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Species List

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Name Description First seen
Caatati1 Humanoid civilization native to the the Delta Quadrant. The Borg destroyed or assimilated most of the Caatati; only a few thousand people survived in 27 refugee ships. Conditions aboard these ships were poor, with food and energy shortages a constant threat. The Caatati took to begging others for supplies, and even on occasion to stealing what they needed.1 Day of Honor
Cairn2 Telepaths who had never had a spoken language until meeting with the Federation.2 Dark Page
Caitian3 A Caitian was present at the hearing which demoted Kirk back to Captain in 2286. Some Caitians have a fur covering, with colours including black and brown.3 Other Caitins have human-type hair only, with skin bare of fur otherwise.4 Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home
Calamarain5 A mysterious species of energy beings, which Q considered to be intelligent, but flighty. The Calamarain were capable of generating energy fields which they could use to sense the presence of others or attack them at a distance. One Calamarain was considered capable of overwhelming and destroying a Galaxy class starship. Q had tormented the Calamarain, and although he claimed his actions were not all that bad they bore him a considerable grudge. When Q became briefly Human in 2366 a Calamarain attacked the Enterprise-D to get to him for revenge.5 Deja Q
Caldonian6 A noted race of scholars, the Caldonians attempted to purchase rights to the Barzan wormhole.6 The Price
Caldorian Eel7 Animal life form which could reach at least four metres in length. Klim Dokachin once discovered a Caldorian Eel on a junked spacecraft and adopted it as a pet.7 Unification, Part 1
Calrissian Chameleon8 Animal used in medicine by Dr. Phlox. It's pituitary gland could be made compatible with a dog's. The chameleon secretes a rare toxin which is highly useful in treating respiratory infections.8 A Night In Sickbay
Camorite9 Humanoid species native to Camor V9 Bloodlines
Canary10 Earth bird. In ancient times miners would take canaries into tunnels as a way to test for poisonous gas.10 Harbinger
Capellan11 A fierce but primitive warrior species, the Capellans signed an agreement with the Federation granting them mining rights.11 Friday's Child
Cardassian Vole12 An animal life form native to Cardassia, the Cardassian Vole is about 25 cm in length, has six limbs and a partial covering of hair. The Voles are a notorious pest aboard Cardassian space stations, damaging as they are attracted to energy fields.13 Quark considered staging Vole fights in his bar for Cardassian patrons, though this was illegal.14 Despite this he and Morn attempted to hold Vole fighting contests on the station, though they were caught before any actual fighting could occur.15 In 2372 Quark made a deal on Vole bellies which netted him a 15% profit margin.16 Quark's bar suffered occasional Vole infestations, much to his annoyance.17 Voles are known for "leaping on one another" with great haste and little preparation when mating.18 The phrase "sick as a vole" was occasionally heard aboard Deep Space Nine.19 Hungry voles are known for having no loyalty.20 Various Deep Space Nine episodes
Cardassians21 Easily recognizable by their pale grey skin and heavily ridged neck,21 the Cardassians are evolved from reptilian ancestors. They prefer a darker more humid environment than Human beings, although they can tolerate Human living standards if necessary.22 Cardassian hearing is not as acute as that of Humans.23

Cardassian history tends to consist of extremes; once a peaceful and spiritual people, their planet's poor resources proved unable to support their expanding population and starvation and disease became rampant. Millions of deaths resulted, leading to a general breakdown in the government. The military forces of the planet staged a take-over and launched several wars against their neighbours in order to secure new resources. Although further millions where lost in these wars, the military government did succeed in stabilizing the situation on Cardassia.24

In 2347 the Cardassians invaded Setlik III,25 believing it to be a base to be used in an invasion of their own territory by the Federation. A prolonged period of tension resulted. In 2355 the Federation dispatched a Constellation class starship in an attempt to make peace, but the Cardassians rejected the offer and forced the ship to flee.21 Hostilities briefly flared again in 2367 when Captain Maxwell launched unauthorised attacks on several Cardassian ships, but Captain Picard was able to stabilise the situation.21

In 2372 a civilian uprising deposed the military government. Suspecting Dominion involvement in the coup, the Klingons launched an invasion of Cardassia; the Federation opposed this action and was successful in forcing the Klingons to halt their advance into Cardassia, although this destroyed the Federation-Klingon alliance and resulted in a short period of hostilities between those two powers.26 The Federation shipped considerable aid to the devastated Cardassian government.27

