser pistols then in service.148 Larger version had been in service on board Starships for at least ten years before this.151 Phaser is an acronym for PHASed Energy Rectification, a term which referred to the original process by which stored or supplied energy was converted to another form for release toward the target without any need for an intermediate energy transformation. Although this term is something of a holdover, it remains true in modern phaser systems.137

Phaser energy is released by the rapid nadion effect. Rapid nadions are short lived subatomic particles which can liberate and transfer strong nuclear forces within a class of crystals called fushigi-no-umi.137

Phasers have various distinct effects on the target. At low settings the beam causes pain and loss of consciousness in most beings.125 At higher levels a great deal of thermal energy is imparted to the target, causing significant heating - phasers can heat rock to 8,000oC.125 Phasers can also be set to nuclear disruption151, and phaser beams can carry physical objects such as nanoprobes.152 Phaser weapons can be set to fire narrow beams153, wide beams154, long pulses143, or short pulses - the latter can even be set to proximity blast if required.113 Federation phaser weapons are enourmously powerful - even a small hand unit is capable of blasting the whole side off a building.33Various models have been used over the years; several designs allow a Type 1 unit to be plugged into a handgrip to form the Type 2.125 In early models the large phasers carried by starships were mounted as single element weapons, known as a phaser bank.110 More modern weapons group weapons into multi-element arrays. These use force coupling to allow the energy of one emitter to be transferred almost instantly to another - a process which can be repeated along arrays of almost limitless size.137 The effects of a Federation Type 1, 2 and 3 weapons are according to a 16 level scale. Settings 1-3 cover stun effects; at levels higher than 7 the majority of phaser energy is in the form of nuclear disruption. A large portion of the target is simultaneously vaporized and transitioned out of the continuum, a process which is instantly fatal. The higher power settings available with Type 3 phasers (setting 9+) cause severe damage over a wide area. These settings are rarely used because of the relatively high power consumption; a single setting 10 discharge uses more than twenty five times as much energy as a setting 7 discharge, while a setting 16 discharge uses over three hundred and fifteen times as much.155
Phased Polaron Beam - Polaron Ship Mounted Dominion ships all appear to use the phased polaron beam as their primary weaponry, and this gave them a heavy advantage in early conflicts with Federation forces.146 The destruction of the USS Odyssey146 prompted an intense flurry of activity on many fronts within Starfleet. Ship production was ramped to a maximum and starship designs were altered to increase their combat effectiveness, while the academy training program was speeded up massively to provide crews for the new ships. By themselves, however, these projects would be of little use so long as the Dominion was able to defeat Federation ships so easily.

Perhaps the most important project the Federation embarked on was that of shield enhancement. Between 2371 and 2373 the Federation put huge emphasis on the development of new shield technology. The capture of a Dominion vessel in 2373 gave the Federation an operational Dominion weapons system.17 This proved to be a crucial step towards the development of an effective polaron shield.

The first real test of the system came at the end of 2373, when the Dominion launched an all out attack on Deep Space Nine. The station's shields proved to be highly effective, holding off the fleet and allowing the station to destroy over fifty enemy ships.68 Federation ships and stations continued to be resistant to Dominion weaponry for the remainder of the war.132

Phased Polaron Beam - Polaron Rifle The phased polaron rifle is the standard weapon of the Jem'Hadar soldiers.132 Like the pistol the rifle does not have any variable power setting; only a kill-level discharge is possible. The weapon fires a phased polaron pulse encased in a burst of high-energy gamma EM; both are powered by a tritium microfusion reaction along the discharge centerline.156 Chemical enhancements can be added to the partical stream, including anti-coagulants17, nerve agents, and osteo solvents.156 This ensures that injuries from these weapons will inflict the maximum possible damage on the victim, and fatalities have resulted from even a minor wound.17
Phased Polaron Beam - Polaron Pistol This is a hand unit for general purpose use.132 It is essentially a smaller and lower power version of the rifle mentioned below.
Phased Polaron Beam146 One of the most distressing features of the Federation's first battle with the Dominion was the ease with which the Dominion weaponry was able to penetrate Federation shielding. The Dominion attack ships used a Phased Polaron Beam which passed through the shields as if they were not even there, no matter frequency nutation was used.146 Subsequently, the Dominion has been observed to use this type of weapon in three distinct forms :
Phased ion cannon157 A powerful weapon employed by the Mokra Order for planetary defence. Their planet had more than 85 phased ion cannon protecting it. Voyager was able to avoid fire from the cannon by moving into a magnetic storm over the north pole, so hiding from the Mokra targeting systems.157
Phase-Disruptor133 Standard issue Cardassian weapon.133
Phase Weapons - Rifle A larger version of the phase pistol, the rifle was also in use aboard NX class starships during the mid 22nd century.158
Phase Weapons - Pistol The Phase Pistol was the standard sidearm for crewmembers of the NX class starships during their first exploration missions in the 2150s. The weapons had two basic settings, "stun" and "kill".115 Unlike the EM-33 which was in use previously with Starfleet the user did not have to compensate for particle drift, instead just pointing the weapon straight at the target. This could be difficult to get used to for those who were accustomed to using the EM-33.159

The stun setting of the phase pistol produced significant heat, and the weapon could be used on this setting to boil water.160 Cross-polarizing the power cells of a phase pistol allowed the particle yield to be doubled, adding at least ten megajoules to the discharges.161

Like the phaser the phase pistol can be set on overload, producing a significant explosion.162

Phase Weapons - Cannon The phase modulated energy cannon was designed to be a part of the armament of the NX class Starship. The ships were originally designed to carry three of the weapons, each rated for a maximum of 500 gigajoules163 per discharge. The weapons were equipped with multi-phasic emitters.164 The NX-01 was forced to leave Spacedock without the cannons being installed; her engineering crew installed the weapons during the ship's mission when an alien spacecraft launched a series of attacks against the ship. An accidental overload in the weapons resulted in a discharge ten times greater than had been expected, resulting in significant damage to the ship. However, the crew quickly learned that they could repolarize the gravity plating to absorb the recoil then shunt the energy to structural integrity, allowing the weapons to operate in the overloaded state without damage.163

In the course of her service life the NX-01 recieved additional phase cannon during her various upgrades and refits.165

Phase Weapons Although phasers were first invented after the 22nd century166, primitive "phase weapons" came into use in the early 2150s aboard the NX-01 Enterprise.115 These weapons were functionally similar to phasers, though they lacked the disintergration capability of the later weapons.165
Phase pistol115 Weapons used on board the NX class starships.115 The pistols had a maximum yield of 10 Megajoules, though this could be doubled to 20 Megajoules if needed.161 They could be set to stun or kill115; the stun setting also produced significant heating effects.160
Personal Energy Pistol167 Weapon used by one of Morn's associates.167 The weapon was also used by Neela on board Deep Space Nine in an attempt to assassinate Vedek Bareil. The attempt was foiled by Benjamin Sisko.168
Pebble Machine Gun169 A larger version of the pebble gun in use with the residents of Nimbus III.169
Pebble Gun169 Any of a series of weapons improvised by the residents of Numbus III. They literally used small stones as ammunition, and were likely not very effective weapons.169
Particle Beam51 Weapon which fires a beam of subatomic particles. The Suliban had ships fitted with high yield particle beams.51
Paralysis Field170 Kelvan device which blocked nerve impulses to the voluntary muscles, inducing paralysis.170
Parada Pistol A pistol of unknown form used by the Parada in the Delta Quadrant in 2370. Such a weapon was used by a Parada to kill a replicant of Miles O'Brian171
Pak44 L/55 Cannon97 An anti-tank weapon employed by the German army in the 20th century. In an alternate timeline tank destroyers armed with Pak44 cannon were kept on the White House lawn.97
Pain Stick172 A commonly used non lethal weapon, variations on the pain stick have been in use with many cultures over an extended period. They are not generally considered to be effective combat weapons but are rather used for tasks such as the control of prisoners.173

Pain sticks are simple weapons whose name indicates their function. They are rod-shaped, usually about 50 centimetres long, with a grip on one end for comfort. When the other end it touched to the victim is causes an energy discharge that results in severe debilitating pain. Their range is thus limited to as far as the user can reach.173

