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Weapons List

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Name Notes
Sakari rifle1 A rifle used by the Sakari when Voyager encountered them.1
Samurai Sword2 A type of Sword made on Earth in the middle ages. Sulu encountered a Samurai Sword on the alien pleasure planet visited by the Enterprise in 2267.2
Sarpeidonian weapon3 A weapon used by Mr Atoz, the Sarpeidonian librarian, to prevent Captain Kirk from staying in the library. The weapon was not used.3
Scalosian weapon4 Scalosian hand gun used to stun people without causing cellular damage. Used by the hyper-accelerated Scalosians while on board the USS Enterprise in 2268.4
Selay Catch Pole5 A device used by the Selay to capture and hold prey. The loop would be placed over the prey's head and then tightened around the neck, allowing them to be held from a distance with the pole. A Selay accidentally used one of these devices on Commander Riker in 2364, mistaking him for an Antican.5
Self Replicating Mines6 Advanced form of mine which could build copies of itself to replace units lost in action.6
Shotgun7 Projectile weapon which fires a cloud of small metal pellets. The Iotians produced shotguns after cultural contamination from an Earth book.7 The Melkotians projected telepathic visions of gunfighters armed with shotguns into the mind of Kirk and his officers in 22688, and they were used in the "Old West" holoprogram on the Enterprise-D.9 21st Century police also used shotguns during the Bell Riots10, as did the rioters.11
Skalaar's Pistol12 Hand weapon used by the Tellarite bounty hunter Skalaar.12 It closely resembles an Arkonian weapon, though the beam colouring was distinctly different.13
Smoke grenade14 A weapon which generates large amounts of smoke, used to obscure vision.14
Solari heavy pistol15 A heavy pistol used on Solais V in 236515
Solari pistol15 A pistol used on Solais V in 236515
Solari pistol #215 A pistol used on Solais V in 236515
Solari rifle15 A rifle used on Solais V in 236515
Son'a Blaster16 A weapon carried by the Son'a.16
Son'a Pistol16 A small hand weapon used by the Son'a.16
Sonic Disruptor17 Handheld weapon used by the Eminians. Larger planetary defence cannon were also used.17
Soren's Phaser18 Dr. Soren's phaser weapon.18
Soren's Phaser18 Soren fires his phaser weapon.18
Sovak's Pistol19 A pistol used by Sovak on Risa in 2366.19
Sovak's Rifle19 A rifle design used by Sovak on Risa in 2366.19
Spacetime Weapon20 Advanced weapon used by Captain Braxton in the 29th century. It fractured spacetime across a radius of 150 metres, enough to destroy a starship.20
Spatial Torpedo21 A weapon system employed by the NX-01 class in 2151. The spatial torpedo was a metal casing equipped with a drive system, warhead and a guidance system. It was expected to hit within significantly less than 3m of the aim point in combat. The weapon was of quite limited range, speed and hitting power, and did not prove very effective in service, especially against ships equipped with energy shielding.21

The system was replaced in 2153 with photonic torpedoes.22
Spears23 Weapon used by the natives of Taurus II. Their spears were similar to the Folsom Point, a spear discovered in 1925 in North America.23
Starfleet Phaser Rifle24 A Starfleet phaser used in the Kelvin timeline. Spock wielded this weapon during the mission to capture the terrorist Harrison on the Klingon homeworld.24
Stun Grenade25 Weapon in use by Earth Starfleet25 and Earth's MACO organisation in the 2151s.26

A stun grenade was a metallic cylinder, sized to fit into the palm of the hand. When activated a blue light on the side lit up. The weapon was then thrown into the midst of the enemy. On detonation it emitted a non-lethal stun effect, rendering anybody in the immediate proximity unconscious.25

In 2151 T'Pol suggested that the NX-01 might use stun grenades to incapacitate the Novans to facilitate their removal from the tunnels they had established beneath their original colony on Terra Nova. The idea was rejected by Captain Archer, who wanted a less aggressive option.27

In 2152, Captain Archer, T'Pol and Tucker used stun grenades in their raid on a Suliban Stealth Cruiser, allowing them to retrieve evidence proving that the NX-01 crew were not in fact responsible for the destruction of the mining colony on Paraagan II.25

When the NX-01 was attacked by Osaarian raiders in the Delphic Expanse in 2153, Captain Archer ordered the MACOs to use a stun grenade against them. He hoped this would be a safer option than using phase weapons in close proximity to the photonic warheads in the NX-01 armoury. The tactic proved ineffective since the raiders beamed away before the grenade detonated.26

When the NX-01 crew mutinied against Captain Archer in 2154, Commander Tucker used a stun grenade to render two MACOs unconscious.28 The devices were again used in this year when Captain Archer raided an Illyrian starship in order to steal their primary warp coil for use in repairs to the Enterprise.29 Stun grenades would again be used that year during the mission to rescue Ensign Hoshi from the Xindi-Reptilians.30

Stun grenades were also in use in the Mirror Universe.31
Stunstick32 Weapon used by the cadre forces fighting for control of Turkana IV colony.32
Subnucleonic beam33 A Hirogen weapon which combines scanning and offensive capability. The subnucleonic beam can scan an emeny vessel and disrupt the propulsion system and navigational sensors.33
Subspace Proximity Detonator34 Triggering device employed by explosive devices in the Koinonian war 1,000 years ago.34
Subspace Warhead35 On approximately Stardate 54700, Voyager detected a series of energy discharges 5.9 light years ahead of the ship. Long range sensors showed subspace radiation and metallic debris throughout the area, without revealing any apparent cause. The ship proceeded on course, but on reaching the area the crew encountered a series of guided weapons emerging from subspace and exploding all around. The detonations were extremely powerful, producing level 9 shock waves which damaged Voyager's warp drive even from hundreds of thousands of kilometres away.35

Initially the crew feared a new and powerful adversary, but soon afterwards a warning beacon was discovered which was transmitting a message stating that the area was a "subspace munitions range" being used for target practice. Voyager attempted to communicate with the owners of the beacon but the warheads seemed able to travel over tremendous distances, perhaps dozens of light years, and there was no way to find those who had fired them.35

Seven of Nine and Icheb were able to recalibrate the astrometrics sensors to detect the minor gravimetric distortion caused when the warheads approached the subspace barrier, giving some warning of their emergence. However, when the ship engaged warp drive a warhead accidentally locked onto it from some twelve million kilometres away. Janeway attempted to destroy the device with a spread of photon torpedoes, but the warhead fired some form of protective cloud ahead of itself and destroyed the weapons. Scanning revealed that the warhead was equipped with a proximity resonance detonator operating at 4.84 GigaHertz, but as soon as an anti resonance pulse was tried the system rotated the frequency to avoid jamming.35

With time running out, Seven of Nine attempted to beam the detonator circuit out of the warhead with a transporter. Locking on to such a small target at such high velocity is extremely difficult, and even using sub micron imagers to enhance the targeting scanners Seven was unable to penetrate the tritanium shielding of the device until it came within point blank range of the Starship. However, the procedure was eventually successful and Voyager survived the accidental attack.35

No contact was ever made with the makers of the subspace warheads, nor were there any further encounters with these powerful weapons.35
Suliban Pistol36 A Suliban hand pistol, circa 2152.36
Suliban Rifle36 A weapon used by the Suliban in the 2150s.36
Swarm Pistol37 Hand weapons used by the Swarm when Voyager encountered them.37

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Colour key

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