Humiliated by having to rely on charity from a former enemy after a relatively quick and easy defeat at the hands of the Klingons, Gul Dukat led a Dominion take-over of Cardassia and was installed as ruler of the region in 2373.28 Cardassian forces subsequently fought alongside the Jem'Hadar in the Dominion War, but this alliance was never a very strong one.12 When Gul Dukat was captured by the Federation during the retaking of Deep Space Nine,29 leadership fell to Damar.30 Damar was less than enamoured with his Dominion masters, a situation made worse when the Breen joined the Dominion.31 Relations continued to sour, to the point where Damar attempted to break away from Dominion rule.32

In reprisal the Dominion destroyed a Cardassian city, hoping to terrorize the homeworld into submission. When news reached the front lines the Cardassian fleet turned on the Dominion en masse, helping to inflict a devastating defeat upon them. In retaliation the Founders ordered the Jem'Hadar to murder as many Cardassian citizens as possible, and in the final hours of the war Cardassia Prime was devastated.33

In the aftermath of the war the Cardassians are faced with a colossal task in rebuilding their shattered Union. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to form a more civilized government in the process.34
The Wounded
Carlotti35 A species which are located near to the Necrit expanse. Some Carlotti are involved in criminal activities.35 Fair Trade
Carnivorous Rastipod36 Large Bajoran creature known for its clumsiness36 Progress
Cat37 Terran animal noted for its independence.37 Felis Catus is it's taxonomic nomenclature.38 Data's Day
Cave-Rat39 Cave dwelling animal found in the caves of a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. When Kor, Dax and Worf visited the planet in their search for the Sword of Kahless in 2372 they caught some Cave-Rats as food. Kor did not find them to his taste as they were 'all bones'. Kor tried to convince Worf to turn their killing of the rats into an epic story of a battle against a fearsome beast, which Worlf declined to do.39 The Sword of Kahless
Centaurian slug40 A small creature which, when placed within a humanoid body, secreted a toxin which forced the person to answer any question put to them, whether they wanted to or not. Nero used a Centaurian slug to force Captain Pike to reveal information about Earth's defence system to him in 2258.40 Star Trek XI
Ceti Eel41 Slug-like creature native to Ceti Alpha V, and the only native life form to survive the change to that planet's orbit after Ceti Alpha VI exploded. The Ceti Eel is about five inches long, covered in ridges along it's back. These contain the small bodies of the creature's young. When released, the young burrow into a person's ear and wrap themselves around the cerebral cortex - a habit which renders the person highly susceptible to suggestion. The adult Eel will then exit the ear when grown. In 2285 Captain Terrell and Commander Chekov were deliberately infected by Khan Noonian Singh to coerce them into helping with his escape from Ceti Alpha V. Terrell subsequently committed suicide rather than kill Admiral Kirk, but Chekov's Eel exited his body and was killed by Kirk. He made a full recovery.41 Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
Chalnoth42 An aggressive species, the Chalnoth are anarchists who reject any form of authority. A Chalnoth cannot go more than three or four days without eating.42 Allegiance
Chameloid43 Shape changing beings once thought to be mythical43 Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country
Chandir44 A member of this species was present on Starbase Earhart in 2327, where he watched a game of dom-jot played by Starfleet Ensign Cortan Zweller.45 Members of this species were a common sight on Deep Space Nine. Two members visited shortly after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole46, and another when Grand Nagus Zek retired.47 A member of the species served aboard the Miradorn ship commanded by Ah-Kel and Ro-Kel in 2369.48In 2369 Nog and Jake amused themselves by throwing small stones at two members of the species from the upper level of the promenade.49 Two of them were on the station when Vedek Winn accused Keiko of blasphemous teachings.50 They were also regulars in Quark's Bar in 237051, and could be seen on the promenade occasionally.52

The Borg appear to have assimilated members of this species prior to 2373.53 They were widely travelled, having reached the Delta Quadrant where some watched Tsunkatse matches.54
Star Trek : Titan, Book 5 - Over a Torrent Sea
Cheronians55 The Federation first became aware of the Cheronians in 2268, when a Federation shuttlecraft was stolen from Starbase 4. It was intercepted about a month later by the USS Enterprise. They found the thief to be a closely Humanoid individual, with one major exception : his skin was completely black on one side of his body, completely white on the other. The ship's doctor assumed that this peculiar colouring was some form of mutation.