The Tandarans used pain sticks to control inmates in their internment camp facilities.43 Guards on Angel One also carried them when escorting prisoners.174 The Klingons used pain sticks for various ceremonial purposes; the death of the Klingon Chancellor was often tested by having the claimants to the position use pain sticks on the body.15 Klingon 'painstiks' were quite commonly used. The anniversary of a Klingon's Age of Ascension was celebrated by having him walk between two rows of fellow Klingons, who would use pain sticks on him - a ceremony intended to demonstrate how much pain he was capable of withstanding. Klingon pain sticks were so powerful that Chief O'Brien claimed that on one occasion a two ton Rectyne Monopod jumped five metres on being touched by one. It finally died of 'excessive cephalic pressure' - or, as O'Brien put it, 'It's head exploded'. It is possible he may have exaggerated the incident for effect.172 The Klingon fondness for pain sticks was so renowned that Counselor Troi suggested that Worf would probably want to use on one himself at some point during his birthday.175
P3898 A pistol used by the Germans in the 20th century. This was one of the weapon designs John Gil gave to the Ekosians as part of his program to recreate Nazi society.98 They were also a part of the World War II holoprogram which Voyager's crew experienced in 2374.99
Osaarian Rifle52 Beam weapon used by the Osaarians in the mid 2150s. The group which attacked the NX-01 in the Delphic Expanse used these weapons.52
Organic explosives176 Explosive which could be hidden within the body. Difficult to detect with the scanning technology in use by Earth's Starfleet in the mid 22nd century.176
Old Earth Machine Gun138 A projectile weapon used in 21st century Earth138
Numiri rifle177 Weapon used by the Numiri when Voyager encountered them.177
Nos's Weapon178 This weapon was used by Nos when Voyager encountered her.178
Nol-Ennis Pistol A pistol used by the Nol-Ennis during their ongoing war on the gamma quadrant moon.179
Nisroh127 Blade weapon used on the planet Tilonus IV.127
Neural disruptor180 A Hirogen weapon. Ensign Ballard was killed by a neural disruptor.180
Nausicaan Pistol181 This energy pistol was in use by the Nausicaans in the 2150s.181
Na'kuhl Plasma Rifle97 A weapon designed by the Na'kuhl in an alternate timeline version of Earth. Built with mid-20th century resources, the rifle fired a modulating plasma pulse equivalent to the energy produced by three eighty eight millimetre shells - approximately 10 MegaJoules. Each pulse was able to destroy a heavy tank. 97
Mummification Weapon A weapon which encased the target in a covering in a matter of seconds. It was fatal to Humans to be so encased.182
Multi-kinetic neutronic mine183 A Borg weapon with a yield of five million isotons, twenty five thousand times more powerful than a Federation photon torpedo. During their brief alliance with Voyager, the Borg proposed using the weapon to spread nanoprobes capable of destroying Species 8472 ships. Janeway declined, noting that the weapon would be powerful enough to spread the nanoprobes over a five light year radius, making it a weapon of mass destruction. In any case the fifty trillion nanoprobes necessary to arm such a weapon could not be produced int he time available.183
MP4098 A sub-machine gun produced by Germany during the 20th century. Federation scientist John Gil gave the Ekosians a copy of the MP40 in his efforts to remodel the planet after Nazi society.98 captain Archer also encountered them in an alternate timeline.95
MP-5k67 A sub-machine gun used on Earth in the late 20th and 21st centuries. The MP-5k was popular with police forces, and was one of the weapons used to quell the Bell Riots in 2024.67
Mordanians rifle184 A phaser weapon used by the Mordanians in 2364184
Molecular Decay Detonator15 A technology used only in Romulan explosives.15
Minos Beam Cannon154 This weapon was discovered on the surface of Minos. Little was known about it, and the Enterprise-D crew speculated that it might be a display model abandoned when the planet's population were killed.154
Mines Mines have been in use as an anti-starship weapon since at least the 2150s - Romulans were known to use cloaked minefields at this time, leading to one incident in which significant damage was inflicted on the NX-01 when it accidentally wandered into such a field.19 Gravitic mines were in use during the 22nd century - the disabling of a civilian spacecraft by a gravitic mine formed a part of Starfleet's Kobyashi Maru test.143

Today the antimatter mine is a simple, no-frills weapon designed to be used in large numbers in order to restrict or deny an area of space to enemy forces. One of the simplest forms of mine is the command model; this consists of a matter and antimatter charge held suspended in containment fields within a small case which also holds a communications mechanism. This type of mine would be deployed within the scan radius of a controlling vessel; the ship then monitors the area for the approach of enemy vessels, detonating a mine by remote control when an enemy vessel approached it. If a long duration minefield is required a sensor drone can take the place of the ship. The Enterprise-D used such a minefield to force the surrender of a Cardassian fleet in the McAllister Nebula in 2369.185 In 2372 the Klingon Empire attempted to place a minefield around the Bajoran system to prevent the Federation reinforcements from reaching the system in the event of a Klingon invasion. The plan was only revealed when one of the mines exploded by accident, badly damaging a Klingon cruiser.186

More complex and effective mines are each fitted with their own sensor system. Although this makes the mines slightly more difficult to construct, such a minefield is not dependant on a single drone to run it and is hence more resistant to countermeasures.

The better mines are essentially tiny drone spacecraft, fitted with their own independent sensors and drive system, controlled by an artificial intelligence computer. The Federation Type 16 mine is an example of this type - it constantly surveys space around it to a radius of five light seconds, analysing anything which enters this zone and comparing it to a pre-programmed file of enemy vessel types. The entire minefield can be networked together, allowing them to share sensor information between them. If an enemy target enters the field the mines will determine which one has the best possible intercept solution; this mine will activate its micro impulse drive at the appropriate moment and track in on the target, detonating its warhead at the moment of closest approach. The Type 19 mine operates in a similar manner but the mines are fitted with a small warp engine to allow them to engage targets using warp drive. At this level the mine is essentially a photon torpedo capable of lying dormant for long periods.

The most recent development in Federation mine technology is the model developed by an engineering team on Deep Space Nine under Chief Miles O'Brien. Barely a metre in diameter this is one of the smallest mines in use by the Federation.68 It contains a photonic charge equal to several hundred grenades rather than a matter/antimatter charge, along with a micro impulse system and sensor system capable of scanning out to a radius of two thousand kilometres. The limited range and destructive capability is more than offset by the use of both a cloaking device and a replicator system on the mines; when a target is detected the mines swarm it, overwhelming the defences. Once the target is destroyed the mines in that area can replicate replacements to quickly bring the field back up to strength. This type of minefield is exceptionally difficult to clear; the use of a cloaking system on the mines means that an enemy can never be sure that every mine has been destroyed in a weapons barrage. Should only a handful survive to destroy another target, hundreds or even thousands more mines are quickly replicated and the field can be back up to full strength within hours. Such a minefield was deployed at the Bajoran Wormhole to block access by Dominion forces, triggering the Federation-Dominion war.68 The Dominion forces which captured DS9 at the outbreak of the war struggled several months to disable the minefield without success before finally managing it just before the station was retaken by allied forces.187

