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Weapons List

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Name Notes
Bamboo Cannon1 Section of bamboo packed with gunpowder, used to fire diamonds into the heart of your enemy.1
Bayonet2 A spike or knife-style blade which was designed to be attached to the end of a rifle, allowing it to be used as a spear.2
Bilitrium Explosives3 Powerful explosive made from combining the crystalline substance bilitrium with an antimatter converter. Bajoran terrorist Tanah Los used bilitrium explosives in an attempt to destroy the wormhole in 2369.3
Bio-Dart4 Weapon used by the Voth. The darts deliver a very fast acting tranquillizer.4
Biogenic Weapon5 Extremely deadly biological armament, illegal under interstellar treaties. Biogenic weapons can be made from a combination of biomimetic gel, retroviral vaccines, isomiotic hypos, and plasma flares.5
Biomolecular Warhead6 Weapon developed by the Borg and Federation for use against Species 8472. The warheads used modified Borg nanoprobes.6
Biotoxin7 Biotoxin containers.7
Blast suppressors8 Device which limits explosive damage to a small area.8
Borg Cutting Beam9 A weapon used by the Borg to cut sections out of a ship for assimilation. Commander Riker compared the effects of the beam on a ship to being "carved up like a roast".9
Borg Rifle10 This weapon was employed by a group of ex-Borg encountered by Chakotay in 2373.10
Borg Shield Drainer9 This weapon is occasionally used by the Borg in order to capture rather than destroy a ship. The shield drainer causes no physical damage to the ship; it rather simply drains the shields. Several hits were sufficient to bring down the shields of a Galaxy class starship.9
Breen Energy Dampener11 In 2375 the Breen joined the Dominion's war against the Federation/Klingon alliance. They brought with them a decisive advantage - a weapon which, with a single hit, could completely disrupt the power systems of any allied Starship. The weapon was first brought into play at the Chin'toka system, where it was used to devastating effect; an entire allied fleet was utterly defeated and destroyed by the Breen.11

In the aftermath, it was discovered that a single Klingon vessel had been able to withstand the Breen weapon without ill effect, apparently because of a minor adjustment which had been recently made to the ship. More than a thousand Klingon ships were quickly modified to give them the same resistance, but this still left the Dominion with a 20 to 1 advantage.12

With no time to research the weapon and develop a countermeasure for Federation and Romulan ships, the allies launched a desparate attempt to steal a Jem'Hadar attack ship from Cardassian space. The attempt succeeded13, and the allies were able to resume the battle in full force.14
Broadsword15 Double edged bladed weapon, approximately a metre long, with an unusually heavy blade.15 The weapons were commonly used in Earth's Medieval period, and were a feature of Q's recreation of the Robin Hood legend.16

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Colour key

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