Shortly afterwards the Enterprise was chased by another ship. It's pilot beamed aboard the Starship's bridge; named Bele, he had the same black/white colouring as the prisoner Lokai. Bele claimed that he was an official of the Cheronian government, and had been pursuing Lokai for an amazing fifty thousand years. Bele claimed that Lokai and 'his kind' were traitors against the government, while Lokai claimed that he was rather a revolutionary fighting for freedom.

It soon became clear that, although apparently identical in colouring, there was one subtle difference between the two men; Bele was coloured black on the right side and white on the left side, while Lokai was coloured black on the left and white on the right. This slight difference had been enough to spark immense racial hatred between the two factions.

When Captain Kirk declined to head for Cheron and hand over Lokai to the authorities Bele seized control of the ship, apparently using some form of PSI to set it on course for Cheron. He declined to release the vessel until Kirk threatened to use the self destruct system.

Once the Enterprise had completed its mission, Bele again seized control of the ship - this time disabling the self destruct system in the process. He sent it towards Cheron, which lay in the southernmost part of the galaxy in an uncharted quarter. Both he and Lokai demonstrated further PSI-type powers, including personal force fields.

On arrival at the planet, the Enterprise found the entire world lifeless - apparently the result of vast wars which had raged between the two factions. Bele and Lokai immediately blamed each other's people for the catastrophe, and set about attacking one another once again. Lokai managed to escape the ship by beaming down to Cheron, with Bele again in pursuit.

Little more is known about the culture of Cheron or the abilities of the Cheronians themselves. The source of their impressive abilities appeared to be natural, although it is possible that they were the result of some type of implant or other advanced technology. The claimed fifty thousand year duration of the chase indicates that the Cheronians have extremely long life spans, possibly even some form of immortality. The wreckage of their civilization indicated that the Cheronians tended to live in several very large cities, rather than many hundreds of smaller ones, but Captain Kirk was understandably disinclined to remain at the planet to do further research.

If indeed the Cheronians do posses immortality, it seems likely that Bele peruses Lokai even to this day. For as Captain Kirk noted of the two, hatred may not be all they ever had, but it was surely all they had left.55
Let that be Your Last Battlefield
Chessu56 Species who took part in an annual sub-warp shuttle race56 Drive
Chicken57 Earth bird. In primitive times the eggs and flesh of chickens were eaten as food. The Bringloidi still kept chickens when the Enterprise-D encountered them in 2365.57 Up The Long Ladder
Choblik58 A Federation member species, the Choblik are bipedal, approximately a metre high. They resemble a short, furred ostrich with a herbivore's head, a short neck, and a long prehensile tail. They lack arms, instead using mechanical appendages.58 Their eyes and other senses are also enhanced, allowing them to perceive a great range of information, up to and including shifts in the quantum field.59

In and of themselves, Choblik are non-sentient. They achieve sentience via further cybernetic enhancements in their brains. The origin of these enhancements is lost to history; the Choblik themselves believe that an alien species visited their planet in the distant past and 'uplifted' the Choblik. They refer to these aliens as the 'Great Builders'.58

The Choblik regard themselves as ultimate rationalists, unable to believe anything unless it is supported by empirical evidence.58 Referring to a Choblik as an excellent problem-solver is considered to be one of the greatest compliments that they can receive.60