Miners Rifle #6188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Rifle #5188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Rifle #4188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Rifle #3188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Rifle #2188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Rifle #1188 One of several varied weapons used by the dilithium miners the NX-01 encountered in 2152.188
Miners Pistol189 This pistol was used by the miners who Voyager encountered in 2377.189
Microvirus76 A genetically engineered weapon designed to attack only cells with a very specific DNA sequence, i.e. members of a single family or clan. The virus blocked the function of the enzyme cholinesterase, thus blocking autonomic nerve impulses.76
Metreon Cascade190 Weapon of mass destruction which can destroy the surface of an entire planet.190
Metagenic Weapon191 Biological weapon which used genetically engineered viruses to designed to destroy any form of DNA. The viruses could destroy all life on a planet in days, whereupon they would die out and so leave the planet ready for re-colonisation by the aggressor.191
Merculite Rockets192 Obsolete weapons system found in some older spacecraft.192
Menos's weapon.12 Beam weapon used by Menos in the 2150s.12
Memorial Species Rifle193 These rifles were used by the species which built the memory memorial encountered by Voyager in 2376.193
Mek'Leth194 A Klingon bladed weapon, larger than a knife but smaller than a sword.194
Mazarite pistol195 A Mazarite pistol from 2152195
Mauser 98k99 A bolt-actionrifle used by the Germans during the 20th century. Voyager's crew encountered Mauser rifles as part of the World War II holoprogram they experienced in 2374.99 Captain Archer also encountered them in an alternate timeline version of the 1940s.95
Malurian pistol196 A Malurian pistol circa 2151196
Magnetometric guided charge197 A weapon employed by the Borg. The charges were used to force the Enterprise-D to leave the Paulson Nebula which it had been hiding within.197
Madsen Model 1950100 A projectile weapon used on Earth during 20th century. An automatic weapon, the madsen could fire projectiles at a rate of hundreds per minute. The neo-Roman species encountered by the Enterprise in 2267 used weapons identical to the Madsen Model 1950.100
Maco Rifle A weapon in use with the Military Assault Command Operations force during the mid 2150s, the MACO rifle came in at least two variations. The standard weapon was a pulse rifle165 capable of firing either stun198 or kill shots - the rifle was capable of blasting a hole right through a person's chest if necessary.199 A pop-out unit contained a magnifier sight which had at least two modes, normal94 and night vision.60 The weapon had two hand grips and a shoulder stock.165

The second version had an extended barrel, and was used in a sniping role.60

Maco Baton60 A baton used by the MACO teams in the 2150s. The baton was used to inflict blunt force trauma or electrical discharges.60
M1 Garand99 A rifle used on Earth in the 20th century. The M1 was one of the weapons used in the World War II holoprogram Voyager's crew experienced in 2374.99
M-16101 Semi-automatic rifle used on Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries. The soldiers who captured Chekov onthe aircraft carrier Enterprise carried M-16 rifles.101
Low Yield Phaser200 A low yield phaser used by Federation colonists in 2366200
Longbow201 A weapon used by English soldiers during Earth's Medieval period. They were a feature of Q's recreation of the Robin Hood legend.201
Locator Bomb202 Antipersonnel weapon capable of seeking out a specific person by tracking their pheromones and detonating a sorium argine explosive to kill them.202
Lirpa10 Ancient Vulcan weapon with a razor sharp curved blade at one end and a heavy metal club on the other.10
Lasers203 An abbreviation for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, the laser was discovered on Earth in the early 20th century and came into widespread use as a weapon during the mid 21st. Most lasers use a form of crystal or gas in which the electrons have been raised to an excited state. Mirrors are then used to reflect stray photons back and forth through this medium, provoking a cascade reaction which releases a burst of light. The beam emitted from a laser is monochromatic, coherent, and has a very high intensity. High energy lasers are thus able to focus large amounts of energy onto very small areas, which can result in considerable physical damage.

Lasers remained in widespread use for some two hundred years, and were the main armament of the Daedalus and Constitution class starships during the early years of the Federation. By 2255 the standard issue hand laser was capable of blasting through considerable thickness' of rock. A larger artillery style ground cannon could provide heavy fire - this weapon could be rigged to run from remote power sources if required, supplying sufficient power to blast half a continent.203

Between 2255 and 2265 lasers where replaced in Starfleet service with the much superior phasers.148 Today lasers are not a significant ship-to-ship weapon, as the navigational shields of a Federation starship are immune to this form of energy.204
Krenim Temporal Weapon Ship205 A vessel capable of altering the timeline to produce a desired change in history.205
Krall's Rifle A weapon used by Krall during his time on Altimid. The rifle was one of the many high technology items discovered on the planet.206
Kradin rifle13 A rifle design used by the Kradin when Voyager encountered them.13
Kovin's Weapon32 Another weapon used by the arms dealer, Kovin.32
Kovin's Rifle32 A rifle design, one of many weapons used by the arms dealer Kovin when Voyager encountered him.32
Kovin's Pistol32 A pistol used by Kovin when he was encountered by Voyager.32
Kolarin Machine Gun37 A vehicle-mounted rapid-fire projectile weapon used by the Kolarin in 2379.37
Kolarin Cannon37 A heavy vehicle mounted weapon employed by the Kolarin.37
Koinonian Anti Personnel Mine48 An anti-personnel mine. Seven of these devices were located by the Enterprise-D in 2366, leftovers of the Koinonian Wars; one detonated when an away team was passing, killing Lieutenant Aster. The devices employ a subspace proximity detonator, and cannot be detected by a normal tricorder scan. The lethal radius is less than three metres.48
Kobliad Pistol207 A weapon used by the Kobliad in 2369.207
Klingon Rifle208 Weapon used by the Klingons in the mid 2150s.208
Klingon Pistol209 Weapon in use with the Klingons in the 2150s.209
Klingon Pistol115 Klingon pistol, circa 2151.115
Klingon Pistol188 Weapon used by the Klingons in 2152.188
Klingon Grenade210 Klingon grenade used in the Klingon occupation of Organia in 2267210
Klingon Dagger186 A Klingon dagger.186
Kligat106 Three-sided bladed weapon used by tribal warriors on planet Capella IV. It was highly effective at ranges of up to 100 meters.106
Kellerun Rifle211 A Kellerun energy weapon.211
Kazon Rifle212 A beam weapon used by the Kazon.212
Kazon Pistol212 Beam weapon used by the Kazon.212
Kazon Pistol213 Weapon encountered by Voyager in 2377.213
Kar'takin214 A short polearm with blades along one side.The kar'takin was occasionally used by the Jem'Hadar.214
Kantarean Weapon215 A Kantarean beam weapon cica 2152215
Jaylah's Rifle A weapon used by Jaylah during her time on the planet Altimid. The weapon appeared to be a very modular design, adaptable to different configurations.206
Isomagnetic disintergrator23 The isomagnetic disintergrator is an energy weapon used by the Federation. It is a shoulder mounted weapon which is significantly larger than most phaser rifles. The weapon fires energy pulses and is generally used against infantry. The weapon has not been widely used.23
Isolytic subspace weapons23 Banned by many Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers in the Second Khitomer Accords23, these weapons are among the most dangerous ever conceived. The Accords compel all signatory governments to make all possible efforts to restrict the proliferation of subspace weapons, including restrictions on access to sensitive records; as a result information concerning them tends to be very hard to come by.

In the Federation, subspace weapons were first proposed in the 2330's. A low level research project was initiated, and when the researchers began achieving promising results the pace of development was stepped up in 2339. In the late 2330's and early 2340's relations with the Klingon Empire deteriorated significantly, to the point where it was widely predicted that war was imminent.216 The Federation Council pushed for a test weapon as soon as possible, and by 2343 a device was ready for detonation. The Federation's first subspace weapon was detonated by the Excelsior class USS T'Plek in the Sigma 387 system on Stardate 21347.8.

The weapon was an Isolitic device; many records have still not been made public, but from what has been published it appears that the subspace warhead was composed of a large matter-antimatter charge surrounded by a set of concentric shells composed of Verterium Cortenide and Tungsten-Cobalt-Magnsium. The same material as used in standard warp coils, these converted a large part of the detonation into a pulse of subspace radiation which would be of sufficient magnitude to cause a sympathetic detonation within the nacelles of any Starship within one light second. Such an secondary explosion would release more than enough energy to destroy the ship, while the subspace effect would be virtually unaffected by most known forms of shielding. Starfleet expected this weapon to boost the combat effectiveness of its Starships by at least an order of magnitude.

However, the Isolitic burst did not perform as predicted. Early in the project the development team had worried that such a large release of subspace energy would breach the space / subspace barrier, causing a tear which would allow the two sides to come into contact. Extensive research was conducted in order to determine the likelihood of this type of rift, and after considerable experimentation combined with theoretical models it was finally determined that the barrier between space and subspace was virtually impossible to breach using this form of weapon. Unfortunately, the test weapon detonated by the T'Plek formed a subspace tear immediately; the tear quickly began to spread across space towards the T'Plek.

The T'Plek attempted to evade and retreat at impulse speed, but the tear rapidly closed the distance; Captain Senak initiated warp drive to clear the area. The instant the warp drive was engaged the tear virtually exploded towards the T'Plek, enveloping and destroying the ship with all hands still aboard. Subsequent analysis indicated that the effect was attracted to the residual subspace radiation within the T'Pleks warp core and nacelles. With the strength of the attraction proportional to the intensity of the radiation, the T'Plek had done the worst possible thing by going to warp; the fully active warp core had dragged the tear across space at an estimated Warp 9.9992, almost equal to subspace radio speeds.

Despite the loss, Starfleet continued with its research throughout 2343. However, the weapon effects quickly proved themselves to be hugely unpredictable.23 Less than 5% of the devices tested performed as intended; some 60% simply exploded in a near normal matter/antimatter reaction, with no apparent subspace effect at all. The remaining 35% caused subspace tears which would then expand rapidly towards a nearby source of subspace energy. Even this effect was unpredictable; the research teams took to positioning large subspace radiation generators near the test areas in order to attract any subspace tear away from monitoring vessels. Despite these precautions, the USS Armin was almost lost when a tear headed for it rather than the decoys. Only the Captain's quick thinking in jettisoning both warp core and nacelles saved the ship from destruction. For subsequent tests purpose built monitors were provided which contained no subspace technology at all.

After the loss of the Enterprise-C at Narendra III in 2344, tensions with the Klingons eased considerably.216 The second Khitomer conference was held in this year; at the arms control talks the Klingons announced that they, too, had been developing Isolitic subspace weapons - also with very limited success. It was agreed that these devices were simply too unpredictable for either side to employ, and production and deployment of these weapons was outlawed by the Second Khitomer Accords.23 Although initially applying only to the Federation and Klingons, virtually all other Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers have since signed up to this particular provision. Among the notable exceptions are the Son'a, an offshoot of the Ba'ku species who were reported to have fitted their warship fleet with subspace weapons. This was confirmed when a Son'a vessel fired an Isolitic burst at the Enterprise-E in 2375; a subspace tear was formed which headed directly towards the Enterprise. This ship was already suffering from battle damage at the time, and was unable to manoeuvre well as the battle was fought within a large set of anomalies known as the "Briar Patch"23 - not that being in open space would have made a great deal of difference...

In the event, the crew ejected their warp core and detonated it inside the tear.23 This tactic had been suggested during the Federations research program, but the unpredictability of these weapons made the theory tenuous at best and no ship had the opportunity to test the idea out. Fortunately for the Enterprise, the tactic worked on this occasion and the ship was subsequently able to use the "Riker Manoeuvre" to defeat the Son'a attackers.23
Isokinetic cannon32 The isokinetic cannon is a powerful weapons system developed by a species native to the Delta Quadrant. Designed to penetrate heavy shielding and inflict serious damage with a single shot, the isokinetic cannon was purchased by the USS Voyager in exchange for 125 isolinear computer chips. The cannon was installed on board Voyager for a test firing; despite a successful test, a subsequent misunderstanding occurred in which the manufacturer of the device was killed before it could be integrated into Voyagers tactical systems.32
Irina's Pistol217 Pistol used by Irina when Voyager encountered her.217
Invasive Program218 Computer software weapon designed by Enterprise-D personnel. The program was a geometric construct which could not be solved in real space, and which would create an overload in the Borg collective when a solution was attempted.218
Implosive protomatter device219 Sabotage device which can create an overload in the impulse engine of a Starship when connected to cross feeds of an impulse drive, destroying the ship.219
Illyrian Pistol54 Weapon used by the Illyrians encountered by the NX-01 in 2154.54
Ilari Rifle31 A rifle used by the Ilari when Voyager encountered them.31
Ilari pistol31 Pistol used by the Ilari when Voyager encountered them.31
Hyperthermic Charge220 Weapon used by Vidiian ships.220
Hunters Rifle221 This energy rifle was used by the Hunter species which visited Deep Space Nine in 2369.221
Hunter Probe222 Automated weapon which can be set to attack a specific person or target.222
Human Delta Quandrant Energy Rifle223 Rifle weapon used by a Human colony in the Delta Quadrant.223
Houdini224 Antipersonnel mine which sits in subspace, making it undetectable until it explodes.224
Hirogen Rifle225 One of several rifle types used by the Hirogen.225
Heavy Hand Cannon57 Large weapon used by Khan Noonien Singh in the Kelvin timeline. The weapon was powerful enough to bring down a Klingon D-4 craft.57
Heavy Graviton Beam197 A directed energy weapon considered for possible use against the Borg, but dismissed as being ineffective.197
Headman's Axe201 A type of axe designed for the decapitation of a human being. They were commonly used in executions in Medieval England.201
Hazari Pistol226 Weapon used by the Hazari when Voyager encountered them.226
Harvesters211 Nanobiogenic weapon used by both the T'Lani and the Kellerun during their war.211
Hagath Rifle227 This weapon was offered for sale by Hagath; Quark created a holographic recreation of it so that it could be demonstrated on Deep Space Nine.227
Guinan's Rifle228 A weapon which Guinan picked up on Magus Three. The weapon had at least two settings. In 2367 she used it to break up a near riot in Ten Forward.228
Gravitic Mine143 Graviton based weapon used by the Klingons to disable or destroy space vehicles.143
Gravimetric Torpedo229 Sophisticated energy weapon, significantly more powerful than a standard Starfleet photon torpedo.229
Gomtuu Flare Weapon230 An extremely powerful energy discharge which could be emitted by the biological starship creature known as Gomtuu. The discharge was more than sufficient to destroy a Romulan warbird at considerable distance.230
Glavin231 A traditional weapon of the people of planet Ligon II, the glavin is a large glove tipped with a hook like claw and poisoned spines.231
Gin'tak Spear88 A Klingon spear for use in combat.88
Genetic Virus232 Biological weapon.232
Galor Class Plasma Banks219 Weapons designed for the Cardassian Galor class warship.219
Fusion Bomb22 Explosive device which employs nuclear fusion to generate a large energy release. The fusion reaction is usually initiated by a fission explosion.22
Fulmarite Explosive177 Explosive carried by Voyager. A shuttle could carry forty tons of this, which was powerful enough to destroy a space craftship when detonated inside it.177
Folding Sword233 A weapon carried by Sulu in the Kelvin timeline, this compact device folded multiple sections out to form a single long blade. Sulu was able to use it to kill two Romulans on the Narada drill platform.233
Flintlock Pistol234 A type of early projectile weapon which used a chemical explosive to propel a metal pellet towards the enemy. Trelane created flintlock pistols for use in his duel with Captain Kirk; Kirk used his to destroy Trelane's machine, in hopes that it would allow an escape.234
Flintlock102 Primitive, muzzle loading projectile weapon which used an explosive charge to propel a metal sphere.102
Flame Thrower198 A flame thrower used by the species which was trying to wipe out the Loque'eque virus in 2153.198
Ferengi rifle235 A Ferengi rifle circa 2151235
Ferengi Pistol235 Weapon used by the Ferengi, 2151.235 In 2374 Quark's mercenary group were armed with these pistols during their attempt to rescue his mother from Dominion captivity.236
Ferengi Phaser237 A weapon used by Croden in 2369.237
Ferengi Energy Whip29 These were used on the Federation's first official contact at the Tkon outpost in 2364.29 The type was also used by Ferengi raiders who attacked the NX-01 in 2151.235
Federation Laser Pistol203 A Federation laser pistol, as used on board the NCC-1701 in 2254. Like the later phasers, the weapon was capable of being set to produce a force chamber explosion.203 Some of these weapons were refitted to fire phaser beams.238
Expanse Mine Rifle60 A beam weapon used on the mining planet visited by the NX-01 in 2153.60
Eska hunting rifle239 An Eska hunting rifle circa 2151239
Enolian Rifle240 This weapon was commonly used by guards on prison ships in the 2150s.240
Enolian Pistol240 An Enolian weapon, as used by guards on prison transport ships.240
Ennis Rifle A rifle used by the Ennis during their emprisionment on the gamma quadrant moon.179
Ennis Pike A pike used by the Ennis during their confinement on the gamma quadrant moon179
Energy Pistol241 Captain Janeway acquired this pistol on a Delta Quadrant trading planet.241
Energy Musket242 An energy weapon which was part of an illusion created by Q. The appearance was patterned after an Earth Musket.242
Energy Handgun167 Weapon used by one of Morn's associates.167
Eminiar Pistol22 A hand held disruptor pistol used on Eminiar VII in 226722
EM-33 plasma pistol115 An EM-33 plasma pistol circa 2151. These weapons were used by Earth Starfleet until the introduction of phase pistols in that year. They were also used by Earth's MACO forces.115
EM Emitter158 Handheld device which emits a stream of EM radiation. These were used by the NX-01 crew in an attempt to force the web creature the ship encountered in 2152 to release its captives. The attempt failed.158
Elasian pistol243 A compact hand gun carried by the Elasian body guard for the princess in 2268243
Edo Death Needle244 A small device intended to inject poison into the victim, causing rapid death. Not intended as a weapon as such, the device was a form of execution used by the police.244
Echo Papa 607154 The Echo Papa 607 is a major planetary weapons system developed by the inhabitants of Minos in the early 2360s. The system is highly flexible, allowing it to perform a wide variety of different functions in almost any threat level. For instance, one module is designed for an information gathering role; a drone projects a holographic image of a person the subject is likely to trust in order to question them for useful information. If discovered, the drone will encase the subject in a forcefield which places them into stasis pending recovery for further interrogation.