Choblik display trust by rolling their neck in a manner which exposes their jugular, making them vulnerable to attack.60
Star Trek : Titan, Book 3 - Orions Hounds
Chokuzan61 A species encountered by Voyager in 2377. First contact occurred when Icheb and Q2 travelled to the Klovari system via a multispacial fissure. A Chokuzan warship, fired on the Delta Flyer with an omicron radiation weapon, injuring Icheb. The Chokuzan was later revealed to be Q, who had disguised himself as part of an effort to test his son's willingness to help others. It is possible that the Chokuzan are an entirely fictional creation of Q.61 Q2
Chrysallian6 Species who attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole6 The Price
Circassian Cat62 Geordi LaForge owned one of these62 Violations
Coalescent organism63 This creature killed a Starfleet officer and took command of a subspace relay post.63 Aquiel
Companion64 An energy cloud, the companion cared for Zefram Cochrane after he disappeared.64 Metamorphosis
Conciousness Parasite65 Noncorporeal lifeform which attacks a victim just before death65 Coda
Coridanite66 Beta quadrant species67 which was petitioning for Federation membership in 2257.68 In the mid 2150s, the Coridans were said to manufacture ships even faster and more advanced than Vulcan vessels of the time. However, the Coridan political situation was rather unstable and rebel factions frequently took hostages.69 A Coridantie Ambassador attended the multi-species conference on Earth in 2155.66 Demons
Corvallen70 Corvallens ran freighter runs near the Romulan border.70 Face of the Enemy
Corvan Gilvo71 Small, stick-like animal life form. In 23668 the Gilvo was considered an endangered species; in that year the Enterprise-D transported endangered animals from Corvan II, including some Gilvos. They were almost killed when the ship was damaged whilst disrupting a soliton wave experiment gone awry; Alexander Rozhenko insisted that Commander Riker rescue them in time.71 In 2369 Quark kept a Gilvo as a pet during his brief tenure as the Grand Nagus of the Ferengi.47 New Ground
Cove Palm72 Plant which is poisonous72 Brothers
Cow57 An Earth animal, used in ancient human civilisation for producing leather and milk, and eaten as meat. The Bringloidi still used cows when the Enterprise-D encountered them in 2365.57 Up The Long Ladder
Cravic73 Now extinct Delta Quadrant species. In the past the Cravic created Humanoid robots to act as servants and warriors for them. However, the robots turned on them and destroyed the Cravic species.73 Prototype
Crystalline entity74 The Crystalline entity is a mysterious life form which the Federation encountered several times. The first known incident came when the Omicron Theta colony was destroyed, leaving only the android Data and Doctor Soongs laboratory unaffected. At the time it was not known what had happened to the colony, although drawings made by some of the colonist children depicted a strange crystalline form.

When Lore was discovered in 2364 he revealed that the crystal was in fact a life form. The Enterprise encountered the being, which Lore was allied with, but took no action against it.74
Doctor Kila Marr, whose son had been killed on Omicron Theta, made the study of the entity her life's work. She studied a dozen attack sites over the next few years, but was never able to find the entity itself.

The next encounter with the crystalline entity came in 2368, when it destroyed the Melona IV colony. On this occasion a group of colonists together with some visiting Starfleet officers from the Enterprise-D survived the attack by taking shelter in some caves surrounded by refractive metals. The Enterprise arrived at Melona after the attack and found the planet devastated by the entity. Captain Picard decided to investigate the entity in more detail and invited Doctor Marr on board. The Doctor held considerable enmity toward the entity, which she regarded as 'evil'.

The ship was eventually successful in tracking the entity down. Using a modulated graviton beam the Enterprise was able to establish limited communication with it but Doctor Marr locked the ships graviton emitter into a continuous beam, creating severe resonance within the entity. She refused to release the beam and the resonance built up until the entity shattered, killing it.75

In 2380 the USS Titan encountered more Crystalline Entites whilst investigating the Gum Nebula region. The Entities were one of many spacegoing life forms which formed an ecosystem in the area, and considered to be one of the more dangerous. As with many dangerous spacegoing life forms, the Crystalline Entities were hunted by the alliance led by the Pa'haquel, who referred to them as "Branchers". Thanks to the crew of the Titan, the Pa'haquel instead took to using Space Jellyfish to corral and control the Crystalline Entities, using them to hunt other harmful spacegoing life forms.58
Crystilia76 Flowering plant found on Tele-Marius III76 In Theory
Cygnian77 A sentient humanoid species, native to the Omega Cygni system in the Alpha Quadrant. Cygnians are distinguishable by their eyes, which have a vertically slitted pupil, pale white-gold skin, and a slim tail. Cygnians have psionic abilities which allow them to sense the actions of others at a distance.77

In 2268, a report on Cygnian respiratory diseases was part of the library on the USS Enterprise.78 In 2371 Dr Bashir was reading a report on the same topic on Deep Space Nine.79

The Cygnian home world of Cygnet XIV was an early member of the Federation. It was noted for excellence in computer sciences and a strict matriarchal form of government. Males were in the minority on the planet, and any male who wished to progress there faced considerable difficulty.80
The Time Trap
Cyperon Cactus81 Plant found in the E-D arboretum81 Genesis
Cypriprdium82 Earth plant82 Tattoo
Cytherian83 Residents of the centre of the galaxy, the Cytherians bring other species to their space rather than exploring.83 The N'th Degree

Name :  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z # All

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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