In the offensive role, the EP-607 will customise attack drones for the level of threat, beginning with a simple floating drone carrying a powerful beam weapon. If this fails a more agile device is produced; then a device which carries a low level protective forcefield, then one with a high capacity shield, and so on. This allows the EP-607 to produce weapons tailored exactly to the threat level, a highly efficient approach.

Larger versions of the same drone can engage targets in orbit, utilising far more powerful weapons, shields and even cloaking technology.

This adaptability is a major feature of the EP-607, and one which makes it extremely difficult to defeat - something the Minosians found to their cost when they lost control of an EP-607 system in 2364. The entire planetary population was unable to overcome even this single unit, and it destroyed all intelligent life on Minos. The same unit subsequently destroyed the Federation Starship Drake with all hands, and very nearly destroyed the Galaxy class USS Enterprise-D. It was only thanks to some unorthodox tactics by Captain Picard and Lieutenant LaForge that the unit was eventually shut down.154
Earth Rifle181 These weapons were in use aboard the ECS Fortunate in 2151.181
Druoda warhead In late 2375, Voyager received a distress call from a nearby Class M planet. On investigating the away team commanded by Ensign Kim discovered that the call had originated from an artificial source, a metallic device approximately 1.2 metres in length. Scanning revealed that the device had para-trinic shielding and a dense energy matrix, as well as bio-neural circuitry which mimicked Humanoid synaptic functions and proved to be both sentient and highly intelligent. It was badly damaged, and had no memory of the time prior to its crash landing on the planet.245

The device did remember that it had been travelling with a companion, but on scanning the surface Voyager could not locate any other machinery. They did discover minute traces of metallic particulates scattered across the planets northern continent. The continent had a four hundred kilometre diameter crater on it, the walls of which had concentrations of radiogenic decay and fracture gradients consistent with a highly focused explosion. Voyagers crew realized that the device was in fact a weapon of mass destruction.

They tried to deactivate the weapon, but in doing so it regained some of its damaged memories and became determined to fulfil its function by attacking a nearby system. It seized control of Voyager and plotted a course for its target, 2.3 light years away. The crew was unable to disarm the device, but Neelix realized that they had recently acquired a power node with transkinetic energy regulators and bio-neural circuitry very similar to those in the warhead from a trader named Onquanii. Voyager signalled the trader and he rendezvoused with the ship. Onquanii told them that the device was of Druoda manufacture and featured a Class 11 intelligence, warp drive, heavy armour, a self guiding system and a maximum range of 80 light-years. It was designed to fly through ion storms or even an entire armada of hostile ships on the way to its target.245

Onquanii attempted to buy the warhead but Captain Janeway declined. He attempted to take it by force, but the warhead destroyed his ship in the process and ordered Voyager to continue on its way to the target.245

During the trip Ensign Kim was able to discover that the warhead had in fact been deliberately ordered to crash by its creators. The war which it had been built for had ended three years previously; the weapon had been launched by accident along with 33 others and had been destroyed rather than recalled. Ensign Kim was able to convince the warhead that its mission should be aborted, but the remaining warheads had already passed their 2 light year targeting threshold, at which point they were programmed to refuse all further recall orders. Still in space nearby, the remaining bombs detected the one on Voyager and intercepted the ship in order to launch a co-ordinated attack.245

The warhead on board agreed to leave Voyager and accompany the others in order to destroy them. Once clear of the vessel the warhead detonated its antimatter energy matrix, resulting in a chain reaction which set off all of the other weapons harmlessly in space.245

Voyager has not had any further contact with the Druoda, and the amazingly advanced weapon remains their only encounter with this species thus far.245

Dream Species Rifle246 Rifle used by the dream species which Voyager encountered in 2374.246
Dreadnought84 Maquis designation for an experimental Cardassian heavy penetrator missile armed with a 2,000 kg matter/antimatter charge and controlled by an advanced computer.84
Doomsday Machine247 Robotic space going weapon with a hull composed of pure neutronium. The machine cut planets up to use the material as fuel.247
Dominion Torpedo248 Dominion torpedo, type unknown. The weapons are built by the Karemma.248
Disruptors, System 5133 Type of large Cardassian cannon used for planetary defence.133
Disruptors110 Also known as a Phase Disruptor, these weapons are in common use throughout the alpha quadrant.126 They follow the same basic principle as the Federation Phaser in that they cause the target to transition violently out of this continuum. But the Disruptor uses slow nadions rather than rapid nadions in generating the energy beam. This gives the disruptor a considerably lower energy conversion efficiency than the Starfleet phaser. This is partially offset by a moderate reduction in the size of the hardware required for the weapon itself - the space freed up by this allows a higher power weapon to be installed in the same space. The Federation phaser is therefore considered to be more sophisticated and generally more effective than the disruptor, which relies on brute power to overcome its efficiency failings.

Like phasers, disruptor weapons can fire sustained beams or pulses depending on the exact configuration of the hardware.126 One major drawback to this type of weapon is that no user has been able to develop the efficiency of the system to a point where individual emitters can be linked via force coupling. This makes it virtually impossible to construct a linear disruptor array along the pattern of Starfleets phaser arrays. Since these weapons entered Federation service on board the Ambassador class there has been massive investment by the Klingons and Romulans to overcome this deficiency, but neither power has been able to field such a weapon. Recent warship designs by these two powers have instead concentrated on building ever larger and more powerful single emitter weapons, culminating in the two giant disruptor cannon fitted to the Klingon Negh'Var class. The linear phaser array thus remains a significant advantage for Starfleet.
Disintegrator Used on the planet Angel One, the disintegrator was the standard method of execution on the planet. It comprised a pair of emitters which flanked a small platform. A transparent sphere was touched to activate the device, which would cause whatever was on the platform to disintegrate. The process took several seconds, and was regarded as a humane method of execution.174

In 2364 Mistress Beata planned to use the disintegrator to execute Captain Ramsey and his crew, who had been campaigning for gender equality on the planet since they were marooned there some years previously. Beata relented at the last moment and instead exiled the fugitives.174
Dicobalt Explosive11 A high yield explosive used during the mid 22nd century. The Coridan insurgent movement was known for demanding dicobalt explosives in exchange for hostages.11 A group of pirates who preyed on Human cargo ships in the 2150s would attach a locator beacon to the hull of their targets, allowing them to easily find it again. The beacon was equipped with a dicobalt explosive to prevent removal.249
Delta Quadrant Rifle250 A pistol-style weapon used by a species in the Delta Quadrant.250
Delta Quadrant Pistol250 A pistol weapon used by a species in the Delta Quadrant.250
Daelen's Pistol251 A pistol weapon used by Daelen when Voyager encountered him.251
D'k'tahg252 Klingon knife which is a great symbol of personal honour.252
Cutlass253 Type of sword.253
Crossbows103 Primitive projectile weapon which uses a spring to fire a sharpened stick. Worf kept a crossbow in his quarters.103
CRM-114227 The Breen CRM-114 is a handheld weapon designed to be effective against moving vessels or surface emplacements. Although somewhat bulky, the weapon is surprisingly light and powerful for its size. The Breen guarantee it to cut through reactive armour in the six to fifteen centimetre range, and shields to a capacity of four point six GigaJoules. It fires in pulses, and the rapid recharge between pulses makes it a popular weapon on the export market. Thousands of these weapons have been sold by the Breen, finding their way into the hands of various arms dealers.227
Coridan Rifles11 A pair of rebel weapon on Coridan, 2151.11
Contact Weapons - Ushaan-Tor162 The Ushaan is a traditional duel to the death practiced by the Andorians. The Ushaan-Tor is the usual weapon used in the combat. It is actually a tool used by ice miners; Andorian children frequently play with Ushaan-Tors as toys, and the average Andorian is very well practiced in their use. In 2154 Captain Archer participated in the Ushaan with Commander Shran, taking the place of the Tellarite who had killed Shran's mate Talas so as to preserve the tentative alliance between the Andorians and Tellarites.162
Contact Weapons - Spears The first spears were essentially knives tied to the end of a wooden shaft. The shaft allowed the wielder to use his weapon at a distance of several feet beyond normal knife range, giving a great advantage over short handheld weapons. This advantage could be extended further by throwing the spear to give extra reach. Over time spears became somewhat more sophisticated, but in essence even the most advanced models are little different to the originals.93

The natives of Taurus II used spears which were similar in construction to the Folsom Point, a weapon discovered in 1925 near Mexico, North America. The Taurus II weapon was a little more crude about the shaft, and was considerably larger than Earth weapons in line with the larger bulk of the natives who built them. It was not a very efficient weapon, though it worked well enough to kill a crewmember of the USS Enterprise who was stranded on the planet.58

Contact Weapons - Samurai Sword72 More accurately known as a Katana, this is a type of sword used on ancient Earth by the Japanese. The Samurai Sword is reknowned as being one of the highest quality weapons of the kind ever to be produced. The blade was one of the few to combine a sharp cutting edge with the great hardness required in a combat weapon. The latter was a result of good materials and advanced construction methods. The slight curvature of the weapon also reduced the length of blade in contact with the target on any given blow, increasing the pressure and so enhancing the cutting effect.

The Samurai sword became so famous on Earth that their strength and sharpness became almost legendary, and many myths spread concerning their effectiveness - even into the 21st century Samurai swords were commonly appearing in fictional works as contemporary weapons alongside projectile weapons which had long ago rendered them obsolete in the real world. One popular myth was that the repeated folding of the metal resulted in a blade composed of millions of layers with super-strong properties. Another story claimed that the swords reflected the personality of their creator, making some weapons particularly prone to being involved in violence. Whilst no weapon of this type could possibly live up to the more exaggerated stories, it is indeed true that the Samurai sword was a formidable weapon for its time.93

When the USS Enterprise visited an alien pleasure planet in 2267, the machinery there created various items out of the imagination of the crew. Amongst these was a Samurai warrior complete with sword.72
Contact Weapons - Rapier80 A type of sword commonly used in Europe around the 1600s, the rapier had a slender blade, a sharp point and often an elaborate hilt and hand-guard. Most rapiers were double-edged, though some later weapons were single-edged or even edgeless. A rapier can both slash and stab an opponent, with stabbing as the main form of attack. Rapiers were commonly used in duels. By the year 1700 they had largely been replaced by the lighter smallsword, though competitive sporting use continued for many centuries afterward.93

Even as late as the mid 2200s rapiers were still used in fencing; Lieutenant Sulu owned one whilst he served aboard the USS Enterprise. Under the influence of the PSI 2000 syndrome he menaced various Enterprise crewmembers with it.80
Contact Weapons - Qu'vak88 A short Klingon spear. The Qu'vak is used to hone the skills of the hunt - a metal hoop is rolled across the ground and the Qu'vak is thrown, with the intent being to throw it through the centre of the hoop. When Worf found a group of Klingons who had lived for decades in Romulan captivity, he was distressed to find their children using the weapons as farming tools. He instructed them in the proper use of the Qu'vak as a way of introducing them to their heritage.88
Contact Weapons - Nisroh127 A ceremonial weapon of the Tilonians, the Nisroh is used in their traditional bartering ceremony. Potential traders are judged with their prowess with the blade. In 2369 Riker's mind included the Nisroh as part of a complex fantasy which it created to resist attempts to probe his thoughts by a Tilonian interrogator.127
Contact Weapons - Mek'Leth194 Although far less famous than the bat'leth, the smaller size of the Mekleth makes it a more effective weapon at closer ranges and in the right hands it is more than capable of holding its own. The mek'leth is also more easily concealed. The weapon is relatively uncommon even amongst Klingons, as it takes significantly more skill to use effectively.194
Contact Weapons - Lirpa10 The Lirpa is a traditional Vulcan weapon. It is composed of a wooden shaft a little over a metre in length, with a cresent blade on one end and a large club on the other. The blade is extremely sharp, capable of cutting through metal. Lirpas are one of the weapons available for use in the kal-if-fee challange which formed a part of Vulcan mating rituals.10 The Vulcan military has also used Lirpas on occasion when energy weapons could not be used - for instance, in the short Vulcan civil war of 2154 patrols in the Forge used Lirpas as the energy dampening fields in the area made energy weapons useless. These weapons had smaller blades and clubs than the ceremonial version254 in order to improve their handling characteristics.
Contact Weapons - Glavin231 A weapon employed during challenges to the Ligonian Right of Supercedence. Prior to 2364 the challange had not been employed in more than two hundred years, but the women of the planet had a tradition of preparing themselves for the accompanying combat. These weapons were designed to be light and easy to handle, so as to facilitate their use by women. The spines and the large stabbing point are both coated with a lethal alkaloid based poison.231

In 2364 one of the Ligonian leaders, Lutan, attempted to replace his wife Yareena with Lieutenant Yar of the Enterprise-D. Yareena challenged the supercedence, and she and Yar fought with these weapons. Yar was successful in the challenge, but Dr. Crusher was able to revive Yareena after her death.231
Contact Weapons - Gin'tak Spear88 A spear used by the Klingons. The gin'tak was intended for battle; when Worf found a group of Klingons who had lived for decades in Romulan captivity, he was distressed to find their children using the weapons as farming tools.88
Contact Weapons - Dagger A dagger is a double-edged knife commonly used by primitive cultures. They can be used as contact weapons to stab or slash at the enemy, or can be thrown.93

In the mirror universe, officers carried daggers as part of their standard duty uniform.42 The Dolhman of Elaas also carried one when she travelled aboard the Enterprise-D in 2268, and used it to stab Ambassador Petri.243

Contact Weapons - D'k'tahg The d'k tahg is a vicious three bladed knife carried by almost every Klingon. It is commonly used in hand to hand combat, but more importantly it is of great ceremonial value to the Klingons.126 To a Klingon warrior the d'k tahg is a representation of his or her personal honour - to take the knife from a warrior is to steal their honour, and is a terrible insult.194 The d'k tahg features in many Klingon rituals.132 It has been in use since at least the mid 22nd century - Malik used a d'k'tahg to kill Persis on the Klingon Bird of Prey they captured in 2154.199
Contact Weapons - Bat'Leth15 Probably the most famous of all edged weapons, the first bat'leth is said to have been forged when Khaless the Unforgettable dropped a lock of his hair into the Kri'stak volcano and then plunged the burning hair into the Lursor lake and twisted it into a blade. Khaless used the weapon to defeat the tyrant Molor before naming it bat'leth, or ""sword of honour".36 The Sword of Khaless was for many centuries one of the Klingons most important relics, but it was stolen about 1,000 years ago by the Hur'q invaders. Many attempts have been made to find the sword since this time, including a mission led by the Dahar master Kor in 2372, but all failed.255

The Modern bat'leth is a simpler and less ornate weapon than the original. The weapon vaguely resembles a double-ended scimitar, with three handholds built into the back edge of the main blade and an additional pair of points inside the main ones. The weapon is usually held along the inside of the arm, and a whole form of martial art has been developed around this weapon.126 Size and mass vary according to the preference of the user, but a typical warriors fit is 116 centimetres long with a mass of 5.3 kilograms. The bat'leth is composed of Baakonite.232
Contact Weapons - Ahn-Woon10 A Vulcan ceremonial weapon, the Ahn-woon is little more than a strip of flexible material which can be used as a whip, or to entangle an enemy's feet. It is used during the Koon-ut-kal-if-fee ceremony alongside the Lirpa.10
Contact Weapons Although it seems incredible that clubs, swords and daggers could survive in this age of shields and energy weapons, many cultures continue to use these types of weapons in the 24th century. For the most part this is a matter of tradition rather than practicality - bladed weapons are employed alongside their modern counterparts and used only in close quarter fighting.173 Probably the most famous exponents are the Klingons; for this race of warriors there is no more honourable form of combat than the use of a blade, and virtually every member of the society is expected to become at least proficient with them.126

On occasion such ancient weaponry can even prove to be a significant advantage. The modern battlefield is an environment where dampening fields can be commonplace, and although regenerative phasers can operate within most forms of field28 there are still occasions when phasers, disruptors or even simpler weapons will not function. In such cases the side with the most skill at swordplay will often have a crucial advantage.232

Colt Peacemaker104 Handheld weapon that used a small chemical explosive to propel a metal pellet.256 Sam Clemens used a Model 1873 Colt Peacemaker.104 In 2369 Worf used on in the Wild West holoprogram.9
Colt M191133 A projectile weapon used in Earth's 20th and 21st centuries. The Iotians produced copies of the weapon after cultural contamination form an Earth book33 Voyager's crew also used them in a World War II hologram in 2374.99 Captain Archer encountered M1911 pistols in an alternate timeline version of 1940s Earth.95
Cochrane's Hand Cannon25 Hand weapon used by the Mirror Zefram Cochrane to murder the crew of a Vulcan ship which landed to make First contact.25
Chroniton torpedoes257 In 2373 Kes, a member of Voyager's crew, found herself some time in Voyager's future. She began periodically jumping backwards in time, despite all efforts to stop her from doing so. In several of the jumps Kes was able to learn considerable detail about what would happen in a possible future for Voyager. The ship went through what the crew called "The Year of Hell", during which time they battled forces of the Krenim Empire. The Krenim used temporal based weapons including chroniton torpedoes. These weapons go into a state of temporal flux when fired, allowing them to penetrate conventional shielding technology with apparent ease. Voyager suffered hits from many of these weapons, taking near catastrophic damage during the year.257

While in this time period, Kes was able to use a tricorder on an unexploded Chroniton torpedo to determine that it had a temporal flux of 1.47. This information was judged to be of critical importance in devising a form of shielding technology which would be effective against these weapons.

With the departure of Kes from Voyager, it seems that the events she experienced were not a part of the preferred timeline.257
In fact when Voyager did encounter the Krenim they proved to be friendly and Voyager avoided their territory due to a dispute which was going on at the time. It is unclear whether the Krenim in the preferred timeline use chroniton torpedoes or other temporal technology.258
Chaotica's pistol91 A fictional weapon which formed part of the Captain Proton holoprogram created by Tom Paris.91
Cellular Disruption259 Technique which causes the bodies cells to explode from within, causing a fast and very painful death.259
Cascade Virus260 Sophisticated computer software weapon.260
Carlotti pistol261 A pistol design used by the Carlotti.261
Cannon242 A primitive weapon consisting of a metal tube, closed at one end. Gunpowder would be loaded into the tube, then a metal cannonball. Igniting the explosive would hurl the ball at the target, inflicting damage via kinetic energy. Q recreated a cannon as part of an illusory world in 2364.242
Calico M96034 A sub-machine gun produced on Earth. Lily used an M960 to fire on Data and Picard in 2063. Fortunately Data was solid enough to be undamaged.34
Broadsword253 Double edged bladed weapon, approximately a metre long, with an unusually heavy blade.253 The weapons were commonly used in Earth's Medieval period, and were a feature of Q's recreation of the Robin Hood legend.201
Breen Energy Dampener262 In 2375 the Breen joined the Dominion's war against the Federation/Klingon alliance. They brought with them a decisive advantage - a weapon which, with a single hit, could completely disrupt the power systems of any allied Starship. The weapon was first brought into play at the Chin'toka system, where it was used to devastating effect; an entire allied fleet was utterly defeated and destroyed by the Breen.262

In the aftermath, it was discovered that a single Klingon vessel had been able to withstand the Breen weapon without ill effect, apparently because of a minor adjustment which had been recently made to the ship. More than a thousand Klingon ships were quickly modified to give them the same resistance, but this still left the Dominion with a 20 to 1 advantage.263

With no time to research the weapon and develop a countermeasure for Federation and Romulan ships, the allies launched a desparate attempt to steal a Jem'Hadar attack ship from Cardassian space. The attempt succeeded264, and the allies were able to resume the battle in full force.265
Borg Shield Drainer266 This weapon is occasionally used by the Borg in order to capture rather than destroy a ship. The shield drainer causes no physical damage to the ship; it rather simply drains the shields. Several hits were sufficient to bring down the shields of a Galaxy class starship.266
Borg Rifle267 This weapon was employed by a group of ex-Borg encountered by Chakotay in 2373.267
Borg Cutting Beam266 A weapon used by the Borg to cut sections out of a ship for assimilation. Commander Riker compared the effects of the beam on a ship to being "carved up like a roast".266
Blast suppressors6 Device which limits explosive damage to a small area.6
Biotoxin12 Biotoxin containers.12
Biomolecular Warhead183 Weapon developed by the Borg and Federation for use against Species 8472. The warheads used modified Borg nanoprobes.183
Biogenic Weapon142 Extremely deadly biological armament, illegal under interstellar treaties. Biogenic weapons can be made from a combination of biomimetic gel, retroviral vaccines, isomiotic hypos, and plasma flares.142
Bio-Dart268 Weapon used by the Voth. The darts deliver a very fast acting tranquillizer.268
Bilitrium Explosives269 Powerful explosive made from combining the crystalline substance bilitrium with an antimatter converter. Bajoran terrorist Tanah Los used bilitrium explosives in an attempt to destroy the wormhole in 2369.269
Bayonet242 A spike or knife-style blade which was designed to be attached to the end of a rifle, allowing it to be used as a spear.242
Bamboo Cannon110 Section of bamboo packed with gunpowder, used to fire diamonds into the heart of your enemy.110
Attack Skimmer227 Flying attack vehicle.227
Attack Satellite270 Orbital weapons platform.270
Atomic Bomb271 Primitive explosive device based on a fission chain reaction in uranium and/or plutonium.271
Arturis's Pistol272 A double beam pistol used by Arturis when Voyager encountered him.272
Artonian Laser76 Coherent energy weapon, relatively primitive by phaser standards.76
Arkonian pistol64 Weapon used by the Arkonians.64 This weapon is very similar to the pistol used by the Tellarite, Skalaar, though it does not fire the same colour beam.63
Argine202 An explosive used in Ferengi locator bombs.202
Aphasia Device273 Machine which introduces a virus into food produced by a replicator. The virus causes a form of aphasia in its victims.273
Antiproton Beam247 In 2267 the USS Enterprise was investigating the dissapearence fo the USS Constellation when it made a remarkable discovery - a robotic weapon of enourmous size which consumed entire planets to provide itself with fuel. The weapon used a beam of absolutely pure antiprotons to literally carve planets into pieces; a tractor beam would then gather them up and feed them to a total conversion power system within.247

The machine had attacked and largely destroyed the Constellation already. Commodore Decker, having survived the attack, took command of the USS Enterprise and launched further strikes against the machine. The battle proved decidedly unequal; the phasers of the Enterprise proved unable to penetrate the neutronium hull of the machine, whilst the antiproton weapon was more than capable of inflicting damage on the Starship.247

Whilst the Federation is capable of producing antiprotons274, as yet various technical issues remain to be resolved before antiproton weaponry can be produced.
Antimatter Spread275 An impressive but relatively harmless series of small explosive charges deployed from a starship. The Enterprise-D used an antimatter spread to distract the Borg during the retrieval of Captain Picard.275
Antimatter Mines185 Explosive charges which are detonated by remote control, or when a ship passes in close proximity.185
Antican Energy Blade69 Handheld device used by the Anticans. They claimed that it was intended purely to dispatch food animals, but it could also serve as a weapon.69
Ansata rifle74 An Ansata rifle, as used by Rutian terrorists in 236674
Ansata Limpet Mine74 A weapon used by the Ansata terrorists in their attack on the Enterprise-D. The weapon was attached to the warp core, set to detonate shortly after the attackers departed. The explosion would have been sufficient to breach the core and destroy the Starship, but some quick work on the part of the chief engineer led to it being detached and beamed out into space before detonation.74
Angosian weapon276 An Angosian weapon used 2366276
Andorian Rifle277 Weapon used by the Andorians who raided the P'Jem sanctuary in 2151.277
Andorian pistol277 An Andorian pistol, shown on the left with an Andorian rifle on the right277
Andorian Light Pistol277 A pistol type weapon used by the Andorians in the mid 2100s.277
Alien Knife178 Twin bladed knife used by the aliens Voyager encountered in 2375.178
Albino Forces Rifle232 Phaser weapon used by the Albino's guards. The weapons were disabled by a bombardment of tetryon particles.232
Agony Booth42 Torture device used by the Empire in the mirror universe, apparently a larger version of the Agonizer.42 The booth was invented by Major Reed and Doctor Phlox. It was a great improvement on previous punishment methods, since it automatically calibrated itself to match whatever species was put into it and switched the targeted nerves frequently so as to avoid desensitising the subject to the pain being inflicted.25
Agonizer42 Small pain inflicting device worn by crew members of Imperial Starships in the mirror universe.42
Aceton Assimilators278 Weapons used by the Menthars in their war with the Promellians 1,000 years ago. They drain power from a ship's engine and convert it into harmful radiation.278
Abronath206 An ancient weapon developed on the planet Altamid. The Abronath was capable of producing a black cloud which could consume any form of biological life. The device could affect a wide area - Krall expected to be able to use it to exterminate all life on the enormous Starbase Yorktown, millions of people in all.206

The Altamidians came to fear the destructive power of the Abronath so much that they broke it down into pieces and flung them into deep space, hoping they would never be reunited. After considerable searching, Krall was able to locate and retrieve on the of the pieces.206

The other fell into the hands of the Fibonan Republic, who in 2263 asked Captain James T. Kirk to offer the piece to their enemies, the Teenaxi. In the Fibonan culture the surrender of a weapon is considered a sign of truce, and they hoped this would encourage peace between the two species. The Teenaxi refused the offer, violently, and the Abronath was placed into storage on the Enterprise.206

Krall was subsequently able to lure the Enterprise to Altamid in an attempt to capture the Abronath piece. Although Captain Kirk placed it with Ensign Syl for safekeeping, Krall was able to find it and reunite the two parts. He used the Abronath to kill Ensign Syl, then took it to Starbase Yorktown to attack the base. Although he came very close to succeeding, the Enterprise officers were able to launch the device into space along with Krall, moments after he activated it. It consumed Krall's body as he died in space.206

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Episode : Encounter at Farpoint
Book : Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual
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Book : Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
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Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 4)
Episode : The Outcast
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode : Preemptive Strike
Film: Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Series : DS9 Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Search, Part 1
Series : DS9 Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Search, Part 2
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 7)
Episode : The Jem'Hadar
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 7)
Episode : All Good Things
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Where No Man Has Gone Before
Series : TOS Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Original Series episodes
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Mind's Eye
Series : TOS Season 2 (Disc 3)
Episode : Obsession
Series : VOY Season 5 (Disc 1)
Episode : In the Flesh
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Corbomite Maneuver
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Arsenal of Freedom
Book : Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual
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Book : Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
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Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 3)
Episode : Resistance
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Vox Sola
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Sleeping Dogs
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Desert Crossing
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 5)
Episode : Regeneration
Series : ENT Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : United
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Silent Enemy
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 5)
Episode : Cogenitor
Series : ENT Season (Disc )
Episode : Various Enterprise episodes
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 2)
Episode : A Matter of Time
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : Who Mourns for Morn?
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : In the Hands of the Prophets
Film: Star Trek V : The Final Frontier
Series : TOS Season 2 (Disc 6)
Episode : By Any Other Name
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Whispers
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Icarus Factor
Source : Generic canonical information
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Angel One
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 3)
Episode : Parallels
Series : ENT Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : Chosen Realm
Series : VOY Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Ex Post Facto
Series : VOY Season 5 (Disc 4)
Episode : Gravity
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Battle Lines
Series : VOY Season 6 (Disc 5)
Episode : Ashes to Ashes
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Fortunate Son
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Final Mission
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : Scorpion, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Too Short a Season
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 2
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : The Sons of Mogh
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 2)
Episode : Sacrifice of Angels
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode : Marauders
Series : VOY Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode : Homestead
Series : VOY Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Jetrel
Series : TNG Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : Chain of Command, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Heart of Glory
Series : VOY Season 6 (Disc 4)
Episode : Memorial
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Way of the Warrior
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Fallen Hero
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Civilization
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
Series : ENT Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : Extinction
Series : ENT Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Augments
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Survivors
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Qpid
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Nagus
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Cage
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Outrageous Okona
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Year of Hell, Part 1
Film: Star Trek Beyond
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Passenger
Series : ENT Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : Borderland
Series : ENT Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Cold Station 12
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 7)
Episode : Errand of Mercy
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Armageddon Game
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : Initiations
Series : VOY Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Imperfection
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 1)
Episode : Sons and Daughters
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 5)
Episode : Oasis
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : Yesterday's Enterprise
Series : VOY Season 7 (Disc 1)
Episode : Drive
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 5)
Episode : I, Borg
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Maquis, Part 1
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 6)
Episode : Deadlock
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Captive Pursuit
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Darkness and the Light
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 1)
Episode : The 37's
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Siege of AR-558
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Prey
Series : VOY Season 5 (Disc 5)
Episode : Think Tank
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 5)
Episode : Business as Usual
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Night Terrors
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 6)
Episode : The Omega Directive
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 5)
Episode : Tin Man
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Code of Honor
Series : DS9 Season 2 (Disc 5)
Episode : Blood Oath
Film: Star Trek XI
Series : TOS Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : The Squire of Gothos
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Acquisition
Series : DS9 Season 6 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Magnificent Ferengi
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Vortex
Source : Speculative
Comment : Suggested by special effects in later episodes
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 4)
Episode : Rogue Planet
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Canamar
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : Concerning Flight
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 3)
Episode : Hide and Q
Series : TOS Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : Elaan of Troyius
Series : TNG Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Justice
Series : VOY Season 5 (Disc 7)
Episode : Warhead
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 4)
Episode : Waking Moments
Series : TOS Season 2 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Doomsday Machine
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Starship Down
Series : ENT Season 2 (Disc 5)
Episode : Horizon
Series : VOY Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Time and Again
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 5)
Episode : Vis-a-Vis
Film: Star Trek III : The Search for Spock
Series : TOS Season 3 (Disc 2)
Episode : Day of the Dove
Series : ENT Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : Kir'Shara
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Sword of Kahless
Series : TNG Season 5 (Disc 6)
Episode : Time's Arrow, Part 1
Series : VOY Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode : Before and After
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 3)
Episode : Year of Hell, Part 2
Series : TOS Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : That Which Survives
Series : DS9 Season 5 (Disc 4)
Episode : For the Uniform
Series : VOY Season 3 (Disc 4)
Episode : Fair Trade
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 5)
Episode : The Changing Face of Evil
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode : When it Rains...
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 6)
Episode : Tacking into the Wind
Series : DS9 Season 7 (Disc 7)
Episode : What You Leave Behind, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Q Who
Series : VOY Season 3 (Disc 5)
Episode : Unity
Series : VOY Season 3 (Disc 6)
Episode : Distant Origin
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 1)
Episode : Past Prologue
Series : TNG Season 7 (Disc 2)
Episode : Attached
Series : DS9 Season 4 (Disc 2)
Episode : Little Green Men
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 7)
Episode : Hope and Fear
Series : DS9 Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : Babel
Series : VOY Season 2 (Disc 4)
Episode : Threshold
Series : TNG Season 4 (Disc 1)
Episode : The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 3)
Episode : The Hunted
Series : ENT Season 1 (Disc 2)
Episode : The Andorian Incident
Series : TNG Season 3 (Disc 2)
Episode : Booby Trap

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